‘Love Again’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Do Mira And Rob Reconcile?

Romantic comedy dramas are an escape route from the mundane life that we live, we walk into the lives of two people who fall in love most unusually. This brings us to Love Again, a new romantic comedy-drama that has dropped at theatres near you, which is about two different people who find each other and slowly fall in love. But again, just like any other movie in this genre, they do have a conflict to face. Will they overcome the conflict and learn to deal with it, or will they part ways for good?


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘Love Again’ Film?

Love Again begins in a coffee shop where Mira Ray is busy with the illustrations for a children’s book she has been working on for a while. Mira is happy with whatever she has been doing in life, and she has set her path in the right direction. Mira is dating John Wright, and witnessing the intimacy they share, it seems they have been in a relationship for quite some time. It is endearing to witness their love. Sadly, right after their brief meeting, John is killed on the road adjacent to the coffee shop, and Mira is witness to it. She could see her world crashing down, and there was nothing that could make things right from here on.


Two years later, Mira is an accomplished author of an illustrated book for children, and she has claimed many accolades for the same. After living with her parents briefly, she moves back to New York City with her sister Suzy. Despite tasting success in her field of work, Mira has not moved on from John’s death, and she has been emotionally down for a long time. The loss of a longtime partner does that to a human being, and Mira is trying to live with the grief. As time goes by, she is slowly learning to come to terms with John’s passing, but all of this is a slow process. Mira is pushed by her loving sister to move on, and she is trying her level best to do that.

Mira’s friend from a local bar provides her with the idea to speak to their deceased partner even when they know they are not there to respond. Just letting their thoughts out in the open, which would make her feel light in her heart. Mira knows she has wanted a lot to say to John over the past two years, and she takes this idea seriously. 


Rob Burns is a music critic with the New York Chronicle and has been assigned to write a piece on Celine Dion. Rob possibly does not connect with Celine’s discography, but he starts listening to it for the sake of his new article. Rob is not a cynical person, but his fiancé’s ending the engagement a week before the wedding left him in a bad space, and he has never found the courage to be in a relationship ever since. His pain is real, and Rob is trying hard not to get affected by his breakup.

To converse with John, Mira starts messaging John’s old number. Through these messages, Mira pours her heart out about how she has been feeling for the past two years. She starts talking about everything around her that makes her miss him the most. Mira lets her guard down and vents as much as she can to feel better. Mira knows she won’t ever get a response from this number, and she feels okay with that situation. She feels this is her way of dealing with grief because, so far, no other activity has helped her escape the constant pain that she is in. John was someone who knew her inside out, and by texting his number, she connected with him without being judged.


Meanwhile, Rob and his colleagues have been assigned new work phone numbers as per their boss’s orders. Rob takes the new number reluctantly, but to his shock, this happens to be John’s old number, to which Mira has been texting to. Rob is initially amazed to see someone pouring their heart out, composing a message, and sending it to this number. Rob, though, feels that whoever is texting, he can sense the pain in the words they are sending. He can sense the person is upset and probably finds solace in texting. Rob never responds because he feels there is some sincerity in the message he is receiving, and he does not want to come across as a deceiver. He gets to know more about the person through these texts.

‘Love Again’ Ending Explained: Why Do Mira And Rob Reconcile?

As Rob starts receiving all the messages, he wants to know what the person is like in real life. He learns from the texts that the person will be meeting a potential date. Rob goes through an emotional rollercoaster after reading all the texts. He feels there is a connection between the two, and he can only hope the person messaging from the other side will be interesting as well. Mira finally goes out on a date, for she has not been on one since John’s passing. She feels completely blank and clueless about the meeting, and to get a hold of her nerves, she texts John’s number about the place and time for the date. Rob reaches the designated place and is intrigued. He wants to put a face on the person texting him. He has a glimpse of Mira at the bar, and he wonders if she is the person texting him because the moment her date was out, she texted the number. Rob is not convinced, but his instincts tell him she is the texter. Rob wants to believe in the best, and that is what he does by following the messages.

Rob, as part of his article, gets to meet Celine Dion, who is about to begin her tour after a big break. They have a heart-to-heart talk about the feelings that Rob has been catching based on the texts he is reading. Rob has not felt like this since his breakup, and Celine helps him figure out a way to feel all things about love. Rob is intrigued by how Celine feels love so deeply, and it rubs off on him. This pushes him to take a leap of faith. Rob feels he must see the person who has been texting him. His faith lies in the fact that love is all about following the plan laid out for them and believing in the universe’s signs. Rob attends the classical opera mentioned in the text, hoping to run into the woman he saw at the bar. He eventually spots her after attending the show of the opera every day.

