‘Maamla Legal Hai’ Cast And Character Guide

Maamla Legal Hai, the title of the show suggests it is all about lawyers. A satirical courtroom drama in the OTT space has not been explored yet, especially by Hindi filmmakers. Most of the shows based on lawyers and court cases are proper dramas, and they have faltered too many times. In Maamla Legal Hai, maker Rahul Pandey attempts to bring on-screen some hilarity adopted from various stories that one comes across in the newspapers or television news channels. Several characters define the arc of the show and add to the hilarity that is embedded in the screenplay.  Many are experienced lawyers, while others are rookies who have just begun to understand how life in court unfolds. 


VD Tyagi

Vishwewar Tyagi, also known as VD Tyagi, is portrayed by the amazing veteran actor Ravi Kishan. From the start of the show, VD Tyagi comes across as a shrewd man who has clarity of thought about the trajectory his career should be taking. He is in control of his life and makes sure things will go as planned, despite many obstacles. VD Tyagi’s only goal is to become Attorney General, unlike his father, who was a retired judge, a route VD Tyagi never intended to take. He is a public prosecutor from the Patparganj District Court in Delhi, who has his chambers on the court premises and a few supporters who are willing to help him become the next President of the Delhi Bar Association. 

As a prosecutor, it is important to understand that one needs to be street-smart. VD Tyagi is one such prosecutor and intends to prove his mettle not just as an advocate but as a politician as well. To win the elections, he will have to take the road less traveled to be a favorite amongst many. Despite being a generous man, VD Tyagi comes across as manipulative as well. He was willing to do anything to put his plan in motion. He is aware his competitors are equally cunning, which is why he intends to be a few steps ahead of them. VD Tyagi had good support in his territory, which gave him the power to go on strike and to later call it off as well. A man of his stature is bound to have a complicated relationship with his father. 


VD Tyagi’s father never misused his power. Meanwhile, as a son of a man with values, VD Tyagi disagreed with his father’s words.  As a public prosecutor, he wanted to do what was right, not just for people but for his fraternity as well. VD Tyagi has plenty of shades of gray, but at the end of the day, he considered his father’s words of wisdom and made a decision that would benefit society in general around him and help his friends and colleagues. 

Sujata Negi

Sujata Negi, aka didi (sister), earned a term of endearment from the people working at the court premises around her. She is a lawyer who has yet to establish herself as an advocate, despite working as one for the past many years. Nidhi Bisht is Sujata Negi in the show and is one of the two leading ladies who is not given any special treatment. Sujata is treated like every other lawyer who works at the district court premises. The difference is she lives off the commission she receives from other lawyers, not on the fees of the clients. She makes deals and earns commissions from other lawyers on the court premises as she sends clients to them. 


Sujata has been making a living this way for the past many years, which has stopped her professional growth. She intended to have a proper career for herself, but circumstances had pushed her away, and slowly she had gotten used to living off the deals she made. Sujata comes across as a woman who wants to break the boundaries, prove everyone wrong, and win a case to step away from the stereotype people on the court premises have made of her. Sujata goes from wanting to lead a laid-back life to working towards having a chamber of her own. 

Ananya Shroff

Naila Grewal, also known as Ananya Shroff, is a Harvard-educated lawyer who is trying to do the noble thing, which is to help people in dire need. She aims to be like her grandfather, who began his career as a legal assistant. Ananya is a third-generation lawyer and comes from a family of wealth and privilege, yet she decides to work at the court and take as many pro bono cases as possible. The problem lies in the fact that she believes the world is black and white and continues to explain the rules and the law, hoping her peers will never think of breaking them, as they are sworn to protect and implement them. 


Ananya slowly learns her lesson, which is that the world is filled with people who have shades of gray, and she will eventually have to be pragmatic about her surroundings and work accordingly. Ananya might be good-hearted, but she will have to sometimes bow down to facts and face reality.

Vishwas Pandey

Vishwas Pandey is portrayed by Anant Joshi, a youngster from a middle-class family who loves his government job as it provides a lot of perks even today. Vishwas Pandey is the court manager, and there is plenty of administrative work assigned to him. Vishwas could be the hyperrealist but also the optimistic person Ananya requires on her side as she commences her work with the court. He is the go-getter who gets the job done instead of waiting and procrastinating over it. He has a tiny crush on Ananya but makes sure that he never acts on it because he is in a committed relationship. 


Vishwas always wanted to be the person who could be relied upon and offered quick solutions when asked for one. Since every character in the show is a mix of black and white, Vishwas, as the name suggests, is the only person who doesn’t have any negative traits, and as a result, everyone adores him. 

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