‘Lucky Hank’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Hank Find Russel? Does Lily Find An Apartment?

Episode 6 of Lucky Hank ended with Hank finally meeting his father after so long, only to find out that he has Alzheimer’s. This is why his mother was trying so hard to get him to meet his father. Now, Hank has no way to let out his years of bottled-up anger on him because he wouldn’t understand it. Meanwhile, Lily has had an argument with Julie.


Spoilers Ahead

Leaking Emotions

Lily leaves for New York. It seems that she and Hank are finally on the same page, although we doubt they are. Even so, it is nice to see him not sad, angry, or frustrated about the thought of moving to New York. Whatever apartment Lily chooses, he is good with it. As soon as she leaves, Hank turns into a kid, eating, dirtying himself, and watching shows on his laptop. He has even forgotten about the noodles lying at the front door, which some bird or other animal has tried to get a taste of by tearing the wrap. Julie steps over this mess and enters the house. She finds her father and asks him about Russell, who didn’t return home last night. Hank tries to contact him but doesn’t even have his son-in-law’s number saved. Julie gets flabbergasted and leaves. She is followed by Tony, who has come to return Hank’s chainsaw. This is the first time he has spoken to him since Hank ridiculed him at the conference the past weekend. But it doesn’t take more than one casual “sorry” for them to get back together. They go out for a walk, and Tony has barely begun speaking about his ex-wife when Hank starts talking. That’s why he came for the walk, after all. He tells Tony that he has nowhere to store his anger. Between his father and his wife, he is unable to concentrate his anger because he has no idea how. Tony suggests that he start with one simple thing and then pick up the pace, which will pull him out of what Tony calls the “existential hole.” The first thing that comes to Hank’s mind is a leaking sink.


Later on, on his way to work, Hank speaks to Lily on the phone. He tells her about Russell’s apparent disappearance. She tells him to let them be because they need to sort it out. This is when Hank spots his dad walking by the side of the road. He assures her that he will keep away from their daughter’s matters and hangs up. He calls out to his father, who doesn’t seem to recognize him. It is only after he tells Henry that he is his son that he gets inside the car. Hank decides to bring his father to work. Is that a good idea?


Paul is having a bad time on the phone with Leslie, a representative of the union, about the job cuts when Hank enters the staff room with his father. He tells his assistant Rachel to look after Henry while he goes to take his class. Leslie snaps at Hank for not taking the stand with them and protesting against the job cuts. Hank has nothing to tell Leslie and the other teachers, and he leaves with the words that his sink needs immediate fixing. In other words, he has important things to take care of, not some useless protest to rage over. On his way to a class, he gets a call from Julie, who still hasn’t heard from Russell. This is when Hank finally makes it clear to her that maybe the reason why Russell isn’t contacting her is because he doesn’t want to. This hurts Julie a lot, and she ends up telling him that what he said may be the same reason why her mother is leaving him and moving to New York, i.e., she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. During his class, he tries to stress the role of the father of a female character in a story written by one of his students. In this way, Hank is trying to reassert his role in Julie’s life (Hank’s daughter). After the class, Hank calls Meg and asks if Russell has come to work at the restaurant. Meg says no and hangs up. Meg seems to be upset with him for some reason. We then see Russell with her at the restaurant.


Hank returns to the staff room and finds his dad having a conversation with the other teachers, who appear mesmerized by his knowledge. It’s the last thing Hank wants to see, and he ignores it because that’s all he is capable of. He walks up to Billie to ask about her daughter Meg. That’s when she tells him that Meg knows he lied to her about the vacancy at Railton College earlier (Lucky Hank Episode 3). Billie had to tell Meg about it because she wanted her daughter to live with her and not shift to Tennessee, where she had found a gig. [Railton College was Meg’s chance of staying back in Railton and so we can assume that when she told her mother that there was no vacancy, Meg, even if unknowingly, told her that there was]. Hank is just annoyed at how Billie has handled it, but yet again, he cannot do anything, so he takes his father and leaves. Meanwhile, Gracie has been called by Dean Rose. She fears that he might have decided to let go of her due to the budget cuts, but she finds out from him that he is getting a divorce. That’s when we find out that Grace and Rose are romantically involved. However, Gracie decides to take the matter into her own hands after a long time and tells him no. She is finally on the rise, and she cannot let a relationship slow her down. But all that Rose has to do is quote from her published poem, and she stops leaving.

