‘Love Like A K-Drama’ Episodes 10 And 11 Recap/Review: Who Gets The Last Episode?

It wouldn’t be a lie if I said I’m overjoyed that Love Like a K-Drama is coming to an end. The show that brings four Japanese actresses to Korea to find love and improve their acting chops is a bit of a failed experiment. As someone who doesn’t quite enjoy the reality dating scene, this show made a little bit more sense considering the mini K-dramas that are made within the show. However, there’s something very fake about the whole thing. Maybe it’s because they’re all actors and we see them go from their organic selves to their actor selves for auditions, not that there’s much of a change. Now, there’s a competition between the women and the men to be chosen for love. Then there’s the competition of the mini K-dramas. I suppose the prospects are exciting, but personally, it’s made me more intolerant to the genre as a whole. The last two episodes before the finale are the most dramatic of the season.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 10?

Episode 10 of Love Like a K-Drama begins right at the end of episode 9, with the conflict of who will get to act with Won-Shik. The episode is titled “The Cruelest Decision” because the girls find it really hard to help Nozomi and Honoka, who both have valid reasons to choose Won-Shik. Nozomi didn’t have the best time with Dong-Kyu (the way he went from No. 1 to No. 4 in seconds) at their shoot, and it made her realize how much she needs someone who puts in the same amount of effort as her or more in order to do her best. On the other hand, Honoka regrets leaving Won-Shik behind in the third episode and choosing Tae-Gyun instead. She’s realized how much she really likes him and hopes to rekindle whatever spark they’ve had earlier with this last episode. Ultimately, the decision is left to Won-Shik. Honoka is unable to tell him how she truly feels about him, leaving Won-Shik with one choice: Nozomi. Nozomi is honest about wanting to get to know Won-Shik better and actually paying attention to him. Nozomi and Rio also have a word with each other about how things turned out with Dong-Kyu, and Nozomi comforts Rio by telling her she doesn’t blame her at all.


While Nozomi and Won-Shik get to know each other, the two established couples go on a double date, and Ji-Hyuk tries to comfort Honoka by taking her to the arcade. At least the poor guy can be a good friend since nobody is quite interested in him (oops). At night, Won-Shik and Honoka talk it out, and Won-Shik tells her about how she’s never expressed how much she likes him before. He just chose the partner he wanted to act with the most. Honoka does spend most of these two episodes of Love Like a K-Drama in tears or scowling because she’s missed her big opportunity. The audition is for an episode called “The Sad Wedding.” This may have been the most old-school of the plots in the whole series. As much as I’d have liked to cry my eyes out like the studio panel, there were no tears. None of the couples really stood out to me, but according to the judges, they all did fantastic (what should I know?). Considering it’s the last of the show, there has to be some more drama, so the judges all pick different couples, making their decision difficult. Ultimately, one couple is decided upon, and the episode ends very dramatically before the winners are announced.

What Happens In Episode 11?

The couple that’s picked at last are Nozomi and Won-Shik (not going to lie, I was rooting for them). This also comes across as the most obvious choice, considering how much has happened behind the scenes. The two also wore costumes and brought along props, showing how desperately they wanted the part, according to the judges. After more scowling from Honoka (don’t get me wrong, she’s adorable, but the way the show paints her is quite funny).  


The drama is about two patients in love both confronting their own mortality. The man has a brain tumor, and the woman needs a new heart. You know what’s coming next! Nozomi and Won-Shik are meant to be married in the show, and then he gives her his heart—literally, you know? Anyway, I’d say I enjoyed this episode more than most others, and it felt a little more K-drama-like too. It was fun and emotional, and it had all the cute elements that make K-dramas so likeable. Behind the scenes of the shoot, it appears as if Nozomi is making a real effort to get to know Won-Shik, but the language barrier is quite bothersome. They use the Line app to communicate, but there are still some barriers that they need to overcome. They’re both really considerate of others and have a fun time at the shoot, but I’m not so sure if Nozomi has really fallen for Won-Shik at all.  

On the other hand, the rest had a drunken night to enjoy their last few days together in Korea. Honoka cries again, and Ji-Hyuk is very supportive of her, comforting her like a big brother (don’t force this, please). In the meantime, the other couples are having quite the ball and enjoying their time together. I suppose it all needs to be worked up until the final goodbye.


Final Thoughts

During Love Like a K-Drama‘s ending, we get a preview of the final episode, which is meant to be the real deal. Obviously, for added dramatic effect, it’s made to look as if some people have chosen differently from the expected outcome. Honoka admitted that she wanted to stay back in Korea, and the show makes it seem as if she’s madly in love with Won-Shik, so she’ll try anything to win him back.

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