‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will The Bone Glass Destroy Lockwood & Co? 

It’s not every day we find solace in a group of teenagers on a supernatural series on Netflix. “Lockwood & Co” has a set of comfort characters that can only make one wish they were part of the family too, just as the crows in “Shadow and Bone” or the trio of Hogwarts did. We left off with Lucy being upset at Lockwood for putting the gang in massive danger. George made a call to who we assume is Joplin and is in grave danger with the bone glass. Will we find out who the “golden blade” is? (Lucy’s name for the guy who followed them from the black library) What about the skull ghost? Will he help them? Will they let him free? Will he be reunited with his master, Bickerstaff? Let’s see if our questions are answered in the last episode (sob) of “Lockwood & Co” Season 1 (waiting for that announcement).


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Lockwood and Lucy arrive back home in a morbid state. Lucy is frustrated with Lockwood for putting them in such grave danger. At home, Lockwood finally apologizes for everything to Lucy, telling her not to give up on George and him, especially him. Lucy adorably accepts his apology as they proceed to go through Mary Duplac’s memoir. According to the notes, she was the person who killed Bickerstaff before he could do the same to her with the bone glass. The bone glass that we’ve all assumed is a mirror until now is actually a window to something unthinkable. “One glance and all I want to see is more,” Dulac wrote about her experience with the bone glass. The book also has an illustration, which leads the two to realize George also wants to “see more.” George meets Pamela at Bickerstaff’s home, where she frightens him from behind. George is completely defeated by the fact that it’s always Lockwood and Lucy together, and Pamela encourages these thoughts by telling him they’re the ones creating history together. Lucy interrogates the skull to figure out George’s whereabouts. The skull tells her to take him along to go see his master; that’s where George and Pamela will be. They head out with the words “for George” (give us a group hug already). Lockwood and Lucy believe in George, knowing that he would never do something like this if it weren’t for the influence of the bone glass.


At Bickerstaff’s home, Pamela and George head down to find the body when they hear some loud sounds. It’s Kipps, who’s trying to fight a ghost but is unable to do so. George saves him at the last minute, demanding an answer for why he was there. Kipps asks him the same thing, letting George know that he knows that they have the mirror. Kipps is losing his talent, which explains why he was flailing around like a mad dog while trying to get the ghost. Pamela arrives at this point, threatening Kipps with a knife at his back. She ties up his hands and covers his face while George wonders how she has that knife. Putting two and two together, the whole team has arrived at the conclusion that Joplin is the one who killed Carver for his betrayal. She was the one who wanted the mirror first, but Carver sold it to Winkman instead. The skull warns Lucy that if she or Lockwood looks in the mirror, they would suffer a terrible fate. They enter the premises with the promise of being “just the right amount of reckless.” They break open the doors with rapiers in their hands like the cool people they are to find no one there. Bickerstaff’s body is missing, too, meaning they could only be somewhere nearby. Joplin wants the “master” to witness everything that goes down. Team Fittes arrives, asking where Kipps is. They fill each other in, choosing to work together for once. Lucy asks Bobby if he knows how the “catacombs” work, and he corrects her by saying it’s called a “catafalque” and that he knows how it works.

Winkman arrives with his men, ruining their plan of going into the catafalque. Lockwood tells them that he will go inside to save George while they must fight off the goons. Lucy disagrees, stating she has a secret weapon (the skull), so she should be the one to go. Lockwood and 3 of Kipps’ team stay back to fight Winkman’s men while Lucy heads inside, shutting and sealing the door behind her. Lockwood gives the gang a pep talk, convincing them that they can fight off grown-up men with ease. They put up a great fight and manage to get them away from the chapel where Lucy is. The skull tells Lucy that the mirror shows people “the eternal.” When she asks what that means and what he saw in there, he says he never looked. The key is to look through someone else’s eyes. Someone vulnerable and curious (Like our Georgie!) Inside, Joplin reveals the body of Bickerstaff, telling George it’s safe inside the chains. Kipps, who’s being seated in a chair in front of the mirror, attempts to convince George that Joplin is going to kill the both of them if they don’t run away immediately. Joplin proves Kipps right by telling George that Kipps has to look in the mirror for their experiment. George is shocked, realizing he’d be the one in Kipps’ place if he hadn’t barged in. Kipps lets slip to Joplin that he’s lost his talent, leading her to untie him and place George in his place. Back outside, Lockwood is almost choked by Winkman with a cross before Kat, one of Kipps’ associates, saves him. She takes him to the spot their hiding at, when they see more of the goons arrive. Lockwood decides to let loose all the ghosts in the area and go back inside to save his friends. And Kipps. 


‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Will Lockwood And Lucy Be Able To Save George?

Lucy manages to reach George in time. He’s tearfully talking about how he’s an oddball, that no one really cared for him, not even Lockwood or Lucy. Even Joplin only wanted to use him. Suddenly Lucy notices Bickerstaff’s spirit exit his body, but before she can do anything, Joplin’s at her neck with her knife. Lucy tells George that they could never lose George, volunteering herself to look inside the bone glass. Lockwood meets the golden blade, another roadblock in his path to save his friends. Golden blade tells Lockwood cryptically that he has no idea who he is or what kind of forces are at play. He tells him Lockwood is insignificant, just like his parents were before shooting him (what’s this about his parents now?). Lucy stands in front of the mirror as Joplin removes the silver chain. She turns back before she can look into it and lifts up the skull in front of her. Lucy implores the skull to tell his master what he sees. The skull says something’s wrong and says the words “they’re trapped.” Lucy yells that it’s a trap that they have to destroy before being hit by a vision of Norrie, followed by all the deaths she’s seen but ending with Lockwood’s (this can’t be happening now), and then faints. George manages to knock over the mirror stand, and it cracks as it falls. George wakes Lucy up as they watch Joplin pick up the bone glass, peering into it. It still works, and before they can look at what happens, George tells Lucy to look away. Both of them don’t see what happens as Joplin surrenders herself to the glass, shouting about how beautiful it is. She explodes with the glass, freeing all the spirits trapped there. 

Bickerstaff’s spirit escapes then as the chains are blown apart by the blast. Lucy doesn’t have her rapier, and before they can do anything, they’re both ghost-locked. That’s when Lockwood arrives, saving the day and his beloved friends before collapsing from his shoulder wound. George and Lucy go to pick him up immediately, giving us that well-deserved group hug (ah, soul-warming!). They tell Kipps to keep his lips sealed about Lucy, even destroying Joplin’s recording device so no one can know she can talk to type 3s. Kipps tells Lucy about his “condition,” telling her how scary it feels to lose everything you’re good at (the talent) just like that. Lockwood is all sorted out with a cast. He tells Kipps the bet is off because they solved the case together, even dividing the commission 70-30 between them. Kipps admits Lockwood is not half bad, or 30% at least. Barnes is happy they’re alive and tells them the bone glass is going to the furnace. The 3 of them head home together, all touchy-feely (making us wish we had friends like them). Golden blade meets Penelope in a car, apologizing for not killing Lockwood. What exactly does Lockwood know, or what about his past needs him killed, and that too by Penelope Fittes? 


The gang set up their supper together, giving us warm fuzzy feelings at the end of the season, but there’s more to it. The skull hasn’t talked since the incident, but Lucy has decided to keep him. Lockwood tells them he doesn’t want any more secrets between them. Back when they met Barnes, he told everyone he didn’t see who shot him, but now he tells them it was the golden blade. He even tells them the cryptic message golden blade gave him before shooting him. George, of course, is curious to know what he knows, but Lockwood tells him to take a step back while he heals. The episode ends with the biggest cliffhanger, or should we say the widest door opening, with Lockwood leading the team up to have a look at the locked room. There’s so much left to uncover for Lockwood & Co, and we’re waiting to see what adventures lie ahead for them! Here’s hoping there’s a “Lockwood & Co” Season 2 coming out soon enough. The source material is plenty, and the reception is excellent too, so our hopes are high!

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