Wrong Perfect Day

Lily is checking out an apartment with her real estate agent but seems confused, as it might be too small when her husband and daughter come over. The guy asks her to imagine a perfect day, and she describes it, but there’s no husband, daughter, or even visitors in it. This brings about a realization in Lily. Later, as she is with Ashley at a restaurant, she tells her that she feels guilty for not adding her husband or daughter to her perfect day. Ashley goes to the bathroom, and the guy, who was sitting with a woman at the table right next to theirs, takes Ashley’s seat after spotting the woman’s husband. While the woman pretends to be surprised and acts all normal with her husband, the guy tries to initiate a conversation with Lily, pretending to be her husband. Lily uses this opportunity to open up about how she is feeling. What follows is an emotional outburst about how she wants a divorce because she is trying to grow and cannot continue to hope that she and he will be in sync again. Lily then gets up and walks out of the restaurant. This conversation that she had with a random guy was, in her mind, a conversation with her husband, Hank. She needed to give words to her feelings, and now that she has finally been able to do it, she might just share them with Hank too.


‘Lucky Hank’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Does Hank Bring Russell Back To Julie?

Hank arrives at Meg’s place with his father. He apologizes for lying to her about the vacancy, and to his surprise, or maybe not, he finds out that Russell is at her place. She is the one Russell has been really cheating Julie with, contrary to what we saw Russell tell Julie in front of Lily (Lucky Hank Episode 6). Hank, Henry, and Russell are on their way to Julie’s place when they halt at a car dealership, thanks to Henry’s tantrums. Russell tells Hank how he feels like a loser with Julie because she never seems to support any of his business ideas. Being with Meg was like a vent for him because she didn’t make him feel like a loser. As Hank is speaking to a guy who works there, Russell uses this opportunity to get out of the car and run away. Hank is in utter dismay, but Russell’s actions are proof enough that what Julie thinks of him is indeed true. Who else runs away from his wife like this? The guy Hank has been talking to hands him Henry’s application form, which he filled out because Henry wants to buy a car, which reveals that he is broke. Hank calls his mother and finds out that one of Henry’s ladyloves stole the money after he cheated on her. Nothing new. There shall be no buying cars for Henry.

Hank heads with his father to Julie’s house and tells her that Russell is cheating on her. He was scared to face her and ran away. Julie shuts the door in his face because, more than not believing that Russell can cheat on her, she doesn’t believe what her father is telling her. Hank and Henry then go to a store to buy the stuff for the leaking sink. Here, Henry tells Hank about his regrets, i.e., how he has started to like Charles Dickens despite hating him all his life. He was too hard on Dickens all his life, and he finds that he has sinned against the author. This is why Hank is unable to register. All his life, he knew his father to be a Dickens-hater, and here he is telling him that it was a sin. Moreover, Hank cannot help but be baffled at how his father realized that he had sinned against an author who died long ago by mistreating his works but failed to realize the sin he committed by abandoning his own child. Hank is at a loss for words. Having been deprived of his chance to confront his father, who doesn’t remember him anymore, Hank opts for revenge. Will he abandon Henry, then? He leaves the store without his father. Lucky Hank Episode 7 ends with Hank arriving at Julie’s place and putting on a kettle. Julie rests her head on her father’s shoulder, and the two wait for the water to boil. Both have been cheated in their own ways and have no one else to go to except each other, at least for the time being.

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