‘Made In Heaven’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Leila And Sarfaraz?

Made In Heaven Episode 3 ends with Gulshan and Kriti, the parents of the betrothed couple, eloping. They get married as per the plans of the Made in Heaven team. Their love story is one for many generations to cherish, as they longed for each other and waited all this time. 


Spoilers Ahead

Made in Heaven at the French Riviera

Made in Heaven finally gets the contract to manage the wedding of Bollywood superstars Sarfaraz Khan and Leila Shirazi. To jog your memory, he is the star who was invited to the wedding handled by the same company, where he ended up sleeping with the bride unbeknownst to many. This character is the only one connected to a wedding-related subplot from the previous season. It is not clear if the makers are trying to mimic any actor in this story.


Jazz and Kabir finally talk

Jazz and Kabir seem to have reached the destination of their dreams, and the lady could not be happier. She expected something romantic to happen between her and Kabir, as she felt there was some chemistry. However, Kabir politely turns down the offer of dating her by stating that he recently got out of a relationship. Kabir’s concerns seem genuine, but it comes across as him stopping himself from letting his feelings out for fear of self-sabotaging. Jazz was a witness to his last relationship falling apart, and he expected her to understand the situation. Jazz is hurt by his words, but she is aware of the two backgrounds they come from. The two know each other well enough to explore the idea of dating, but Jazz is the one who is willing to take the leap of faith, while Kabir is not.

Meher goes on a date

Meher’s last date in Delhi went awry, but she had not lost hope, even though she expected people not to be understanding of her body. This is a bad train of thought, and as a person, she should not have such a belief system because, trans or not, she deserves to be treated with dignity. Sadly, the makers did not explore much about Meher’s life. It felt a tad bit generic, and it lacked complexity and layers. Meher’s date in France turns out to be decent, but it ends up becoming a hookup. Meher, ever since her transition, seems to be looking only for someone to connect with, hoping he will understand her past instead of using her as a fixation in bed.


Karan’s Night Out

Karan is disturbed by the chain of events at the hospital. His mother turned out to be the worst, and he feels there is nothing that could be done to salvage his relationship with her. Karan has a night out in France just days before the wedding to blow off some steam. His state of mind is a mess because, for the first time, it’s his personal life that has shaken up everything he believed in. Karan comes from a school of thought where the parents love the kids no matter what. He is unable to find answers to his mother’s expectations and what she could achieve by ruining his life.

Karan wakes up naked at a beach the next day. He was robbed, and there is no way Made in Heaven is willing to make this a police case amidst a high-profile celebrity wedding. Karan put everything at stake to have a night out, which sends out the wrong message to the team. Karan did not discuss it with Tara, even though he was known for being vocal about his issues with friends. This is very uncharacteristic of him—to isolate his friends. Nawab, his ex-boyfriend from school, comes to meet him and sees an emotionally traumatized Karan, and he helps him understand that things will eventually work out and that he cannot throw away his life. Nawab seems to be the only one who gets Karan inside and out, and he always says the right thing.


Karan gets rid of his narcotic substances, which seems quite convenient because the makers do not talk about the withdrawal symptoms. This season, it felt like the makers forgot to get into the nuances, and for the sake of not converging the story, they did not cover up any plot holes. Karan and Tara have their first falling out over him using office money to clear a debt. Tara ended up asking her mother-in-law for a loan. Their argument also made the viewers wonder if the two of them would split the company. Only the upcoming episodes will let the audience know about the outcome of this argument.

What kind of compromise do Leila and Sarfaraz make?

Leila and Sarfaraz are superstars of Bollywood, and their marriage has been splashed across the news back home. They cannot wait for this big event of their lives, even though their assistants fight over their popularity. It makes the viewers wonder if the marriage is to bring together two bankable stars with huge fan followings, or if they are even in love with each other. Since they are actors who pretend on screen for a living, either one of these could be true. It is hard not to laugh over the cheeky humor added by the makers in putting across the stories of celebrity weddings that have taken place in Europe. The makers bring in all the aspects of what goes on behind the scenes, while all the viewers get to see are the photographs that project love and commitment. Behind the scenes, the two of them are just actors who are rich and egotistical.


Viewers get to see Anurag Kashyap in a cameo role as himself, who is keen to cast Leila and Sarfaraz in his next film. It is hard to overlook how the actors cannot stop talking about their work instead of focusing on the wedding. Sarfaraz proposes the idea of replacing Leila with another up-and-coming actor and justifies it by rubbing on Anurag’s ego, who will be praised for showcasing new talent. Sarfaraz is smart, and there is no other way he would have survived in this industry if it weren’t for that. As said by Leila’s assistant Amber, Sarfaraz is a male actor, and he will always want a younger actor next to him for validation, which is a reality across several industries around the country. Leila was initially not informed about this development. Amber, in a state of vulnerability in a scene executed, shoddily lets her know about Sarfaraz’s plans. Leila gets hysterical, and Sarfaraz blames Anurag for this idea. This shows they are anything but compatible. It is shocking to see actors as popular as them not talk about such issues way before they get married instead of letting themselves be taken for a ride. It proves they are just stars for the popular media, while the reality remains, they are humans just like any of us.

Leila calls off the wedding, and Tara uses the convincing skills she used in the first episode of the first season by letting the actress know that she can soften the blow with money and things will fall into place automatically. Tara understands the importance of money in her and the client’s lives, and she only asks her to use it for her benefit so that it surprises Sarfaraz. Leila takes the advice seriously and informs him about her interest in co-producing the movie and bringing on board the new actress he suggested. Leila producing the film would mean Sarfaraz would not take a single penny, an added advantage for Anurag, who is known for making films that do not have much of a budget. Sarfaraz agrees to it, but he also understands that Leila played the power game very well. He thought he would hold the leash by putting her on the back foot, which is expected from a male actor who feels inferior in front of their successful spouse. Sarfaraz could not say no to her because he wanted to be a part of this film, and this means he will be working for his wife. Leila turns out to be smarter than him, and it throws light on how women are always underestimated when it comes to business decisions.


The fourth episode of Made In Heaven Season 2 ends with Sarfaraz and Leila getting married, and this wedding will bring in plenty of money and publicity for the company. Bulbul gets a call from her husband informing her of Dhruv’s suspension from school on charges of molestation against him and his friends. Dhruv, who was a brat all this time, ends up in trouble because of his arrogance. Hopefully, the outcome of this case will put some sense into Dhruv and help him see things from a different perspective instead of believing what he is told.

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