‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 15 Recap & Ending Explained: How Was Min-Hwan Killed?

The penultimate episode of Marry My Husband takes a sharp turn with the murder of Min-hwan. Ji-won’s fate had finally been passed over to her ex-boyfriend, saving Ms. Yang in the process. Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok had planned for Su-Min to fall into their trap, but the vileness in her made her kill her husband rather than kill herself. Su-Min had been planning to take revenge on Ji-won, as she couldn’t tolerate that she was having a far better life than hers. Will Ji-won be able to dodge Su-Min’s plans? Why will Min-hwan plan to kill Su-Min? How will Su-Min end up killing her husband? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Mr. Lee Support Ms. Yang?

Mr. Lee was standing as a solid pillar beside Ms. Yang, helping her with all the procedures of her divorce as well as her treatments. When she was admitted to the hospital, her husband had tried to barge in and confront her as to why she had been planning a divorce. Mr. Lee intervened and told her husband off, telling him that he would file a restraining order against him. When Ms. Yang asked Mr. Lee why he was helping her so much, he said that as the HR manager of the company, it was his duty to look after the welfare of their employees. However, we do know that Mr. Lee has some feelings for Ms. Yang and is just trying to look out for her. 


What Consequences Did Min-Hwan Face For Assaulting Ji-Won?

After Ji-won had been assaulted by Min-hwan, she was admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ji-Hyeok had been planning to completely destroy Min-hwan. Ji-Hyeok asked Mr. Lee to collect more information on Min-hwan’s debts and make him go bankrupt. He wanted to take revenge on Min-hwan for having tried to kill Ji-won. Later, Su-Min went to meet Yu-ra and blackmailed her, saying that she had the recording where Yu-ra had been asking her father to murder Ji-won. Su-Min had intended to extort more money out of Yu-ra by blackmailing her. Later, Min-hwan sought Yu-ra’s help to come out of jail, and it was then that Yu-ra told him that his wife had come to blackmail her. Yu-ra had become so bored with this regular drama that she wanted to get rid of both Min-hwan and Su-Min. 

Meanwhile, Ji-Hyeok had planned the complete downfall of Min-hwan. He was fired from his job and was seen to be neck-deep in loans. He had a difficult time handling the loan sharks and got thrashed in the middle of the road. He desperately tried to access Su-Min’s account to find some money. He was shocked to see that she had $80 million in her account and stole it to repay some of his debts. 


How Did Ji-Hyeok Plan To Get Su-Min Killed?

Ji-Hyeok called Su-Min and told her that Min-hwan and Ji-won had again been seeing each other. He said that he was in love with Ji-won and would do anything to win her back. She suggested that they should charge them with adultery, which would teach them a lesson. Little did Su-Min know that she had been ensnared in a death trap by Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok. Meanwhile, Ji-Hyeok sent a form for compensation money for Su-Min. When Min-hwan saw it, he realized that if Su-Min was dead, then he would get compensation for the life insurance. Ji-Hyeok had planned to give Ji-won’s fate to Su-Min and get her killed at Min-hwan’s hands. 

Su-Min confronted Ji-won and threatened her, asking her to stay away from her husband. She said that Ji-won had been seducing him and was not happy about the fact that her boyfriend of seven years had chosen to leave her for another woman. Ji-won told her that a man who could leave his seven-year relationship for another woman could also betray Su-Min at any point. Ji-won then called security and got her thrown out of the office building. Su-Min was furious and decided to get back at Ji-won for the insult. Meanwhile, Min-hwan was seen being entangled in the murderous game along with Yu-ra as he meticulously planned to murder Su-Min. Later, Ji-Hyeok gave Su-Min the information that Min-hwan was with Ji-won at a hotel suite and gave her the address. Su-Min had been hoping to catch her husband red-handed and rushed to the location. She went there and saw Min-hwan cuddling up with Yu-ra instead of being with Ji-won. She immediately started threatening Yu-ra that she would tell everyone about her plans to kill Ji-won.


How Was Min-Hwan Killed?

While Su-Min had been acting frantic and threatening Min-hwan and Yu-ra, she was tied up inside the hotel room. Min-hwan put her in the car and took her away to his place to murder her. When Min-hwan tried to kill Su-Min, she somehow managed to untie herself. They were both trying to kill each other and spewing bitter truths at each other. Min-hwan told her that he had taken away all her money and settled some of his debts, which made her furious, and she said that she had never been pregnant as he was sterile. The revelation of truths made both of them thirsty for each other’s blood. They were reaching for each other’s throats while having a heated argument about their past activities and blaming each other. When Min-hwan was trying to get hold of Su-Min again to tie her up, she pushed him, which caused him to crash on a glass table and die right on the spot. Karma made sure that he died the same death as Ji-won had in her previous life. He sowed what he had reaped and met a tragic ending at the hands of Su-Min. 

What Was Su-Min Planning Against Ji-Won? Why?

The news of Min-hwan’s death spread like wildfire in the office. The police started investigating the case, and Su-Min was the main suspect, who was already assumed to have fled the city. Ji-won went to Min-hwan’s funeral and thought to herself that he had brought ill fate upon himself. She was relieved that her fate had been passed on to the person who had rightfully deserved it. Later, when Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok came to know of a theft at Min-hwan’s home, they realized that it was Su-Min and that she was in Seoul. Being a wanted criminal, Su-Min couldn’t come to the forefront but had been devising measures to keep Ji-won from leading a peaceful life. Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok had been anticipating that Su-Min would eventually come back to destroy Ji-won’s life, now that hers was done for. 


What Will Happen Next?

The final episode of Marry My Husband will unleash Su-Min’s wrath on Ji-won. Now that she had nothing to lose, she would unveil her true colors and try to attack Ji-won, ensuring that she wouldn’t lead a peaceful life. Su-Min will attempt to kill Ji-won by setting fire to her apartment. Meanwhile, Ji-Hyeok will ensure that no perils come to Ji-won. He will even help her learn self-defense techniques to keep her safe from sudden attacks. There will be face-to-face combat between the two women, and the results as to who will eventually win will be exposed in the 16th episode of Marry My Husband

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