‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Yu-Ra’s Intention?

The 12th episode of Marry My Husband is full of emotional upheavals. Ji-won now has to deal with double trouble! She had to handle both Su-Min and Yu-ra at the same time. Meanwhile, it is very clear that Ji-won’s fate has been passed on to Ms. Yang, and the reason for that is yet to be explored. The situation gets so alarming for Ji-won that she even has to deal with life threats! Will Ji-Hyeok be able to save Ji-won’s life? Will Yu-ra be successful in her plot against Ji-won? Will Su-Min be able to poke at Ji-won’s weakest spot by contacting her mother? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Humiliations Did Ji-Won Face During Her Childhood?

When Ji-won was just a child, the very thought of staying away from her mom for a very long time span haunted her. She had always seen her father struggling to make ends meet and had always felt bad for him. One day, Ji-won heard her neighbors speaking ill about her mother, saying that she had run away with someone. Later, she saw her father following a woman and her boyfriend, and upon close inspection, she realized that it was her mother. She was devastated to know that her mother had left her own family for another man, but after some time, Ji-won seemed to accept her fate. She was often harassed by neighbors for the actions of her mother, but one day, while she was being heckled at a grocery store, Su-Min came to her rescue. She had thought that Su-Min was a support system for her since her childhood, but when that trust was broken, she was completely shattered. In her second life, Ji-won had, however, decided that she would be happy no matter what the circumstances were.


How Did Ji-Won Deal With The News Of Ms. Yang’s Illness?

When Ji-won heard from Hui-yeon that Ms. Yang was suffering from stomach cancer, she was shattered. She realized that her fate in her previous life had been passed down to someone as innocent as Ms. Yang. She realized that the future was a mystery, and nobody could say what the future would hold in store for every individual. Ji-won took Ms. Yang to the hospital and tried comforting her in every way possible, as she was really guilty about her ailment being passed on to Ms. Yang. While contemplating, Ji-won realized that if her own fate had been passed down to Ms. Yang, it was not the end of suffering for her. She might have to meet the same end as Ji-won in her past life! However, Ji-won had Ji-Hyeok’s promise that he would help Ms. Yang get the best treatment and help with her surgery soon.

What Was Yu-Ra’s Intention?

Yu-ra had come back to Korea with the intent of trying to get back with Ji-Hyeok. She tried establishing a good relationship with Ji-hyeok’s grandpa to make sure that she could marry him. When Yu-ra asked Ji-won to step out of Ji-Hyeok’s life, she misunderstood him and thought that he had kept her in darkness about his engagement. Ji-Hyeok tried telling her that Yu-ra was just a family friend and they had gotten engaged when he did not think anything could happen with Ji-won. However, after they had gotten into a relationship, he cut all ties with Yu-ra. Ji-won, however, did not believe him at that point.


Later, when Yu-ra asked Ji-won to meet her, she went and clarified the fact that they were no longer in a relationship. She also said that she had no idea that he was engaged to her. However, Yu-ra was so vengeful that she warned Ji-won about the consequences of having tried to steal Ji-Hyeok from her. She also insulted her, saying that she was after his money and was not in love with him. Ji-won, in turn, told her that she did not care about his money and would immediately walk out of his life. Ji-won felt so humiliated by her encounter with Yu-ra that she immediately returned the pendant that Ji-Hyeok had gifted her.

Meanwhile, Ji-Hyeok met Yu-ra and asked her why she was doing all this. She said that she did not like anyone else laying their hands on her things, including her fiance. She also told Ji-Hyeok that she had started liking him, especially after he had changed his style. She was extremely possessive and was constantly plotting to make Ji-won’s life miserable. She was also seen planning to let Su-Min know everything about Ji-won’s affair with Ji-Hyeok to make her jealous. Yu-ra knew that if she was able to trigger Su-Min, then she would try to take revenge on Ji-won. Later, she was also seen visiting Min-hwan to make sure that she came up with some plans to ruin Ji-won’s mental peace. It is likely that she would offer Min-hwan money to act as her puppet to harm Ji-won in any way that she wanted.


