‘Love After Music’ Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did Fito Paez Become A Musical Star?

Fito Paez is a notable figure in the history of rock music in Argentina. Although his melodies and brilliant blending of rock and other genres are always deserving of praise, success and acclaim didn’t just happen to come his way. He had to earn it, overcoming several hurdles, which is why his journey is worth remembering. “Love After Music” (El amor Despues Del amor) is a Netflix original series that depicts the life of maestro Fito Paez. How big of an impact his family had on the creation of Fito is shown throughout the series. Fito’s father served as his greatest source of motivation as a child. However, as time goes on, Fito suffers the loss of loved ones one after another, which devastates his spirit. Nevertheless, Fito picked himself back up and became recognized as a significant artist on an international level. 


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Recap: What Happens In ‘Love After Music’ Season 1?

Rodolfito Paez was born in Rosario, Argentina, in 1963. As a child, Rodolfito was better known as “Fito”, which later became his stage name. The story begins in 1978, focusing on a young Fito. Fito, against his father’s displeasure, covertly practices piano and eventually gets invited to a band by a musician named Bagiletto. Fito’s father, Rodolfo, had no desire for his son to become a musician. He always hoped Fito would get a decent job and lead a normal life, but Fito’s aspirations were so lofty that Rodolfo was powerless to restrain them. However, Fito frequently finds himself in serious trouble because of his love for rock music. In 1978, artists were being persecuted by the government since rock was becoming a means of resistance at the time. Fito was detained by the police for partying with his companions but was released on bail since he was a minor. He was aware that, similar to the authorities in his nation, his father would continue to be unyielding and would never accept his son as a musician. However, his grandma worked to alter that. Rodolfo enjoyed listening to music.


Even Fito’s grandma was a decent pianist, and Fito’s mother, who passed away from cancer, used to play the piano for radio. Therefore, Fito’s father couldn’t deny that music was in his blood. Fito’s grandma reminded Rodolfo that he was the one who had taken Fito to the record store since he was a little child; therefore, he shouldn’t anticipate that his son would one day choose anything other than music as a career. When Rodolfo understood this, he surprised his son by buying him a new keyboard. But as a responsible and concerned father, Rodolfo assured him that he would accompany him to all the gigs and return him home. He also requested that Fito swear that he would never travel to Buenos Aires because of how bad things were there. Fito made a commitment, but he was no longer able to maintain it. Fito would need to travel with Juan Bagiletto, the band’s lead vocalist, to one of their shows in Buenos Aires. Fito informed his father that he couldn’t honor his word, which hurt Rodolfo, but he accepted it for the sake of Fito’s compassion for the music. Fito set out on his journey to create music. He created his debut record, Del’63, a solo effort that attracted widespread recognition.

How Did Fito Start To Make His Mark In The Music World?

After Fito released “Del’63” as a solo artist, Charly Garcia, another musical great, took notice of him. Fito’s first chance to shine came when Charly asked him to play piano for his band. He began his trip with Charly’s band when he met Fabiana Cantilo and fell in love with her. Fito channeled more of his passion into music with Fabiana by his side. Every time he went with Charly, the audience began to sing Fito’s name, which made Charly envious of Fito at times, but he didn’t hold grudges any longer; instead, he embraced Fito as an indestructible talent. Meanwhile, while Fito was still in Charly’s band, his manager, Andres Gallo, established relations with a production firm. Fito’s producers urged him to record his own album. Fito became immersed in an extremely hectic schedule, working on his solo record while simultaneously performing for Charly. However, Charly, whom we witnessed rampaging like a bull on stage out of rage and envy, surprisingly calmed down and supported Fito in making his solo piece. Charly and Fito were both musicians who had a lot of respect for one another and constantly helped one another out when it came to making music, which was their only devotion.


At last, Andres advised Fito that he couldn’t keep playing for both Charly and himself at the same time, so he needed to decide which one he really wanted to achieve. Fito wanted to create his own impression in the music industry, so he introduced his own twist to rock and roll music, which shocked even Charly Garcia. Fito Paez’s album “Giros” was ultimately released in 1985, and it became a tremendous hit, propelling Fito to fame and prosperity in a short period of time. Fito and Fabiana moved into a bungalow. He was literally in his prime, enjoying his life and composing music when awful events began to occur in his life. Fito’s father, Rodolfo, died in the meantime, leaving him in a melancholy state. His father’s health began to worsen about the time he left Rosario. Fito became too busy in his life to visit home on a regular basis, but when his father died, he returned home and touched his father’s lifeless corpse for the final time. He had the impression that his father’s spirit was sobbing. Fito couldn’t always be by his father’s side due to his hectic schedule, but he did recognize his father as the biggest inspiration in his life. 

