‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Ji-Hyeok Fight Back?

The 14th episode of Marry My Husband is where good conquers evil. Ji-Hyeok and Ji-won make several plans to make sure that Su-Min and Min-hwan pay for their actions in the past. They also ensure that the bad fate that Ji-won had in her past life does not follow Ms. Yang. They try to divert the fate to Su-Min instead. Will Ji-Hyeok and Ji-won be able to divert her bad luck to Su-Min? What will be Yu-ra’s next strategy to defeat Ji-won? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Ji-Hyeok Do After Regaining Consciousness?

After Ji-Hyeok regained consciousness, he was taken care of by Ji-Won. She told him how grateful she was that he had regained his senses and that she had gotten him back. Ji-Hyeok told Ji-won that life had given him an unexpected chance, which he would utilize to the fullest. Ji-won asked Ji-Hyeok to stay by her side and help her fight the battle against injustice. Ji-Hyeok, who was completely into Ji-won, wanted to spend some time with her and hence asked her to stay over for the night so that he could get some more time with her. He pretended that his arm was hurting so that Ji-won would stay over and give him some extra care and attention. 


How Did Ji-Won Try To Protect Ms. Yang?

Ms. Yang followed her husband to find out that he was cheating on her. She told Ji-won that she would report him for adultery. She told Ji-won that she did not have enough evidence as the dashcam in her husband’s car was broken and she only had the audio clip to prove his infidelity. She had made a plan to catch him red-handed, and so she told him that she was going to be admitted to the hospital that night. When Ji-won heard of her plan, she decided to accompany her to her house. When she entered Ms. Yang’s house, she saw that the other woman had worn red shoes, just like Su-Min used to wear while cheating with Min-hwan. When the police asked the woman about their infidelity, she denied it, saying that she had come to give him some food. The police had to leave the scene as there was not enough evidence to prove a love affair. 

Ji-won was anticipating that Ms. Yang could be murdered by her husband, so she broke the glass table that was sitting in the middle of their drawing hall. She realized that in her past life, she had also died after her head hit a glass table, and she wanted to prevent Ms. Yang from dying in the same manner. She threatened Ms. Yang’s husband, telling him that he would face consequences if he ever hurt her. When Ms. Yang got into an altercation with her husband, he pushed her the same way as Ji-won was in her past life. Fortunately, she did not receive fatal injuries, as Ji-won had already shattered the glass table. Ms. Yang told Ji-won that she wanted to see a lawyer, to which Ji-won said that she would accompany her. Ji-won also anticipated that her husband was after her insurance money and hence wanted to finish her off. 


Why Did Ji-Won Plan On Seducing Min-Hwan?

Ji-won wanted to pass her fate to Su-Min to save Ms.Yang by seducing Min-hwan. She got herself red heels so that she would take the place of the second woman in Min-hwan’s life, so that instead of her fate being passed on to Ms. Yang, it could go over to Su-Min. She tried to seduce Min-hwan and asked him to go out on a date with her. She told him that the situation had changed, resulting in her breakup with Ji-Hyeok. She said that the chairman of the U&K had offered her 80 billion won to break up with him. Right after Min-hwan got to know about the money, he changed his mind about killing Ji-won and started ignoring Su-Min. He thought that if he got back with Ji-won, he would benefit financially. Later, when Ji-won asked him to break up with Su-Min, he agreed to do so. 

What Did Yu-Ra Plan?

Meanwhile, Min-hwan was planning something bigger and informed Yu-ra about how Ji-won had planned to patch things up with him. He also asked for a divorce from Su-Min, as she bore him no children. She, however, agreed to the divorce and contacted Yu-ra to make plans to destroy Ji-won. 


Yu-ra was also looking for Man-sik and Hui-sik, who had gone into hiding. She asked her secretary to lure them out with more money. When she finally got hold of them, she decided to kill them to remove any traces of her previous crime. She got them both kidnapped and filled their cars with poisonous gas. 
Yu-ra also planned to buy Eun-ho’s restaurant so that she could offer it as bait to him so that he would help her execute her plans. However, he refused to help Yu-ra, and she fired him immediately. He went up to Ji-won to share the incident with her and warned her that Yu-ra was planning something deadly against her. 

How Did Ji-Hyeok Fight Back?

Ji-won reached out to Yu-ra’s secretary and asked him to help him in his endeavors. Ji-Hyeok passed on Su-Min’s fate in the previous life to Yu-ra. He tried to make her the second woman in Min-hwan’s life this time by sending her the limited edition red heels. The red heels are a symbol of infidelity in the series. He ensured that Ji-won did not have to act as the second woman in Min-hwan’s life. Just when he told Ji-won that Min-hwan already had Yu-ra as the second woman in his life, Ji-won immediately started ignoring Min-hwan. When Min-hwan was confused about Ji-won suddenly ignoring him, she told him that she was just toying with him and that he deserved it. This infuriated Min-hwan, and he attacked Ji-won on the office premises while she was all by herself. Ji-Hyeok managed to swoop in just in time and save Ji-Won!


What Will Happen Next?

The 15th episode of Marry My Husband will portray how both Ji-Hyeok and Min-hwan end up behind bars after fighting each other. Min-hwan’s plan to get his hands on Ji-won’s money will also be revealed later. He will kidnap Su-Min when she intervenes in his plan to start over with Ji-won. He will try to flirt with both Ji-won and Yu-ra simultaneously. How Ji-Hyeok will manage to tackle Min-hwan’s evil intentions and safeguard Ji-won against them will also be brought out later. 

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