‘Love You Long Time’ (2023) Ending, Explained & Summary: What Happens Between Ikay And Uly?

Surprises can appear at any moment, and their impact can lead to either happiness or sadness. How we react to the unexpected is crucial. A sudden event or encounter can guide us towards a positive path, influencing our decisions and emotions. In the movie Love You Long Time, a similar situation unfolds for the character Ikay. She experiences a transformative moment when she unexpectedly connects with a stranger through an old walkie-talkie. This chance encounter brings a sense of vibrancy and joy back into her life, filling the void that she once had to deal with. 

Spoilers Ahead 

How Does Ikay Deal With Her Breakup?

Ikay, an aspiring screenwriter, pours her imagination and creativity into her stories, impressing others with her unique work. She’s determined to maintain her personal touch and refuses to compromise on her creative vision, as her scripts are a reflection of herself. Altering them to please others would feel like betraying her own identity. These scripts are not just a job; they encompass her entire life, allowing her to express thoughts and emotions she couldn’t otherwise convey, especially about her past relationship. Despite the challenges, Ikay is committed to completing her work. Her boss, Denzel, recognizes her dedication and suggests a vacation to help her regain focus.

Ikay seized this opportunity to visit her aunt Mench and sister Bituin in Quezon City. Aunt Mench, a pillar of strength, imparts a valuable lesson: the importance of self-love. She teaches Ikay that only a fraction of our love should be reserved for others, ensuring that our happiness isn’t solely dependent on external sources. This insight empowers Ikay to find her own happiness. Nevertheless, Ikay has been struggling to find inspiration for her writing since the very beginning. She’s faced with a creative block, making it challenging to come up with a compelling story. However, everything changes when she stumbles upon an old walkie-talkie that once belonged to her aunt. This unexpected discovery leads to an unexpected visitor, sparking a new source of inspiration for her writing.

What Happens When Ikay Starts Communicating With Uly?

Ikay initially disregards the functioning walkie-talkie, not giving it much thought. However, her perspective changes when she hears a voice coming from it, capturing her attention. The mysterious speaker turns out to be Uly from Atok. Their conversations became the inspiration Ikay needed to start writing again. As she communicates more with Uly, her happiness grows, and she becomes more productive in her work. Uly’s unique perspective on fixing old items resonates with Ikay. He believes in valuing things that have been crafted by someone’s effort and time, a sentiment he applies to the walkie-talkie as well. Uly had spent a considerable amount of time repairing it before finding Ikay, with whom he shares his days in meaningful conversations.

For their first meeting, Ikay and Uly plan to meet at a church. When Ikay arrives, she spots a man who looks similar to the person she had an accident with on the first day of her arrival. Uly instructs her to look for a man in a white shirt; coincidentally, the guy with whom she had an accident was also wearing white. Thinking the man is Uly, Ikay misunderstands the situation and runs away. However, the actual Uly is left waiting for her at the church, as Ikay’s mistaken assumption leads to a mix-up in their plans. Despite the mix-up during their first meeting attempt, Ikay and Uly continue their conversations, delving into personal experiences and heartbreaks. As Valentine’s Day approaches, they plan to meet again, but they encounter a very strange obstacle: the restaurant they chose is accessible to Ikay but not to Uly due to a private event. A disagreement arises over the day of the week, with Uly asking a passerby for the date to clarify. The lady informs him that it’s February 14, 2018, while Ikay is actually in 2022.

Did The Walkie-Talkie Connect Uly From The Past And Ikay From The Future?

Ikay initially dismisses Uly’s calls as pranks and vents her frustration to her family. However, Uly persists and tries to explain the situation calmly. He provides his number, but when Ikay calls, a different person answers. Surprisingly, there’s no trace of Uly on social media, either. Despite these oddities, Uly and Ikay decide to meet again. The film skillfully intertwines their two timelines, revealing that they are physically close yet unable to see each other. This underscores the connection between the past and future, emphasizing that they are intricately linked. In a bid to comprehend the situation, Uly decides to post a photo on Twitter, and Ikay searches on Twitter, only to stumble upon his post under the hashtag ‘Uly is here, so is Ikay.’ This revelation shocks Ikay as she realizes that despite their close proximity, they are unable to see each other, even though viewers can clearly see them both.

