‘Loot’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Did Molly Leave California?

The ninth episode of Loot season 2 ended with Howard, Nicholas, and Arthur’s wrestling starting on a high note. Even though there was a worry Howard might cancel it, the build-up to the actual fight was fantastic, and it made for a good start to the league. Molly found out John had faked his death on live television to manipulate Molly into getting back with him. For the first time, she confessed to being in love with Arthur. Sofia broke up with Isaac because she figured they were both very different people. The tenth episode is the finale, and it is to be the culmination of all that has happened in their lives.


Spoilers Ahead

Molly and Grace were on the cover of which magazine?

Molly and Grace were two of the biggest investors in the “Space for Everyone” campaign. Ever since their project to shelter the homeless became public, both have been the talk of their town, with many new investors showing interest in investing with them. Both were on the cover page of Vanity Fair, and things couldn’t have been any better if they wanted to promote their project nationwide.


Who was interested in investing in “Space for Everyone”?

Sofia informed them about Norman Lofton, one of the richest men in the country. Norman Lofton’s character mirrored many American rich men who stayed away from the limelight. Nevertheless, he was coveted as the richest man who has made many investments. The publicity of “Space for Everyone” got him interested in the project, and he was willing to leave Wyoming to visit the first completed project run by Sofia, Molly, and Grace. Since Molly was keen on making sure Norman had a good impression of their work, she flew him down on her jet in the hope of being in his good books so he would agree to invest. 

Why did Sofia become flustered at Norman’s questions?

Everyone in the office was excited about Norman Lofton’s arrival, but Sofia was flustered by the simple questions asked by the business tycoon. On being confronted by Molly, who was worried for Sofia, the latter revealed she was in love with Isaac, and she feels she might have pushed him away. The thought of him made her not pay attention to the questions asked by Norman. Molly was not livid, as she realized that Sofia coming out and confessing her feelings was a big deal as she was a very private person. Molly was also excited to experience the first-ever hug Sofia initiated. It indicates Sofia was willing to bring about some changes in her life, and nothing about her had to change just because she was in love. 


Was Norman excited about “Space for Everyone”?

Norman was excited about the presentation he received at the first completed project, “Space for Everyone.” His trip ended with him offering positive words of encouragement to Molly, which indicated that the man would be highly interested in making Molly and Sofia’s dream come true. 

Who contacted Nicholas?

Nicholas was now an aspiring actor as well, and he had received a voicemail from an old Korean woman whose language he did not seem to understand. Howard, being a Korean film fanatic, was able to understand the message of the Korean woman, who claimed she wanted to meet Nicholas.


Nicholas and Howard were under the impression that the former’s mother might be trying to get in touch with her biological son. It was only a while ago that Nicholas had a talk with Howard about getting in touch with his roots and culture since he was raised by American parents. He was wondering if fate might be connecting him to his biological family and if this could be his chance to get to Korea. Howard was happy for him as well, and they had to come up with a plan to return the call. 

Did Nicholas dial the Korean number?

Nicholas was nervous about returning the call to Korea, and to calm his nerves, he had one too many glasses of alcohol. He drank, dialed, and sent many messages to the voicemail in which he spoke in detail about his life in America and the emotions he had been going through ever since he decided to look for his biological family and get to the roots of his culture. 


Nicholas poured his heart out during all the voicemails, only to wake up the next day and realize the number of messages he had left on that number. One final phone call with the Korean woman got him back to his senses. The woman was a casting director who was hoping to cast him for the Korean show, for which he would have to move to his country of birth for six months. Nicholas was given some time to make a decision, but he wasn’t sure if she should be making this move or not. 

Was Norman Lofton a part of the cult?

Molly received an invitation to meet Norman at his mansion, and she had hopes that it would be possible to finalize the deal to materialize the project nationwide. On reaching the creepy mansion, she was surrounded by people wearing robes and masks, with one man acting like their leader sitting at the center of the room. She was quick to deduce that the man was Norman, who had asked her to join the cult that included many rich men and women from around the country who were in the room at that moment. 


Norman requested that she give up on her plan to change the social order of the country and use the money to help her improve her lifestyle. Norman turned out to be a hypocrite who, just like many other millionaires and billionaires in reality, does not care about uplifting society. They put up a façade of being philanthropists just to improve their image in public. Molly was horrified at his request, and she was shocked to find Grace amongst them. Grace came clean about wanting to keep her money to herself and increase it by investing it  rather than donating it. Molly was dejected as she had lost Grace thanks to Norman, and she would have to find ways to sustain the project in some other manner. 

Did Sofia reunite with Isaac?

Sofia had to confess her love for Isaac because she believed he could have been her only shot at real love. She wasn’t willing to give it up and took up the courage to attend Isaac’s gig at a local bar in town. Sofia was not sure if Isaac would take her back, but he was happy to see her attending the gig. For Sofia to get back with someone and admit to being in love was a huge leap of faith. Isaac was surprised to have Sofia back because he was not keen on forcing her to be with him. Both were happy to find each other in the most cliched manner. Sofia shared the news of them getting back together with Molly because she was the one who asked her to pursue the man she loves. Sofia had found a good friend in Molly who encouraged her to break away from her old self and let other people into her life who genuinely cared for her. 


Why did Molly want to leave California?

Watching Sofia take a massive leap of faith in terms of love, Molly took this as the dose of encouragement she needed to express her love to Arthur. Since this was the last episode of the second season, there needed to be a closure to the feelings Arthur and Molly shared for each other. Molly visited Arthur at night and did not stop herself from sharing the feelings she had for him. The perplexing thought would be Molly not expecting Willa to be at Arthur’s place. She was aware he was dating another woman, yet she chose to confess her feelings for him. However, Molly, for the first time in many years, felt something for a man who was not like John, her ex-husband. She may have come across as selfish, but she wanted to deal with it before it was too late. She had sensed Arthur loved her too, which was why she went up to his place at night. 

Arthur and Molly kissed, which was beautiful for a moment until Willa showed up from the bedroom only to see her boyfriend kissing another woman. It was very unlike Arthur to be in a relationship with one woman and go after another. Arthur was the good guy, but with this mistake, he would be in trouble. Willa was shocked, and so was Molly, at the turn of events. Molly was angry and embarrassed at herself for having made a move on a man who was already in a relationship. She had to leave the country, as she had the money to do so. Nicholas was also confused about what led to her boss making a sudden decision to take a break from her work in California. Nicholas, however, knew the perfect country to go to that would help Molly step away from the limelight for a while. Since Nicholas was asked to be a part of a Korean project, he was more than happy to take her away to his country of birth. It would not just help him but also aid her in keeping her mind off Arthur for a while. Molly’s plan to take a break was indeed a blessing in disguise for Nicholas.


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