‘Made In Heaven’ Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What To Expect Next?

With Made in Heaven season two’s conclusion, it ended four years’ worth of waiting. Even though this season received lukewarm responses from critics and audiences alike, what the show got right was the human emotions and how they trigger people to behave in a certain way. Every character has shades of gray to them, which helps the viewers understand the complexity and layers behind their words and actions. If you think Made in Heaven is only about weddings, it is not. It is about the families that come together and the mindset they bring to the table with them.

As of now, the makers of Made in Heaven have not officially confirmed a third season, but considering the popularity of the show, we can speculate that a third season might be in the works. In this article, we will theorize all we can expect from Made in Heaven Season 3, and hence, if you have any theories of your own and something that you really expect in the next season, then do share them with us in the comments below.

Made in Heaven Season 2 ended with Julie requesting her fiancé Roman to pursue his passion for music and head to Berkeley as his admission came through. Julie turns out to be the more mature of the two, and it could be because of her age and the fact that she is settled career-wise. She understands the need to follow one’s passion, which viewers assume she has done in the past. Julie ended up marrying herself, which was a bizarre reaction to her wedding getting canceled. It did not make sense because she was the one who asked Roman to do the right thing. Her fiancé did not abandon her. This inconclusive ending to the wedding leaves the viewers confused.

We also get to see Tara finally getting what she wants, and she is unapologetic about it. She will not have anyone feel angry at her for asking for what she deserves. It’s a dog-eat-dog world because Adil doesn’t seem to acknowledge the fact that he cheated on her while being married to her, which is ethically and morally wrong. Adil and Tara are right and wrong in their own ways. Adil married Faiza and willingly accepted Gauri as a part of his family. Karan is trying to move on from his mother’s death, and hopefully, he will get some closure regarding this. He moves in with Tara at the home she received from her settlement.

Hopefully, the makers will not make us wait for another four years to give us the next season. Viewers like us crave to know more stories of the rich and opulent in and around Delhi and their obsession with grand weddings. But in the third season, we can hope this wedding and events company can expand beyond Delhi and give us a peek into how weddings around the country work. It would be interesting to see if they could thrive outside of the Delhi region. People from around the country have prejudices and stereotypes about their people, so it will be interesting to approach this angle from another city. Made in Heaven will soon become the most sought-after wedding company to work with, which will lead to them getting offers from other parts of the country. Tara and Karan will be unstoppable at this time. Hopefully, there could be a mention of how the pandemic affected their line of work and how they tried their best to make do with the kind of weddings that were taking place amidst this crisis. It would be cruel if the makers did not approach this angle for the next season.

The viewers would also like to see a conflict-free wedding. It is kind of wishful thinking, but one must agree that ever since the first season, this trope of the troubled, dramatic wedding has become repetitive, and season two felt average only because this kind of narrative is consistently present in all the stories. The viewers are willing to watch some other kind of conflict.

In terms of the lead characters, Tara might get pregnant, and the child could be Adil’s. This will reveal his infidelity to Faiza. Faiza will surely be devastated to know what Adil did to her, and at this point, she will most likely have nowhere else to go. Adil’s child will be born this season, but he might have to start paying alimony to Tara as well if the child is his, keeping in mind what he did. Tara and Adil’s saga might not come to an end because they know each other inside out and are willing to do anything to hurt each other. Tara also understands how manipulative her mother is, and she will try to keep her away from her life. She might fall in love, and there will again be conflict based on what she likes or wants. Her wants have always taken center stage, and she has never compromised on them. This time around, she trudges into the territory of love and is likely to find something she never found while being with Adil or Raghav. Tara is a resilient yet problematic woman, and her character remains consistent.

Karan, on the other hand, might try to slightly improve his lifestyle habits and stay away from narcotics, gambling, and creating debts for himself. Karan could finally find love—someone who understands the pain he has been through because of his mother—and allow the man to reflect on the life he has led so far. Karan’s dilemma in the first season was about his identity, and the second season was about his relationship with his mother. Hopefully, the next season will have Karan trying to step into the commitment zone and understand the value of having a partner in his life, which he missed out on while being with Akshat.

Meher and Danish will have a fairytale romance, and there could be nothing that could cause a hurdle in their relationship. Most likely, the subject of marriage will also come up. Danish parents might not understand who Meher is, judging from how they reacted when they met her for the first time at his birthday party. Meher comes from a family that will wholeheartedly support her decision. Either the two of them will have a fairytale wedding, or they will break up over family differences. Meher will be the one affected because of her history of emotionally opening up to men who end up hurting her.

Jazz will also move on from Kabir and start looking for alliances. She will want a partner who not only understands her work but also helps her take care of her parents and brother. It is hard to find a partner like that, and her parents worry that she will be forced to ignore them. They forgot how dedicated she is to her responsibilities to her family. Jazz will let go of Nadeem and Kabir, and out of the two, it will be Kabir who will be hurt by Jazz moving on because he is having trouble confessing his feelings for her, which was obvious in the last three episodes of the current season. Despite everything, Jazz is aware of what she wants from herself, and she never lets herself forget that.

Kabir, on the other hand, will end up making a mistake in his life by letting Jazz go. He and Dilshad broke up because he felt he was under peer pressure to choose NYU over his newly assigned Amazon project for his documentary on Indian weddings. Even though his project might take off and receive accolades, the man will be feeling a lot lonelier because of his situation with Jazz. Most likely, he will make up his mind about her, but sadly, it will be too late. Just as in the case of Karan, life happened because he never got closure about his toxic mother; Kabir might face something similar when it comes to love, but it will be too late. Kabir is so stuck in his idea of what a relationship should be that whatever is left between him, and Jazz will ruin it.

We will get to see a lot of actors making extended cameos in the form of people who are part of the wedding Karan and Tara will be planning. It is exciting to see many mainstream and new actors get platforms to showcase and broaden their talent through such shows. It will be very interesting to watch if mainstream Hindi actors or actors from other industries take up cameos in the next season. Made in Heaven surely has made an impact on current pop culture for being a show that does not sugarcoat any aspect of people from different strata.

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