Maria In ‘Merry Christmas’ Explained: Why Did Katrina Kaif’s Character Kill Jarome?

Merry Christmas is a 2024 thriller movie directed by Sriram Raghavan. The story revolves around a Christmas Eve when Maria and Albert meet in a restaurant under strange circumstances. However, as the night progresses, a murder takes place, turning what could have been a romantic evening into a nightmarish dream. The murder occurs at Maria’s place, and the victim is none other than Maria’s husband himself. While others may think it’s suicide, both Maria and Albert know it’s murder. Who committed the murder? Will Maria be able to save herself from this mess? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Maria Kill Her Husband, Jarome? 

When Maria returned home with Albert, she confided in him about her marital status, hinting at the fact that her husband was cheating on her. She shared her past experiences, recounting how she had once been in an abusive relationship and found solace in her friendship with Jerome. She would confide in him about her life and find happiness in their conversations. After leaving her previous abusive relationship, Maria fell in love with Jerome, and they decided to marry after three weeks of being together. However, things took a dark turn when Jerome began to show his true colors. He became insecure about their relationship, constantly blaming Maria and accusing her of cheating on him. His paranoia extended to their daughter, Annie, whom he claimed was not their biological child.


One day, after getting tortured by her father, Annie stopped talking. Jerome’s torment of Annie deeply affected Maria, who loved her daughter dearly and feared for her safety, especially considering Jerome’s drug issues and erratic behavior. Driven by a sense of protectiveness towards Annie and a desire for justice, Maria cleverly planned her husband’s murder. She decorated both floors of their apartment identically to confuse the police and her dates, including Albert and Ronnie. She drugged Jerome’s drink with pills from his own stash. Amidst the Christmas Eve celebrations and fireworks outside, Maria staged the scene to make it look like Jerome had taken his own life, placing a gun in his hand and pulling the trigger herself. Though the plan had been brewing in her mind for some time, the act of killing her husband was mentally agonizing for Maria. Yet she went through with it, driven by her need to protect her daughter and seek revenge.

How Did Maria Try To Fool Everyone? 

After spending time with Albert, as he was about to go back home, Maria invited him up to her apartment to celebrate Christmas together. As they were coming to the apartment, Maria kissed Albert and she, who initially thought that remaining strangers would be the best approach, decided to tell Albert her name at that moment to distract him from noticing whether they were on the first or second floor. Upon entering the apartment, they discovered Jerome’s body. Initially wanting to help Maria, Albert concealed the fact that he had recently been released from prison that very day. However, he eventually revealed this, warning that he should leave to avoid implicating himself in any potential conspiracy. Unaware that Maria is also the murderer of her husband, Albert began wiping down things he had touched to eliminate any traces of his DNA. However, he became suspicious when he couldn’t find a chirping bird ornament on the Christmas tree, which he remembered seeing before. Later, while having tea outside Maria’s house, Albert saw Maria and Annie heading to church for Christmas mass as if nothing had happened. He followed them and saw Maria fainting.


Despite Maria’s reluctance, Albert accompanied her and Robbie home, a man she met at the church, pretending not to know Maria. He observed Maria repeating the same actions to the new date Robbie that she had with him, from putting Annie to sleep to pouring whiskey for the man and pretending to have forgotten something at church. As Maria went to the church with Robbie confused, Albert returned to Maria’s home and discovered that she had decorated the apartment below in the same manner as the one above, where he found a dead body that had not been there before. Maria informed the police that Jerome owned a gun and was involved with drugs, suggesting he may have committed suicide due to mental instability, hiding the fact that she killed him herself, and Robbie vouched for her innocence, thinking she was with him the whole time. When the police questioned Annie, Maria became defensive, saying her child does not know how to talk and does not know anything. She even lied to the police, saying that the apartments below were all offices without mentioning that they were also hers and decorated identically to the ones above.

Why Did She Take Help From Albert? 

Maria met Albert on Christmas Eve at a restaurant. She was on a date with someone who left suddenly when he saw Annie with Maria. Albert stepped in, telling her that her date had left. They watched a movie together and then went to Maria’s house. Albert was kind to Annie, which touched Maria deeply. She felt comfortable enough to share her relationship secrets with him and even danced with him. Later that night, when Albert was downstairs enjoying his drink, Maria took the chance to carry out her plan to kill her husband. She invited Albert for a walk down memory lane, hoping to revisit happier times when she used to be single and Albert was also happy back then seven years ago. They bonded over their conversations, forming a close connection. However, when Albert found Maria’s dead husband in the house, he was confused. Maria didn’t know that Albert had served time in jail for killing his girlfriend. When Maria learned about Albert’s past, she kicked him out, feeling unable to trust him.


Meanwhile, as Maria took Robbie into the apartment and followed the same pattern with him, from offering a drink to him to going outside the apartment only to come back and pretend to see her dead husband on the sofa for the first time, Albert sensed she was hiding something. Eventually, he discovered Maria’s plan to stage her husband’s suicide. Instead of getting angry, Albert calmly asked her why she did it. He understood that she must have had her reasons and offered to help. Maria confided in Albert, explaining the abuse she suffered in her marriage and her need to protect Annie. Despite her actions, Albert empathized with her, having shared his regrets. Together, they got rid of any evidence of the crime, even burning everything in Maria’s bakery’s chimney. Maria was grateful for Albert’s help and understanding. Despite the tough situation, she found comfort in Albert’s company, realizing he understood her better than anyone else. As they worked together to cover up the crime, Maria began to feel happier after a long time, knowing she had Albert by her side.

At the end of the movie, Maria makes up a statement about her husband’s suicide by telling the police that she wasn’t home when her husband died and only found out about it after coming back from church. Robbie and Albert backed up her story to protect Maria and her daughter. Throughout the ordeal, Maria finds solace and peace in Albert’s companionship and support, and as their bond deepens, Maria may have developed feelings for Albert as a result of his unwavering assistance. In the end, Albert takes the blame for Jerome’s murder, sacrificing himself to protect Maria and Annie. Touched by his selflessness, Maria becomes emotional and accepts the ring that Albert carries with him as a symbol of their love and companionship.

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