‘Lost Bullet 2: Back For More’ Ending, Explained: Does Lino Find Areski? Who Is Marco Working For?

“Lost Bullet 2: Back for More” is a befitting sequel to 2020s “Lost Bullet.” However, it isn’t the end of the story. The film begins six months after Areski escaped at the end of “Lost Bullet.” However, Areski’s partner Marco wasn’t killed by the protagonist Lino. It was believed that he would be taken into custody and tried for his crimes. And “Lost Bullet 2: Back for More” offers an unexpected take on this very plot point and turns things around for Lino, so much so that he has a tough time making things right all over again. With a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes, “Lost Bullet 2” is gripping and takes things to a whole new level, and in the middle of all the confusion and chaos is Lino. We’ll explore more about what happens, but before that, here’s a summary.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Lost Bullet 2: Back For More’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Lino wakes up in a hospital after recovering from the wounds he received at the end of “Lost Bullet.” Julia is present there, and she tells Lino that Areski escaped, as did Marco. But the truth is that only Areski escaped, while Marco has been arrested by the police, who are keeping him under observation at an undisclosed location.


Six months pass by. Lino is out of the hospital and has been tracking the movements of Areski’s wife, Stella. Stella knows it too. She finds him watching her from his car one day, approaches him, and tells him to move on as it is not right to follow her like that as it can be dangerous for her and her baby. Then one night, Stella is attacked at her home by a group of thugs. Lino takes them all down and saves Stella and her baby. After the cops arrive at the spot, including Julia, Lino tells her that the thugs must have been sent by Areski. But Julia tells him to stay away from the case and gives him a key, reminding him that Charas wouldn’t have liked seeing him live in a car. The key belongs to Charas’ Renault 21. He arrives at the garage where Charas first brought him in the previous film and found the car. It’s still working. He makes up his mind to customize it.

One year later, we see Lino work as a mechanic/driver for the cops. Busting drug dealers has gotten a lot easier, thanks to Lino’s talents. He is now with Stella, something that Julia seemingly loathes. One day, while working, he receives a call from a nurse saying that his adoptive mother, Mado, is very ill and he needs to come and see her. He receives the location and arrives there. But it is not his mother that he finds but Marco. He is completely shocked, catches him, and brings him back to base. There, he finds out from Moss (the chief) that he is the only witness that can lead them to the Head of Narcotics, Commander Resz, who is also involved in the drug racket. An enraged Lino leaves the scene.


Within a few minutes, Youri Baptista arrives at the station with an order from Commander Resz and shows it to Moss. Moss’s department is to turn over any intel or person that can lead to Areski’s capture. In other words, they have come to take Marco. They bring him out, but Lino intervenes by throwing a flashbang at them and escaping with Marco. With both the police and Resz looking for Marco, Lino’s only way to bring Marco to trial is through the Spanish police, i.e., Officer Alvaro (who used to know Charas and is a friend of Lino as well). The question is: Will Lino be able to hand Marco over in time? “Lost Bullet 2” offers a hot pursuit answer.

How Is Marko Alive?

Julia lies to Lino about Marco having escaped, although the truth is that he has been kept under supervision by Moss in an undisclosed location. Julia had told Moss that they were making a mistake by keeping Marco under observation rather than taking him to court. The location is discovered by Commander Resz’s people, who are then able to bring Lino to the spot under the impression that it is his adoptive mother’s house. Lino takes Marco back to the police station and questions Moss about why they lied to him. It is then revealed that Marco is the only living proof of Resz’s involvement in the drug business. Being the Head of Narcotics, Resz’s involvement in the drug business, which is itself bizarre to think about, will require a lot of proof and intel to be proven true. And thus, Marco is still alive. But what makes Lino angry is the fact that after the police bring down Resz, if at all, Marco will be under the witness protection program. This means that he will not be tried for the murder of Quentin and God knows how many more people.


It is perhaps fate that Marco is shot and, indeed, dies at the hands of Lino at the end of the film. But he really doesn’t. Marco is mistakenly shot in the stomach by Julia. He is bleeding but might be saved. But realizing that she will be questioned by her seniors and might even be sacked forever in case Marco dies, Lino takes the gun with which Julia shot Marco and shoots him in the face again, thereby killing him and protecting Julia. The gun will have Lino’s fingerprints over Julia’s, which would mean that he was the last one to hold it. This would naturally make him the one whose shot ensured Marco’s death. Julia even tries to make Moss understand that it was she and not Lino who should be held responsible for Marco’s death, but the evidence proves otherwise. When Moss tells Julia to say the same thing to her seniors, she quits the force. She has lied enough for Moss but won’t lie anymore. Lino will probably be sent back to prison. And with Charas not around anymore, Lino wouldn’t receive any kind of leniency from the other officers. The only hope is Julia herself, who, although she will be outside the law if she tries to get Lino out of prison, might just be able to pull the right strings for his early parole. But we do not know if Lino wants to be free because, after all, he has taken his revenge and now has nothing to live for. But wait a second. What about Stella and her baby?

Who Is Commander Alexander Resz?

We do not see Resz in the film, but we do see the officers he has sent to kill Marco if they are unable to take Marco back with them. Being the head of the Narcotics Bureau, which is involved in the drug racket, it would make sense for him to get rid of any person that might pose a threat. This also means that he knows Areski and Marco (both of whom are cops). Here, we also need to keep in mind that another reason for Moss to keep Marco alive might just be that Marco is a cop. If the court, or even the Spanish, find Marco guilty, the black mark that Moss’s department will receive won’t be easy to wash off. This is why Moss intends to gather all the intel she can before taking Marco to court. Coming back to Resz, he will now look for Areski, perhaps. Resz knows that the cops have evidence against him for the death of Charas, and this evidence can be traced back to him if Moss’s department finds Areski.


There is another suggestion. We would not know for sure if the men at Stella’s place were sent by Areski or Resz. They wouldn’t have broken into the house if they had been sent by Areski. They would probably have knocked. So, it seems that the men were sent by Resz to kill Stella and remove any last bit of evidence. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen, as Lino arrives just in time. This news might have reached Resz as well, and he might get Lino transferred to a prison under his jurisdiction, wherever that is.

‘Lost Bullet 2: Back For More’ Ending Explained – Where Is Areski?

It is surprising how “Lost Bullet” ended on the note that its sequel will have Lino go after Areski and make him pay. But it is only at the end of “Lost Bullet 2” that we see Areski return to the junkyard, where Charas’ car, now destroyed, has been sent to be dismantled. He takes the things that one of the people who work there found inside the car, including Charas’ pendant that he used to hang on the rearview mirror inside his car. Areski also takes a car, mentioning how it will be perfect for family trips. Does this mean that he will go and meet Stella again? We don’t know for sure. Neither do we know where he was for more than one and a half years. Did he go to Resz’s place? This, too, doesn’t have an answer yet.


With Lino in prison, Julia no longer in the police force, and Areski back in town, we have to wait to see what happens in the sequel because it’s happening. Moreover, Commander Resz’s introduction means that he will definitely have a role to play in the next sequel. Julia will find a way to get Lino out, and they will go after Areski as well as Resz. The stakes will be higher, as will the number of cars.

“Lost Bullet 2: Back for More” is a 2022 action thriller film directed by Guillaume Pierret.

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