Mira and Rob are instantly attracted to each other, and they feel a deep connection. Rob does not reveal the texts he has been receiving from her because it would make her livid. He does not want any conflict this early in the mutual attraction they both feel. They exchange numbers and begin their courtship.  Rob is excited, and so is Mira. Their first date is a success because they both end up spending the entire night speaking about their heartbreaks and old partners. They feel some sort of intimacy that they haven’t felt before. Rob feels he knows her because of the texts sent. Rob has known Mira for a while, and it allows him to be more sensitive towards her.


On Rob’s request, Celine offers Mira a job to work on a poster for her tour. Mira is shocked at Celine approaching her out of the blue. She is not complaining because this job would give her the push she needs to get out of her creative slump. Rob is happy, and so is Mira, because they feel good about being with each other, and it seems that nothing will go wrong. As they sleep with each other the next morning, Mira sees her texts on his computer screen. Mira feels used and humiliated and accuses Rob of stealing John from her. By this, she means that the texts were meant for John, but by him reading them and seeping into her emotions, he stole the intimacy between her and John, even though he has been dead for the past two years. Rob tries to fix things, but Mira is not keen on taking this relationship forward and breaks up. Rob feels misunderstood, but since Mira has made up her mind, he has no idea how to make things right with her.

To salvage the love he has for Mira, he writes an article on how he felt while reading her texts and how it restored his faith in love. Rob had lost hope of finding the right kind of love, and her words made him understand how much he loved her. Rob hopes to meet her at a place where Rob has discovered his love for music. Mira is unperturbed by his gesture, but Celine has a conversation with Mira about how it is okay to let go of one plain white lie and not let it sabotage something she feels is right for her. Celine has a proper woman-to-woman talk, who lost the love of their life. She understands Mira’s pain, and she validates everything Mira is going through.


Rob tries to impress her by setting up a grand gesture to win her back, but she never shows up at the park. Rob heads to the apartment to see her. He hopes to win her back. Rob heads to the place that runs the opera as he believes he will find Mira there. He finally meets her on the curb, where they spend their time talking. Mira is ready to get back with him if Rob is willing to understand that she will always love John and that he will be a part of her life. She knows she will eventually forget John and move on, but she wants Rob to accept that John will have a special place in her heart. Mira also wants Rob to be honest with her. Mira and John never kept secrets, and she is expecting the same thing from Rob as well. The lie about the texts almost broke them, and she does not want any such surprises as that going forward. Mira wants all of this because she would rather hear the uncomfortable truths now than many years down the line. Rob accepts her conditions because he knows they are something he can work around. At the end of the day, anything that lets Mira be herself and happy is something he is ready to accept.

Love Again ends with Mira and Rob embracing their love and sealing the deal with a kiss. Mira is willing to move on from John because she knows that’s what he would want as well. John was happy until the end of his life because Mira was with him. It is time Mira took care of her happiness by letting Rob into her life. Rob had lost faith in love as well, but conversing with her made it easier for him to embrace a new kind of love. Love Again concludes with a montage of Celine Dion’s concert, with everybody in the film mouthing lyrics along with the rockstar herself.


Final Thoughts

No matter how cheesy the premise, set-up, conflict, and ending of a romantic comedy-drama is, a well-made film always leaves an impact. Yes, Love Again is about sugar, spice, and everything nice that would turn anyone’s heart into a ball of mush, and the film has emotions and a feel-good factor about it. The story and the climax are predictable. It is the effect of a straightforward screenplay with minor distractions and good performances. Priyanka Chopra as Mira is amazing as an emotional wreck, who goes from living in sorrow to hopelessly in love. Her pain can be seen in her eyes, and so can her happiness, to have found Rob. Priyanka is an amazing actress. Period. Sam Heughan is also good, and his chemistry with Priyanka is well-crafted. The movie runs on the emotions of losing one’s partner, and Celine Dion does her part well by speaking openly about losing the love of her life but moving on with her head held high. If you are in the mood to watch a feel-good film, Love Again would be a good choice.

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