‘Made In Heaven’ Character Guide: Meet The Cast Of Season 1 Before Watching Season 2

Made in Heaven has had a big fan following ever since season one concluded. The viewers of the show have been on the lookout for season two ever since, and it has been a long wait. It is finally set to be released on August 10, 2023. The viewers will be greeted by the main leads and supporting cast that enthralled them in the last season. Here are some of the characters to look forward to:


Tara Khanna

Tara Khanna is a part owner of the wedding management company “Made in Heaven,” and it is assumed from the beginning that she is from a family of means as she has married into an ultra-rich business family who has also invested in her company. Tara is a patient person because wedding planning involves remaining calm while the event throws crisis after crisis at them. It is only through flashback scenes that the viewers are made aware of her middle-class upbringing without judging her, and it seems she was always on the lookout for a comfortable lifestyle. She found that by marrying Adil Khanna, the heir to his father’s multi-billion-dollar infrastructure company.

Tara comes across as a highly flawed character whose belief that ‘being rich and having money is the only thing that will make her happy’ falls flat when Adil is caught cheating on her. This makes her question her morals and the number of things she is willing to tolerate to retain dignity and self-respect in her own eyes. She decides to give Adil another chance, only to realize the man will probably never change his old habits. Tara got together with Adil when he was cheating on his ex-fiancée with her and got caught doing it.


Tara should have known he would repeat this behavior. Tara finally comes clean about her intentions behind wanting to be with him and her role in leaking the CCTV tapes that showed her and Adil being intimate with each other. This proves that Tara is as problematic as her husband. Adil is rich and can get away with it because men are expected to be animals who are always on the hunt for many partners. Adil is hypocritical about Tara’s behavior. It is Tara who will be judged, not Adil. Season Two will get to the bottom of these dynamics.

Karan Mehra

Karan is the other half of the wedding management company. He and Tara have been friends for a while, and starting a business together was only a way to extend their friendship. Karan is gay, and most of the people who know him have accepted him, including his brother. Karan comes from a privileged family and has had a comfortable life. The only dark secret he carries with him is that his mother was aware of his sexuality, and she subjected him to physical abuse and remained in denial about it. Karan lives away from his family for the same reason. Karan has a habit of constantly borrowing money to pay off debts. This is a cycle he wants to break. This forces Karan and Tara to join hands with his money lender by making him a partner at “Made in Heaven.”


Just like Tara, for most of the weddings they plan and execute, it acts as a learning opportunity. Karan’s arrest for his sexuality finally allows him to get out of his bubble and speak for those who cannot because of societal pressure. His PIL against Article 377 was filed because he understood there might be people just like him who are not able to live life on their terms, and speaking up for them only seems right. Karan’s current conscience makes him go out of his way to help many who were part of the wedding he and Tara were planning. His words touched a chord with the LGBTQ+ community but hit the wrong nerve with right-wing fringe groups that ransack and destroy the “Made in Heaven” office out of retaliation. Season Two will have him and Tara picking up the pieces, most likely starting from scratch, and being optimistic.

Faiza Naqvi

There is not much shown about the genesis of the friendship between Faiza and Tara because it is just assumed through some flashback sequences that Faiza was always the high-flying socialite, and that she groomed Tara into becoming a fashionista. Faiza is a vulnerable character from the show who happens to fall for the wrong kind of men, which became a pattern in her life. I’m not judging her choices, but Faiza should have chosen to hold back from getting into a relationship right after she divorced her husband, Bilal. Faiza was in an abusive marriage, and her father did not support her breaking up with her husband solely based on societal gaze and pressures which pushed her mind to look for emotional validation, which she got from Adil. This could be the only reason they had an affair.


Faiza was visibly disturbed by the thought of Adil planning to have a child with Tara because this reinforced her abandonment issues. Her car crash with Adil brought their affair to the forefront, which shocked everyone, especially Tara. Faiza handled the entire fiasco incorrectly, which further widened the gap between her and Tara. Faiza does not realize or isn’t aware of how Tara and Adil got together. Faiza should be ready for Adil to cheat on her with another woman, a cycle he will never break until he gets someone pregnant. Faiza’s state of mind is littered with insecurities and jealousy, and she is being treated unfairly. She is as flawed as Tara because she chose to betray her best friend and expected matters to settle down. But sadly, the beginning of her public relationship with Adil was torrid, and she can only hope it will be smooth sailing in the next season of Made in Heaven.

Kabir Basrai

Kabir is the in-house videographer with “Made in Heaven,” and along with covering this gig, he is making a documentary on the facade that Delhi weddings are. Being from the same city and making videos about people he might know because of his upper-class upbringing, the documentary allows him to see the couple and familial dynamics from a different angle. Kabir is the eyes and voice of the viewers because he speaks about these people with the utmost brashness and honesty.


Kabir’s blunt nature rubs off in the wrong way with many of “Made in Heaven’s” clientele, but that does not stop him from being himself and holding up a mirror to their hypocrisy. But keeping that in mind, Kabir still came from a background of opulence, and he was still unaware of the struggles that others faced. His acquaintance with Jaspreet, aka Jazz, takes him into a new world that opens his eyes for good. Their initial friction leads to a friendship that turns into something more meaningful. Even though they come from two different backgrounds, there is an attraction between them that is hard not to notice.

Kabir finally sees the hardworking and ambitious woman that Jazz is behind the love she has for everything grand. Every episode ends with his small monologue that helps viewers understand why a certain person made a decision and gives them a fair idea about how men or women are allowed to make bold choices. Kabir is an interesting character, and the second season will give us an insight into what he plans to pursue once he finishes his work on the documentary.


Jaspreet Kaur

Jaspreet Kaur, aka Jazz, is the most fascinating of the lot in the show because, as the series progresses, we get to see how she comes back stronger with every mistake she makes, wanting to prove she is the best at her job now. Jazz is from a lower middle-class family, and she has the responsibility of taking care of her father, mother, and drug-addicted brother. She is trying to navigate through these situations while having a stable career as well. As she is working with people who are from affluent backgrounds, and whose clients too come from the same backdrop, Jazz tends to be insecure about her actual life in fear of being judged too quickly. It was Kabir who saw her for who she is and constantly supported her. Jazz slowly picks up confidence and contributes to making every marriage memorable.

Jazz also takes it upon herself to rescue her mother, and she does so with her friend Nadeem. She has an emotional relationship with him, but the two are aware they are not meant to be with each other. Jazz has ambitions, but she is not vocal about them. She is surrounded by supportive female energy in the form of Tara, who allows Jazz to thrive. Jazz is fired once from “Made in Heaven,” but she makes her way back in through her genuine nature of wanting to work, which makes her an enduring character. Her friendship with Kabir is the highlight. To see how she grows from being a girl who could get emotionally attached easily to someone who finally understands her priority remains being financially stable and finding an emotionally available partner is a transformation not many expected. Jazz stays with “Made in Heaven” till the end of the first season, and her loyalty is such that she will continue to do so. Even if she leaves, it will be amicable.


Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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