‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: How Was Ji-Won’s Fate Passed On To Ms. Yang?

Written by Sungsojak, the web novel Marry My Husband has effectively been converted into a drama. There are several twists that the 11th episode of Marry My Husband highlights, capturing the characters’ hidden nuances. There is an enhanced closeness between Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok. Ji-won is finally able to exchange her luck with Su-Min and pass on her trash to her! However, unknowingly, Ji-won passes on her terminal illness to Ms. Yang. Will Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok become one? What will happen at Min-hwan and Su-Min’s wedding? Will Ji-won be able to handle the blows from Ji-Hyeok’s ex-fiancee? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Did Ji-Hyeok Provide Ji-Won With Stability?

Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok were seen getting intimate, but Ji-Hyeok realized that he wouldn’t live a long life and tried pushing her away. Ji-Hyeok knew that all Ji-won wanted was stability and thought that he could not be a stable ground for her for a long time. Later, when Ji-Hyeok was sick, Ji-Won took care of him. While he was recovering, he told her that she must not feel as if she were on a rocky boat and should look for a stable life partner. Ji-won knew deep down that, despite saying all these things, Ji-Hyeok had strong feelings for her and hence decided to stay by his side all night and take care of him. She told him that she trusted him and wouldn’t regret the decisions she made in love.


Later, they are seen getting intimate and enjoying each other’s company. Ji-Hyeok asked Ji-won out on a date. When they went out, they were seen having a great time together. Meanwhile, Ji-Hyeok’s grandfather had asked Mr. Lee to keep a check on him. When he got the pictures of them on a date, he realized that he had not seen Ji-Hyeok so happy in a very long time! Mr. Lee said that he had seen a change in Ji-Hyeok, as he was living his life to the fullest. Meanwhile, Min-hwan was seen approaching Ji-won at the office to talk to her. She, however, completely avoided him, as she was now completely into Ji-Hyeok.

How Did Mr. Kim React To His Demotion?

Mr. Kim was unable to process the fact that he had been demoted from his position as a manager. He tried to demean Ms. Yang for her work and told her that she was unable to act as a proper manager. He often sat in her chair and told her that it was his position that she had stolen from him and that he was a better fit for that chair. Hee-yeon and Ji-won told Ms. Yang that it was high time that she took some action against Mr. Kim for behaving that way in office. Later, when Mr. Kim tried to assert his dominance on Ms. Yang, she told him off and asked him to do his work properly, establishing her authority over him. Mr. Kim was shocked and dejected at the unexpected behavior of Ms. Yang. Min-hwan approached him and asked him not to worry about office politics. He wanted to befriend Mr. Kim, as he had no one left in the office to talk to!


How Did Min-Hwan’s Mother React After Meeting Su-Min?

When Min-hwan took Su-Min to meet his mother, she realized that he had told several lies about her to his mother. Min-hwan had told his mother that she had graduated from Hankuk University and would work after giving birth. Min-hwan’s mother approved of Su-Min, as she thought that she was better than Ji-won and was also going to bear an heir. Later, Min-hwan’s mother took them to look for a house for rent. Min-hwan was taken aback, as he had expected that she would buy him a new house when he got married. Upon asking his mother about it, she said that after 2 years of their marriage, she would think of buying them a new house!

Min-hwan’s mother was imposing enough to select the wedding dress and makeup for Su-Min. She had also selected their wedding cards, which Su-Min didn’t like at all. When she tried complaining about it to Min-hwan, he turned a deaf ear to her. Later, when Su-Min sent the invite to Ji-won, trying to make her jealous, Ji-won sent it to Ji-Hyeok in turn. Subsequently, he ensured that the invitation to Min-hwan’s marriage was announced to everyone in the office. When Min-hwan learned about it, he became furious, as he did not want anyone to know about it. Min-hwan went back home and lashed out at Su-Min, as he had realized that it was her who must have been behind people getting to know about their wedding. Later, Min-hwan’s mother told Su-Min that all men are babies, and she would have to learn to deal with it!


How Was Ji-Won’s Fate Passed On To Ms. Yang?

Ms. Yang was seen facing a similar fate in this life as that of Ji-won’s previous life. She had a husband sitting at home who was good for nothing. It was similar to the case of Ji-won, who had been feeding a jobless Min-hwan in her previous life. Ms. Yang’s husband started working at her father’s restaurant after he was criticized for sitting at home all day. The office party was held at Ms. Yang’s father’s restaurant, where Mr. Lee found out that Ms. Yang’s husband was having an affair with another woman. This was also similar to Ji-won’s previous life, as her husband, Min-hwan, was having an affair with Su-Min. Later on, it was also revealed that the constant stomach cramps that Ms. Yang had been experiencing were caused by stomach cancer. It was again the same diagnosis that Ji-won had had in her past life. It was as if Ji-won’s entire fate had been passed on to Ms. Yang. Therefore, there is a possibility that Ms. Yang would also be murdered by her husband for her money, as Ji-won had been in her past life.

What Happened On The Wedding Day?

On the wedding day, Su-Min hired an actor to play the role of her mother. When Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok arrived at the wedding, they gave Min-hwan complaint papers for borrowing money from several sources. Later, when Ji-won went to meet Su-Min, she thanked her, saying that she was grateful that Su-Min had decided to take her trash out. She also gave her the expensive bag that Min-hwan had gifted her. This was a gesture of passing down her leftovers to Su-Min just as a form of revenge for what she had done to her in the previous life! However, Su-Min was happy that she had been able to steal Ji-won’s love from her and thought that she had won the battle.

While Su-Min was getting married to Min-hwan, there was a spark in Ji-won’s eyes. She thought that finally, her plan for revenge was successful! Later, Eun-ho came to the wedding and told Ji-won that their other school friends were also coming to the wedding. He said that they had realized that Su-Min had always wrongly manipulated them against Ji-won and, hence, were coming to take revenge. When the school friends came in, they openly insulted Su-Min for stealing Ji-won’s man and created a scene at the wedding. However, the wedding ceremony took place, sealing Su-Min’s fate!

What Will Happen Next?

There are more perils that Ji-won will have to face later, which will be showcased in the next episode of Marry My Husband. When she thought that she had gotten rid of the only thorn in her path, Ji-Hyeok’s ex-fiancee pops up out of nowhere! It is likely that she will be a problematic character that Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok will have a hard time handling. The fiancee is likely to reach out to Min-hwan for his help in winning back Ji-Hyeok. The next episode is going to be traumatic for Ji-won, as she will find out that she has mistakenly passed on her fate to Ms. Yang. Su-Min will also get to know the truth as to how Ji-won passed on her troubles to her. It is possible that the revelation of the truth to Su-Min would prompt her to take revenge on Ji-won.


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