‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Ji-Won’s Fate Pass On To Ms. Yang?

The 13th episode of Marry My Husband focuses on a series of conspiracies between Yu-ra and Su-Min as they try to defeat Ji-won. The way she tactfully dodges all their attacks has been brought out. The way Ji-Hyeok acts as a shield to protect Ji-won is worth mentioning. He had taken all the perils on himself to keep her safe. The 13th episode of Marry My Husband will take several turns to make sure that the audience is kept glued to the seats. Will Yu-ra succeed in her evil plans? Will Ji-Hyeok be able to save Ji-won from the threats? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Yu-Ra Plan Along With Min-Hwan?

Yu-ra planned to meet Min-hwan to plot against Ji-won. She tried baiting him with money, asking him to murder Ji-won for ruining both their lives. Later, Min-hwan confronted Ji-won, saying that she knew that Ji-Hyeok was the owner of U&K and had tried to seduce him to make her way to a huge fortune. When Min-hwan realized that it was Ji-Hyeok who had tricked him into believing that loan sharks were behind him, he wanted to take revenge. He immediately approached Yu-ra and asked for her help. Yu-ra offered him a huge sum of money to ensure that Ji-won was moved out of the way. He went back home, gave Su-Min the money, and asked her to put it to good use. He also told Su-Min how Ji-won had become the richest real estate owner in Korea and had 80 billion won. This made her extremely jealous of Ji-won, and she planned to get back at her worst nemeses. 


What Did Su-Min Ask Her Father To Do?

Su-Min went up to her father and offered him 150 million won, asking him to pay off his debts. It was revealed that it was Su-Min’s father with whom Ji-won’s mother was having an affair. Both of them were in need of the money and were ready to do anything for the sake of it. Su-Min asked her father to rent a truck under a fake name and murder Ji-won while she was on her way back after visiting her father’s grave on his death anniversary. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Lee had managed to decode Su-Min’s plan to kill Ji-won and informed Ji-Hyeok about it. Just as Ji-Hyeok got to know about the danger that was about to befall Ji-Won, he immediately left to save her. While on his way to save Ji-won, he recorded a voice note for her, saying that he had died in 2023 the last time, and had woken up in 2013. This time, he would do anything to save her life, as he had not been able to save her in her last life. He confessed his feelings for Ji-won, saying he was in love with her. Right before Su-Min’s father was about to hit Ji-won, Ji-Hyeok saved her by taking the hit of the truck himself. While he was in the ER, Mr. Lee told Ji-won that Su-Min was behind the entire incident. 


Why Did Su-Min And Ji-Won Have An Altercation?

When Min-hwan came back, Su-Min threw a fit and told him that her father had again failed her and had abandoned her. Later, Su-Min was summoned by Ji-won, and when she went there, they were seen getting into an altercation. Su-Min tried blaming Ji-won, saying that she had a miscarriage because of her. Ji-won told her that she was lying, as Min-hwan was azoospermic and could never get anyone pregnant. Ji-won told Su-Min that she was tired of her lies and that she should stop lying. 

Su-Min told Ji-won that she would not let Ji-won lead her life peacefully as Ji-won’s mother had ruined her childhood by having an affair with her father. She told Ji-won how she had struggled all her life without her father. Su-Min also said how Ji-won’s father was a good father to her and how much she envied Ji-won for it. She craved the fatherly love that she had never had in her life, and when she saw Ji-won having it all, she was extremely jealous of her. She had befriended Ji-won in her childhood to make sure that she could make Ji-won’s life miserable. 


Ji-won told Su-Min that she had known about her father’s affair with her mother but had chosen to keep quiet. This brings out the different mindsets of both women! While Su-Min was intent on taking revenge on Ji-won for her mother ruining her family, Ji-won, on the other hand, did not want to embarrass Su-Min by bringing up the topic. Ji-won had always tried to protect Su-Min, while she herself was being backstabbed all the time. Su-Min tried to blame her again, saying that she had dumped Min-hwan on her and chosen a rich man for herself. However, after the current events, Ji-won said that she would make Su-Min’s life miserable!

What Happens To Ms. Yang?

Ji-won’s fate had been passed onto Ms. Yang, which has been revealed in this episode. Ms. Yang told Ji-won that she had come to know that her husband was cheating on her. The situation with Ms. Yang was quite similar to Ji-won’s situation in her last life. Just as Ji-Hyeok had tried lending his shoulder to Ji-won, Mr. Lee was trying to support Ms. Yang in her personal battles.  


What Will Happen Next?

It is possible that Ji-won would try to protect Ms. Yang after knowing what fate would befall her. Yu-ra is also going to scheme even further in the 14th episode of Marry My Husband as she plans to meet Eun-ho. It is likely that Su-Min would contact Yu-ra to make sure that she could get back at Ji-won and take revenge on her. Meanwhile, Yu-ra will also try searching for Su-Min’s father and Ji-won’s mother, who were on the run. However, it can also be speculated that Min-hwan will try to switch sides and try to seduce Ji-won again for her money. He knew that if he could regain Ji-won’s confidence, he would be able to access her money and pay off his debts. Ji-won will also reciprocate Min-hwan’s advances towards her so that she can change Su-Min’s fate and become the second lady in her husband’s life. She will try to rewrite history, keeping herself in an advantageous position this time! 

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