What Was Hui-Yeon’s Real Identity?

Later, when Hui-Yeon told Ji-won that her brother had gotten engaged to Yu-ra many years ago, when Ji-won was not in his life. She further said that he had done it for the sake of his business, but after meeting Ji-won, he called things off with Yu-ra, as he did not have any feelings for her. It was also revealed that Hui-Yeon was not Ji-Hyeok’s real sister. She was her father’s illegitimate child, and he had accepted her as his sister, as he felt pity for her when they were young. This shed light on the fact that Ji-Hyeok was a gem of a person, and Ji-won would make a mistake if she let him walk out of her life without giving him a chance.

What Fate Did Su-Min Face After Her Marriage?

Su-min and Min-hwan were seen spending their time in a cheap hotel that his mom had chosen for their honeymoon. When Su-Min complained about it, Min-hwan called her selfish. By this time, Su-Min had realized that she had made a mistake by marrying him. She also later got to know that Min-hwan had a lot of debt. When they both approached his mother to get some help to pay off their debt, she lashed out at them. She also blamed Su-Min for leading her husband astray. Su-Min was, however, not the type to take things lightly and talked back to her mother-in-law, saying that it was her fault that she couldn’t raise her son well.

When Su-Min and Min-hwan came back to their room, she told him that she was not carrying his child. She lied that she had a miscarriage when he threw his phone at her while arguing. The toxicity in the household is further revealed when Su-Min is tortured by her mother-in-law, who asks her to do all the household chores alone. Meanwhile, an anonymous sender sent her a few pictures of Ji-won with Ji-Hyeok, revealing that Ji-won had pushed Min-hwan onto her so that she could date a successful businessman herself. When Min-hwan came back home, she showed him those pictures and said that he was a loser. She was also planning revenge on Ji-won to make sure that she made her life a mess, just the same as that of her own!

What Did Su-Min Do To Take Revenge On Ji-Won?

Su-Min called Ji-won and, being unable to reach her, dropped her a text saying that her mother wanted to meet her. Ji-won was seen going to meet her mother. Her mother told Ji-won that she was immature to have married a man like her father and that she had Ji-won when she was least expecting it. When Ji-won asked her why she had not tried contacting her all these years, she said that her father prevented her from going near Ji-won, as he was very protective of her. Ji-won was seen complaining to her mother that a lack of maternal affection caused her to get attached to the wrong people. Ji-won’s mother was seen apologizing to her for abandoning her in her childhood. They were seen spending some quality time together, and Ji-won took her mother out for a good lunch and some shopping.


When Ji-won’s mother told her that she had heard that she was dating a rich man, Ji-won told her that they had broken up. Upon hearing this, her mother seemed quite upset! It was later revealed that Su-Min had contacted her mother to make her go fetch money from Ji-won. Ji-won, however, knew everything and was playing along just to see how far her mother would go. While Ji-won was leaving, her mother asked her for some money, and Ji-won refused to give her any money. Ji-won said that she was a greedy woman and could never be a good mother. Later, she was seen going to see Ji-Hyeok at his judo classes from a distance. She also visited her father’s grave, crying and asking him why she was always the one to be backstabbed. While returning from the spot, someone was seen following Ji-won, mostly to try and kill her. It is likely that Yu-ra was the one behind the plan, as she wanted to finish off Ji-won. Just before Ji-won’s car was hit by a van, Ji-Hyeok was seen coming in to save her. He made sure that his car took the hit from the truck so that Ji-won would be safe.

What Will Happen Next?

The next episode of Marry My Husband will reveal whether Ji-Hyeok will survive the attack after being rushed to the hospital. Yu-ra will try her best to get back at Ji-won for trying to take her spot in Ji-Hyeok’s life again. She will bribe Min-hwan to use him as a tool against Ji-won. Su-Min would take a share of that money and give it to Ji-won’s mother to emotionally blackmail Ji-won. Later, when Ji-won realizes what games Su-Min has been playing with her, she will confront Su-Min, asking her to stop her dirty tricks.


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