Fito Paez In ‘Love After Music,’ Explained: How Did He Achieve Success In Music Industry?

The Argentine drama series Love After Music recounts the life story of renowned Argentine pianist, singer, and songwriter Fito Paez. Fito Paez was a phenomenal composer with an in-depth knowledge of music. Fito was raised in a musical environment his entire life; therefore, it played a big role in his life. Fito’s intense passion for music propelled him to great success in the music industry, but his journey hadn’t been without challenges. Fito made his way into the history of Argentine music, conquering several obstacles and making his distinctive mark.

The series Love After Music shows Fito’s childhood in little doses. We observe little Fito becoming intrigued by numerous things around him as he progressively begins to recognize reality. Living creatures, the absence of his mother, the body of an unknown lady, and other factors cause him to reflect. Fito had a creative side concealed in him since childhood that surfaced with maturity.

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Fito Paez And His Pursuit Of Music

Fito’s mother passed away shortly after he was born, but he had heard from his grandmother that she had played piano for the radio. Fito was more and more intrigued by the piano after hearing this. Even Fito’s father frequently took him to a record store, where Fito discovered his own universe among the various vinyl records of music. Fito eventually realized that music was his one and only passion. Fito was aware of his creative potential, so he didn’t let it go wasted. He rose to the status of a music icon by devoting himself to creating music for his generation. He didn’t just become a band’s keyboard player; instead, he experimented with other genres and came up with a unique style. As Fito started to gain opportunities, sometimes for performing at shows or participating in bands, we can see that he regarded each one of those opportunities equally, which eventually led him to perfection. He never lost focus on what he wanted to achieve, not even after his debut solo record brought him fame. Love After Music places a strong focus on Fito’s dedication to the creation of music. The emphasis on the recordings and rehearsals may appear tiresome, but it’s important to remember that here is where Fito really worked his magic. Later, he simply performed it live.

Fito Paez As A Lover

Even though Fito is a very talented musician, his romantic endeavors don’t have a happy ending. All of the people Fito wished to hold close left him in the end. We notice that in his romantic and familial relationships. Fabiana and Fito both had true feelings for one another, but they finally realized that despite the fact they were soulmates, they were not precisely suited as partners. Fabiana struggled with her own mental health concerns. She was hospitalized multiple times. Furthermore, she was not living a disciplined lifestyle. She was a fun-loving person, and occasionally while they were together, they disagreed over her distinctive lifestyle. Therefore, as a couple, things didn’t quite work out between them. However, Fito did not lose Fabiana on the journey of his life. They stayed friends forever because, despite breaking the label of their relationship, their love and care for one another always persisted. They both eventually moved on with their lives. Fito got married to Cecilia Roth. Though it was not featured in the show, their marriage also fell apart in 2002.

How Did The Tragic Happenings Affect Fito’s Life And Career?

Tragedies hit Fito’s life one after another. Fito was entirely devoted to his music at the time, and because of his busy schedule, he was unable to see his ill father. After a few months, Fito’s father passed away. Although Fito regretted choosing to focus on his job over visiting his father, he believed that his father had never harbored resentment toward him. After Rodolfo passed away, Fito arrived and gave his father’s lifeless body a hug, sensing that the spirit of his father was also grieving. Fito managed to deal with his father’s passing, despite how difficult it was for him to do so, but within a short while, another horrific incident happened in his life. His paternal and maternal grandmothers, Belia and Pepa, as well as their maid, were murdered in 1985 by two intruders who broke into their home. They not only murdered those ladies, but they also took Belia’s jewelry and left a weed-filled bag in Fito’s house to incriminate him. Fito couldn’t take the deaths any longer. He had missed his mother since infancy, so having his entire family wiped away in such a short amount of time crushed him. He could barely stomach the description of the crime provided by the detective. He started to envision his loved ones’ horrific deaths, which scarred him so much that he started turning to drugs. However, the drugs exacerbated his health problems. Only Fito’s music could be his ally at the moment. He didn’t just get lost in his sorrow; instead, he opted to stand up and walk away from the gloom. Fito’s aunt Charito, who remained alive in his family, assumed the case was a dead end, but the investigative team surprisingly tracked down the killer after two years.

In Fito’s life, Belia and Pepa were two pillars of strength. When his father refused to let him pursue a music career, it was Belia who persuaded Rodolfo. Belia and Pepa have supported Fito several times when no one else could even empathize with his plight. Therefore, the horrible deaths of his two closest ones left him with an emotional scar that would take a long time to heal. But there wasn’t always darkness in his life; Fito did see the light after walking out of the storm. Being an artist, he turned his emotions into music, producing one masterpiece after another. With the release of his subsequent album, “Tercer Mundo,” in which several of his songs achieved international acclaim, he propelled himself to popularity once more. Fito eventually did a 35-day tour on most of the renowned Latin American stages with the help of a production manager named Midani. This gave him the maximum amount of fame and fortune, and Fito hasn’t looked back since. In front of a sizable crowd that valued him as an artist, he performed his creation—his unique approach to rock and roll. He has since produced 20 more well-known albums that have improved his standing in the music industry and elevated him to the status of one of the most influential artists of all time.

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