How Did Fito’s Grandmother Pass Away? Did Fito And Fabiana Ever Get Together?

Fito’s family played a greater role in his musical career. Fito’s paternal and maternal grandparents, Belia and Pepa, were both highly supportive of Fito and thought their grandson would one day make them feel proud. However, life was harsh on them. In 1985, two assassins intruded on their house and murdered Belia, Pepa, and their maid. Fito could deal with his father’s death, but he couldn’t deal with the sorrow of his grandmother’s murder. During the inquiry, a bag of cannabis was discovered at Fito’s home. Fito’s attorney deciphered that it was all a ruse to incriminate Fito; therefore, a thorough investigation began to discover the killer. Fito’s mental health, on the other hand, had been destroyed by the series of disasters that had occurred in his life. To alleviate his misery, he turned to narcotics, but this just made his condition worse. He couldn’t merely bear the anguish while attending the police investigation. As the detectives described the murder scene to him, he began to envision his grandmother in such a horrific state that it shattered his heart into pieces. Death had devastated him to the point that he couldn’t focus on his career or his music. Fabiana was also struggling with her physical and mental health. She had been hospitalized several times and had even taken drugs. As a result, she found it difficult to deal with another person in her life who was going through the same thing. She resolved to be there for Fito for the rest of his life, not as a life partner but as a friend. Fito and Fabi terminated their romance amicably and remained close friends.


Meanwhile, Charito, Fito’s aunt, goes to her vacant house after the tragedy and discovers that Belia Ramirez’s pearl necklace is gone, implying that the assassin not only planted the weed but also took the necklace, which created a fresh avenue to begin an inquiry. The investigation team went undercover, and one of the agents discovered a prostitute wearing the same pearl necklace. The authorities were able to track down the prostitute’s boyfriend, De Guisti, who was actually behind the murders of Belia Ramirez and Pepa. De Guisti was Fito’s classmate as well, and at the time when Fito and Bagiletto were practicing, he even recorded some of his songs. He killed Belia Ramirez, stole her necklace, and later joined the police. De Guisti was ultimately apprehended after a two-year inquiry.

How Does ‘Love After Music’ Season 1 End?

Fito has seen numerous ups and downs in his life, which have both shattered him and transformed him into a new person, particularly as an artist. Fito produced a series of timeless creations by fusing his personal struggles and sorrows. However, there were moments in his life when his records weren’t selling, and people stopped listening to him. As a result, Fito has to make a comeback to get the audience’s attention. His manager, Andres, even turned his back on him at the time, but that didn’t deter Fito from producing his music. Fito released a new album called “Tercer Mundo,” some of the songs from which achieved global renown and enhanced Fito’s standing in the music world. Even though Andres wanted to make amends with him and ask him for permission to take over as his manager, Fito only accepted on the condition that Andres would have to accept whatever proposals he made. Meanwhile, Fito met Argentine actress Cecilia Roth and fell in love with her. After some dating, they moved in together. Even though Fito’s grandmothers had been gone for a very long time, their passing nevertheless had an impact on him. He was still unable to fully recuperate from the trauma; rather, he was just able to deal with it.


During this period, Fito was given the chance of a lifetime to represent his music. Fito was introduced to Midani, a music record producer, by André. Midani was looking to organize a tour with Latin American performers. Due to the popularity of his most recent record, he asked Fito about joining him on tour. Fito was thrilled to get such an opportunity, but he always remained grounded and fully committed to his work. At Velez Sarsfield Stadium in Argentina, where he ultimately performed his greatest gig, his performance, and his soulful singing style charmed the audience. His best-selling, record-breaking album caused a stir in the rock music business and cemented his reputation. Due to his tremendous dedication and passion for his music and production, Fito Paez rose to fame on a global scale. Fito Paez created 20 well-known and critically praised albums, which elevated him to the status of one of the most significant figures in modern music history.

Final Words

“Love After Music,” directed by Felipe Gomez Aparicio and Gonzalo Tobal, is one of the most aesthetic Argentine dramas, depicting Fito Paez’s life and the beauty of Argentina in the 1980s. The series depicts an artist’s road to perfection through an appealing narrative. Yes, perfection is a word that can be used to define an artist like Fito Paez, and his unwavering commitment to achieving perfection in his music is perfectly depicted in this series. We all have creativity within us, but being a great artist demands more than just creativity. It takes true dedication and persistent hard work to strengthen one’s skills and build up a personal style, which Fito Paez accomplished and became a living legend in music history.


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