‘Lupin’ Part 3 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Benjamin?

Lupin Part 3 Episode 4 opened with Assane sneaking into the kidnapper’s covert location, but one of the associates of the kidnapper spotted him. She was confronted by Assane, who demanded to get his mother back. She called her boss, who let Mariama talk to her son. Mariama explained to her son that there was no way Assane could trick them, as they were very powerful and dangerous people, capable of doing anything they wanted to do. Assane had to withdraw from his mission after realizing that Mariama’s life was in danger. Moreover, he had to comply with the demands the kidnapper asked him to fulfill.


Assane went back to Benjamin’s antique shop and told him everything. He also told him about the plan for his next heist. The kidnapper had asked him to steal an expensive bracelet owned by Tara Xang, wife of real estate mogul Max Mollar. The bracelet was studded with red sapphires, which were worth a fortune. Tara and Max were attending a gala at Château de Thoiry, where Assane would have to execute the heist. But to execute the plan properly, Assane needed Benjamin to help him. Assane asked Benjamin to create a counterfeit of the bracelet that they would put on Tara’s wrist after stealing the original one. Benjamin hesitated at first but eventually agreed to collaborate on the plan and forge the counterfeit. They researched the gala, and Assane noticed a maze garden where he would have to make some arrangements so they could make a smooth escape after executing the heist.

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What Happened Between Bruno And Assane?

In flashbacks, we see Assane become friends with Manon, who was Keller’s girlfriend. Bruno became extremely jealous of Assane for being the coach’s favorite. So he complained to Keller that Manon and Asan were getting close. This enraged Keller, who decided to plan a match between Bruno and Assane instead of mending their friendship. Bruno and Assane confronted each other in the match, where Assane defeated Bruno, injuring his face. But Assane didn’t get any satisfaction from defeating his friend. Instead, he felt bad. The distance between Bruno and Assane was growing, as Assane wanted to apologize for his behavior but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Did Claire Manage To Get “Edith Swanneck?”

In the meantime, Claire noticed Raoul becoming obsessed with the Lupin stories and trying to find out what techniques his father might have used to get out of the grave. One day, when Claire was cleaning Raoul’s room, she found the name of the book “Edith Swan-neck,” which Raoul had marked as an important book to read. Claire went to the library to find the book, but as she saw her picture in a newspaper, she wore dark glasses and a cap to hide her identity. She finally found the book, but just as she was about to grab it, some other woman picked it up. Being the wife of Assane Diop, she had also learned some stealthy techniques, which she applied to the situation. She created a distraction and managed to grab the book without letting the woman know it. But as she headed back home and started reading the book, she began to realize that with Lupin, there was no death.


What Happened To Benjamin?

Assane arrived at the Chateau de Thoiry and observed the entire place. He made some arrangements in the maze garden by tricking some gardeners, while he also managed to learn the name of the cloakroom attendant, Gerrard. Assane hatched a plan to appear at the gala as the cloakroom attendant, along with Benjamin. But for that, they needed to make sure that Gerrard wouldn’t come there. On the next day, Assane visited Gerrard’s place, assuming the identity of a local electrician, who asked him to sign a document, explaining to him that the next day there would be some temporary network issues. As Gerrard signed the document, Assane’s half of the job was already done. Not only that, he also punctured the tires of his car, making sure that Gerrard could not attend the gala or make any calls to fix it. On the day, he and Benjamin appeared at the gala to execute their plan.

The gala curator was quite confused to see two of them in place of Gerrard, so Assane showed him the letter of resignation Gerrard had signed and introduced themselves as substitutes. Despite having his doubts, the gala curator agreed to continue with them. Finally, as Tara Xang came to them and it was Assane’s job to put the cloak on her while removing her bracelet, something went wrong. As Assane managed to put the counterfeit on Tara’s wrist, the original one fell to the ground in front of everyone, and Benjamin was also seen picking it up. Everyone realized Benjamin and Assane were thieves, resulting in the curator calling the cops immediately. Assane managed to hide, while Benjamin ran for his life through the maze garden. The plan was to connect the original bracelet to a drone, which would fly towards the kidnapper’s assistant, who was waiting in her car just near the Château.


Benjamin managed to complete the task, but this time, Assane played with him. According to the kidnapper’s demands, Assane was not only assigned to steal a bracelet, but he was also tasked with putting his loyal friend in jail to keep his mother alive. Assane felt extremely wrong doing this, but he had no other option left. He did make some arrangements in the maze garden, but it was to block Benjamin’s path to prevent him from running away. Benjamin felt betrayed and found no way to escape. The cops had already arrived and arrested him, but they didn’t get a hold of the bracelet, which was already transferred to the kidnapper.

Assane was heartbroken, as he’d not only betrayed his best friend but also himself. In a broken heart and hopelessness, he felt like calling his love, Claire. Faking his voice, he called Claire while she was reading Lupin. As Claire hesitantly told him that she was reading Lupin, Assane felt some relief, realizing that his family still worried for him and wanted to remember him through Lupin stories. However, being a loyal friend as always, Benjamin didn’t open his mouth in front of the police, but it remained to be seen how long he could keep his mouth shut.


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