‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Kidnapped Min-Hwan?

The tenth episode of Marry My Husband adds a kick to the plot of the drama. A lot gets revealed in this particular episode! Ji-won is finally able to unveil the real faces of Min-hwan and Su-Min to the world. Su-Min had tried to give one final deadly blow to Ji-won, but the way she handled the situation was really satisfying to watch. She also finally manages to make her feelings clear to Ji-Hyeok after a lot of hustle. What will Su-Min do? How will Min-hwan react to the situation? Will Ji-Hyeok be able to protect Ji-won? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened At The Office?

When Min-hwan approached Ji-won in the office about their breakup, she slapped him. She told him that he was a cheater, and as proof, she showed the lingerie that she had found in his car in front of the other colleagues. She tossed the engagement ring that he had given her, shattering it into a thousand pieces, proving that it was a fake ring. The word about how Min-hwan had cheated on Ji-won spread in the office like wildfire. When Min-hwan went to Su-Min to ask her why she couldn’t be more careful about her undergarments, she told him that they were not hers. Meanwhile, Ji-won thinks to herself that she was successful in planting the lingerie in the car, meticulously planning the perfect breakup.


When Su-Min asked Min-hwan to marry her, he told her off by saying that she was not marriage material. He told her that she was only pretty but was not as successful as Ji-won. When Mr. Kim overheard their conversation, he was heartbroken, as he was into Su-Min. He started a brawl over the matter with Min-hwan, leading to greater chaos at the office. The topic of Min-hwan cheating on Ji-won with her best friend did not sit well with the other employees, and they started bad mouthing and gossiping about the two in official email chains.

How Did The Tasting Event Affect Min-Hwan And Su-Min’s Reputation In The Office?

When Ms. Yang heard about the issue during the tasting event that had caused a man to become hospitalized (as the allergen sign was not there), she lashed out at Min-hwan. Ms. Yang told Min-hwan that he had misbehaved so much with the employees at the Jomart during that incident that their product was being stacked at the end of the shelf. It reduced product exposure to customers. Mr. Lee called in Min-hwan and told him that he would be transferred to another branch of the office because of the office scandal, and Su-Min was immediately fired.


Ms. Yang was made Mr. Kim’s manager as a result of his negligence towards work, and subsequently, he resigned from his post. Later, Ms. Yang told Mr. Lee that Ji-won was the real mind behind the proposal and that she deserved a promotion instead of her.

How Did Ji-Won Handle Su-Min’s Blow?

The man who suffered an allergy at the event came in along with his wife, and they showed Ji-won a post that was made on social media on behalf of the company. The post was made from a profile that had been created falsely under Ji-won’s name, which read that the scandal about Su-Min was fake. It also said that it was Min-hwan who had tried to seduce her, but she had not reciprocated. The post further read that the customers at the tasting event ate freebies without checking the ingredients and that it was not Su-Min’s fault and she was being falsely accused.


After being insulted by the couple for posting such a fake review on social media, Ji-won finally realized that it was Su-Min who had tried to bring her down once again. She told everyone that it was Su-Min who had copied her handwriting, clicked a picture of it, and posted it. She took Su-Min’s phone and showed everyone that it was actually she who had done all the misdeeds and made the post under Ji-won’s name. Ji-won made Su-Min apologize to the couple for her mistake. Su-Min also apologized to Ji-won and told her that she was pregnant.

Who Kidnapped Min-Hwan? Why?

Ji-Hyeok had done a thorough background check on Min-hwan and found out about his loans. One day, when Min-hwan was outside a bar, he got kidnapped by two men, and when he regained his senses, they told him that they were loan sharks. When they pressured him to give them the money, he told them that he would inherit his parents’ home once he got married. He told them that once he got his hands on the property, he would sell it to repay his debts. It was later revealed that the kidnappers were Ji-Hyeok’s friends. Ji-Hyeok had gotten Min-hwan kidnapped so that he would immediately get married to the most handy option that he had. This would lead him to get married to Su-Min to repay his debts.

Later, Min-hwan approached Su-Min and told her that he wanted to marry her. When she was shocked to see his sudden interest in her, he told her that after he had gotten to know that she had fallen pregnant with his baby, all he wanted was to take care of her. He proposed to Su-Min for marriage with the very same lines that he had used to propose to Ji-won, bringing out his shallow nature. It was, however, later revealed that Su-Min had been faking her pregnancy just to snatch Min-hwan away from Ji-won. Little did she know that that was exactly what Ji-won had wanted all along!

What Happened Finally?

When the owner of U&K Foods learned about the incident, he wanted to meet Ji-won. While he was conversing with her about the traumatic events at the office, Ji-Hyeok came in and was shocked to see Ji-won conversing with his grandfather. Later, he was seen spending some time with her and telling her that she could lean on him for any difficulties that she might face in life.


Ji-Hyeok was also seen trying to set up Eun-ho and Ji-won! He thought that he had very little time left and would die soon, just like in his previous life. When Ji-won and Eun-ho went out on a date, all she could think about was Ji-Hyeok. After they spent some quality time together, Ji-won told Eun-ho that she could not be anything more than just a friend to him as she had feelings for someone else. Eun-ho seemed to accept his fate and move forward! When Ji-won came back, she saw Ji-Hyeok waiting eagerly for her. He had also arranged a very beautiful Christmas decor for Ji-won’s apartment. He tried to give her as much happiness as he could while he was alive. Ji-won was finally seen expressing her feelings for Ji-Hyeok, telling him that she had traveled to another timeline just to meet him again.

What Will Happen Next?

The next episode is likely to reveal a greater closeness between Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok. The eleventh episode of Marry My Husband is about to unveil whether Min-hwan and Su-Min are eventually going to get married. We can only hope that the two get married and Su-Min’s fate gets interchanged with that of Ji-won. Su-Min doesn’t even know what a mess she is about to get herself into. We are dying to see her suffer just the same way that Ji-won suffered in her previous life! In this episode, we also see Ms. Yang getting sudden stomach cramps, which makes it likely that she might be diagnosed with something serious. Will she be diagnosed with the same disease that Ji-won had in her previous life? Will Ji-won pass on her ailment to a person she adores as a friend? The questions that we have in our minds are likely to be satiated in the tenth episode of Marry My Husband.


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