‘Made in Heaven’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Gulshan And Kriti?

The second episode of Made in Heaven Season 2 ended rather sadly. The bride, Adhira, decides to marry her abusive fiancé, Anik. Her family and the whole team of Made in Heaven are in shock to see Adhira wanting to go through with this wedding. We are shown the mark Bulbul’s abusive ex-husband left on her, which is an eye-opening revelation about how domestic abuse is common in our society.


Spoilers Ahead

Tara goes after Adil and Faiza

Tara is aiming to get what she deserves from the divorce, and for that to happen, she will need plenty of information about Adil’s company. She asks for half of what he owns in light of Faiza’s pregnancy and his infidelity. She is hoping that those two aspects will give her some points that will force him to give her what she wants. Tara turns out to be a lot smarter than he thought. He resists her power-grab move, but Adil has nothing to fall back on.


Faiza is furious to realize that Tara used her to climb up the social ladder. Viewers could only sympathize with Faiza at this point. She did not deserve to be manipulated the way she was by Tara. The writers have done a brilliant job of showcasing how wrong Tara is. So far, the only redeeming quality she has is her drive to be successful with Made in Heaven and the fact that she has not thought about cheating Karan or any other team members. Tara has also found a love interest in Raghav, the chef. For the first time, Tara feels like she likes someone from the bottom of her heart instead of having an agenda. She was quick to understand his limitations when it came to wealth. The reason behind this thought process is that her mind is wired in a manner that does not let her aspire to anything beyond a luxurious life.

Faiza is keen on Adil getting a divorce as quickly as possible because she cannot just wander around carrying a child who was born out of wedlock. She has every right to suspect Adil might not go through with the divorce because they have a history. This constant reassurance she seeks is because of the trauma left behind by her ex-husband and her father’s unwillingness to support her. Faiza, at this point, cannot lose Adil.


Karan is in love.

Karan met the fashion designer Akshat during the trial fittings of Adhira, and ever since, they have been hanging out with each other. Akshat reveals that he was sexually abused as a kid by a family member. Karan is impressed by his emotional maturity and his resilience to remain himself without fearing any ostracization, which he is facing right now. The love they share seems intimate, and by the looks of it, Akshat and Karan are meant to be for the long run.

Sadly for Karan, his mother’s resentment towards him increases. Devayani had hopes of using her illness to her advantage, but Karan refused to have any of it. His mother asks Karan not to come to meet her again, implying he has caused her more pain than the illness. She and Karan are unable to come to an understanding, which is breaking his heart. Karan is engulfed by sadness because of the statement made by his mother, which pushes him into drug abuse and gambling away his money, putting him in debt again, something he is famous for.


Jazz needs money.

Jazz managed to gather enough money from Nadeem for her brother’s admission to a new rehab center. She couldn’t help but notice the kind of upbringing Kabir has had and how he never acknowledges his privileged life. He leaves his NYU prospects to focus on the Amazon work he has signed up for, which makes his father angry, but Kabir broke away from this cycle of expectations and opulence to pursue his own life. Jazz and he get into what seems to be a relationship.

Jazz brings foreigners as guests to every wedding of Made in Heaven by keeping Tara and Karan out of the loop about it. Jazz, in the previous season, was known for making some questionable decisions, which led to her being briefly fired. It is worrisome for Jazz to be repeating her behavior because, this time, Karan and Tara might not rehire her. Bulbul notices her moves and confronts her. Jazz claims to have a tie-up with a travel agency that takes money from tourists from abroad who want to attend a grand Indian wedding. Jazz gets a handsome cut from the agency by hosting them, and she is using the money to fund the rehab fees. Jazz is a resourceful person, and she has been through adversities of all kinds. She hustles as much as she can. Bulbul appreciates her hard work to help her family and does not rat her out to her bosses.


What makes Gulshan and Kriti make a life-changing decision?

Kriti and Gulshan are married people who are very much in love and plan to come out about their relationship with the family. Until then, they must resort to meeting each other at hotels. The two are cheating on their spouses, but their love seems genuine. Viewers are curious about what could go wrong for them at this juncture.

It turns out Gulshan’s daughter, Gargi, and Kriti’s son, Raj, are engaged to be married to each other after a brief courtship, which puts Kriti and Gulshan’s plan on the backfoot. If the kids get married, they can never get back together. The chemistry the two share makes it seem like they have known each other for a while. One look at their respective spouses reveals that both are unhappy in their respective marriages. Kriti’s husband, Ashok, seems to be interested in Gulshan and his wife’s money. Kriti and Gulshan are in a dilemma because they do not want to hurt the kids. They choose to break up as the wedding preparations begin.


Gulshan talks about his first love for Karan without naming Kriti and the reason why they could not marry years ago. Their one chance of coming back together after many years is also ruined. It is a beautiful love story, and one wonders if it is rare to come across such a tale of star-crossed lovers who reunite after many years.

Kriti sees her husband for who he is, and she witnesses her son becoming the same man. To test Raj’s love for Gargi, she requests that Gulshan put forward a prenuptial agreement that he should sign before the wedding. Raj is shocked by this move made by Gulshan, and after discussing it with his father, he realizes he will lose everything if he signs this document. There will be no gain in having Gargi around. Kriti’s plans initially work because she wants to see if her son is willing to look beyond wealth and pursue the love he claims he has for Gargi. The bride is livid at her father for pulling this stunt, and she forces him to withdraw the prenuptial agreement. Kriti wanted her son to prove her wrong, but sadly, he turned out exactly like his father, who wanted to lavishly bask in Gargi’s money, which she would inherit from her father. Viewers are dismayed by how the father and son could behave this way incessantly.


Kriti and Gulshan feel they have failed as parents. They cannot let their children repeat their mistakes and decide to elope. Their elopement is a symbol of the unrequited love they had for each other, but one must also consider that they did cheat on their respective partners. No matter how unbearable they were, the spouses deserved an explanation. This episode was good at talking about old-school love but forgot that it might have glorified infidelity.

The families are informed about the elopement through a letter left by Kriti and Gulshan. Amidst the chaos, it is Gulshan’s wife who has been struck the hardest, for she is left behind, devastated and alone. With this wedding gone, there is no way Made in Heaven could sustain itself. Karan puts across the idea of conducting a small intimate ceremony for Gulshan and Kriti. It is assumed it will either be a small wedding or a commitment ceremony for the star-crossed lovers. There is no mention of what kind of function it would be so the viewers are allowed to have an open mind about it. The two of them deserve a happy ending after everything they have been through. If it is a marriage, the only plot hole could be how can they marry another person without securing a divorce from their current partners. If only the makers of Made in Heaven were clear about the kind of ceremony that was performed. It seems they got carried away by the story they created and forgot to add logic to it.


The third episode of Made in Heaven ends with Tara wondering if she will ever get a love that could fulfill her the way Kriti and Gulshan complete each other. Tara can only hope that someday she will find the perfect partner. Adil and Faiza watch the sonography of their unborn child, and they seem happy. This proves that maybe Adil has found his ladylove.

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