‘Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power’ Trailer Breakdown – Who Will Summon Balrog?

“Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power” is ready in every way to give us the best-ever TV show on Amazon Prime. Amazon’s recently launched trailer for “Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power” reveals some unknown locations, new characters, and a grand story. Prime is literally not compromising any expenses to bring J.R.R. Tolkien’s creation of the Second Age to their platform. It seems that the budget for the first season has already reached almost a billion dollars, which has already set high expectations among us.


The upcoming TV series “Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power” is mainly based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Middle Earth” and his collection of mythopoeic stories “The Silmarillion.” Although the cast would be led by Morfyd Clark as Galadriel and Robert Aramayo as Elrond, the main attraction might be Sauron. After the three-minute teaser trailer, we can expect something larger and darker this series is going to offer us, so without further ado, let’s break down this trailer.

Elvish Helmets And Galadriel

The trailer begins with a tragic scene where we see Galadriel putting a helmet on a huge pile of Elvish helmets. In the wide shot, we see her standing in a dusty, depopulated place near the massive head pile, which portrays the horror of war. The scene blends with a voiceover saying, “We thought the war has ended,” which seems that this scene is the aftereffect of the 40 years of War of Wrath.


Then the scene shifts to show Elrond, Gil-galad, and Galadriel, where we see Galadriel receiving the leaf crown on her head as a symbol of royal distinction. Next, the scene shifts to a royal dining, where we see Gil-galad, Kellenbrimbor, Elrond, and Doran IV. We believe the obscured character in the middle might be Galadriel. And another voiceover of Galadriel continues, “We thought our joy would be unending” and “We thought our light would never dim.”


In a dark interior scene, we see Galadriel touching the ‘Palantir,’ and an ice-breaking is shown in the seeing stone. But we can assume that it’s not just ice-breaking, but Galadriel may see the flashbacks of battles between Elves and Orcs through the stone. A Palantir is a crystal sphere with seeing stones, and it was created by an Elf named Noldor, but it could be used for notorious purposes, which might lead to opening the gates for Sauron, who is indeed powerful and can deprave Denethor II or Saruman by Palantir.


The Dagger

The scene shifts from the battle to a tragedy where Galadriel is mourning her brother Finrod’s demise. We can assume that Finrod was killed brutally by a werewolf in the dungeons of Sauron. The scary and deep scars on his arms pretty much say something like this. We also see his dead body holding a dagger, which might be the one that is shown in the teaser poster in Galadriel’s hand. So we can expect that she is going to carry on her brother’s legacy.


It seems that Galadriel is not only the character we know from the past stories, but there’s one evil and powerful surprise waiting for us, and that is Sauron. This is the first time we can see a human version of Sauron, who is most likely Anator, since the trailer has already shown him. The voiceover of Galadriel saying, “Evil does not sleep; it waits,” makes it clear that the guy in a white veil and a shady look in his bluish eyes might be the Dark Lord.


Galadriel’s Rise

Next, we see footage of a destroyed and burnt village, where we see a knocked-up Galadriel rising from the sands or ashes. The destruction looks more like a dragon’s deed. The scene changes to a dark, frozen, desolate place with a huge fortress, where we see Galadriel traveling with the Elves. This might be in the north of Middle Earth, and the fortress in the visuals looks like the ruins of Utumno.

The Broken Black Blade

Now we see the symbol of a blade, which totally matches the broken black blade shown in the promotional posters. The scene shifts to Theo, where he’s talking to an old man and being asked about Sauron. The eye-catching scene here is the marks carved on Theo’s hand, which might be the mark he got from holding the sword. There’s a high chance that Mark will lead the old man to ask him about Sauron. Later in the trailer, we see the blade getting reshaped by the fire while Theo holds it.


Next, we get a glance of a sinister figure walking through a cave filled with Orcs, and they’re bowing to him. The glimpse of the knuckles of this figure perfectly matches the teaser poster, and presumably, this figure might be Adar.

The Balrog

Next, we see several scenes of battles where we see Galadriel, Iran Deer, dwarfs, sea serpents, and many other familiar characters. Especially the grabbing of Iran Deer and the tear dripping from Galadriel’s eyes pretty much tells that this is the end. But not the end of the surprise. After the titular scene, we get to see a fiery creature with horns, and that is the Balrog. For the first time, the die-hard fans of Lord of the Rings are going to watch the cinematic presentation of the Balrog, but as its original form had wings, we cannot see that specification in the trailer. It might be a wingless Balrog. There is also a scene where the white-veiled shady guy burns a leaf, which might be any kind of summoning process for Balrog.


Final Words

The trailer is appropriate because there is no such big reveal, and, in a subtle enough way, we get to see the main attractions of the season, which is also going to draw new audiences to the “Lord of the Ring” franchise. The cinematic approach with vivid visual effects and the combination of a real storyline makes the trailer look so magnificent. Now we can just hope to swear that the ‘Ring of Power’ is not going to disappoint us.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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