By analyzing Uly’s recent tweets, Ikay comes to realize that their current moments align, but Uly’s “present” is influenced by the future, while hers is shaped by the past. This realization leaves Ikay feeling disheartened, as she had finally met someone after experiencing a terrible heartbreak, only to discover that he existed in a different time—the past. Despite the physical distance between them, Uly and Ikay’s conversations become more profound, fueled by their imagination, as they virtually meet at the same spot, sharing coffee and feeling a genuine connection. However, when Ikay hears the voice of another woman, Jennylyn, she becomes anxious, fearing that Uly might have someone else in his life. Her worries intensify as Uly goes silent for a few days, allowing doubts to consume her thoughts and heightening her concerns.

What Is Uly’s Secret?

As Ikay prepares to leave and return to her work, she finally receives a call from Uly. However, her emotions resurface as she expresses her concerns about Jennylyn. Uly picks up on her jealousy, prompting him to share another picture. This picture reveals a shocking truth: Uly is battling cancer, and Jennylyn is his nurse, supporting him through chemotherapy. Ikay is devastated by this revelation and decides to travel to Atok to meet Uly in person. Upon arriving, she discovers that he no longer lives there, and the current homeowner informs her that Uly has been dealing with cancer since 2018. His family has relocated to Manila, and his current status is uncertain, leaving Ikay heartbroken and in limbo.

Uly’s fear of losing his abilities and becoming powerless kept him from starting chemotherapy early. He doubted his strength and avoided treatment. However, Ikay’s presence changed his perspective. He started to believe in a brighter future and realized that undergoing treatment was crucial for his well-being. This motivated Ikay to search for Uly in Manila, defying all challenges. Uly, appreciating her support, wanted her to stay and complete her script while he aided her from afar. After a few days, Ikay recalled her aunt’s birthday in 2018. Uly rushes to the same spot where she met her aunt, and upon seeing her, he feels overjoyed. Uly approaches the Ikay from 2018, and as they gaze at each other, a sense of contentment washes over the Ikay from 2022, bringing her peace.

Do Ikay And Uly Meet Each Other?

Just as you start to feel like things are back on track, the story takes an unexpected turn that flips everything around. Remember the accident where Ikay hit a guy and later saw him in the church? That accident was more significant than it seemed. Ikay was seriously injured and ended up in the ICU, where Uly, who in reality is her ex-boyfriend, held her hand and read her the script—the very same story she had been writing. Throughout the narrative, Uly was her ex-boyfriend that she was imagining and communicating with through the walkie-talkie. The story reveals their past and the challenges they faced.

The final moments of Love You Long Time take a fresh direction as Ikay writes a new ending to their story. In this version, Uly proposes to her, but Ikay rejects him, focusing on her own plans. This is the choice she made in reality, which reflects the reason for their past disagreements. However, in the story, she stops Uly from leaving and expresses her feelings to him, something she couldn’t do in real life. As the story concludes, the film Love You Long Time takes us back to the time where the story changes, and as Uly and Ikay stand before each other, just as she described earlier, it gives us a hint that they really did meet each other on the day of her aunt’s birthday. Even so, Love You Long Time gives us a glimpse into how Ikay’s imagination and the walkie-talkie add a personal touch to her story.

The tale illustrates how Ikay’s creativity allowed her to rewrite her own experiences and relationships, giving her the closure and expression she needed. Ikay’s reluctance to marry Uly wasn’t due to a lack of love but rather to her own unreadiness and the weight of unspoken thoughts she carried. The story she crafted allowed her to give them the ending they deserved, revealing the depth of her feelings for Uly. It’s possible that Ikay’s imagination played a role as Uly narrated the script, or perhaps the movie Love You Long Time wanted us to feel Ikay’s emotions for Uly. This tale provides a window into how Ikay beautifully conveyed her heartfelt sentiments, highlighting the power of her imagination and words. Now, Ikay’s words have come to life as she and Uly have become inseparable, proving the strength and connection they share.

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