‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Lockwood & Co Manage To Get The ‘Bone Glass’ Back?

With only two episodes of the series left, we’re having withdrawal symptoms. The previous episode of ended with a beautiful rain dance of sorts, with Lucy and Lockwood narrowly escaping Fittes’ men after breaching the black library. The man that found them at the black library is definitely out to get them. Lucy shows her loyalty to Lockwood and assures him she’s here to stay. George and Joplin are getting closer through their interest in the mirror. George is dazed by the mirror and will not rest until he’s able to know more about it. We learned that Bickerstaff was a psychiatrist who killed his patients by inflicting great trauma on them so they could be attached to their source. Will the team be able to get the bone glass back? Let’s find out in episode 7.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

George heads to the spot Flo arranged for them to meet; she frightens him and tells him to be safe and hide. Winkman’s men are everywhere, so they can’t go by road. The other two arrive, and Flo takes them via boat to a secret auction for the bone glass. Flo says she needs one of them on the boat, and of course, it has to be George. Flo tells them to be careful because these people are “a lot worse than ghosts.” They arrive at the site of the auction and hide from some people entering with huge drums into the room. They hide there but are caught by a DEPRAC agent. He warns them to leave, but Lockwood is stuck on the bet. Knowing the job is terribly dangerous, he tells Lucy to leave, but she joins him back inside. Lucy is furious, and Lockwood tells her it’s best if he leaves out some parts of his life when talking to her and George. Lockwood is a person no one cares about, and if he died in a dangerous situation, it wouldn’t bother anyone. Lucy tells him this is not true because Lockwood has already let George and Lucy into his life. In the meanwhile, Flo tells George she’s been double booked, asking him if they should go do it if Lockwood’s going to be a while. George gets passive and immediately tells her no. She tells him she would never leave them stranded. George is still acting strange, and Flo seems to take notice.

Lockwood and Lucy disguise themselves to enter the building of auctioneers. Everyone’s covered in hoods and masks, so they’re safe to enter. Lockwood gives Lucy some flares, an “insane” idea, as a distraction for when he needs to get close to the bone glass. Flo spots a heron from the boat, and George is flabbergasted by her distraction. They’ve drifted a little, and Flo starts to move them back into position. Back at the auction, people begin to bid for the mirror, leading up to a really high bid. All of a sudden, the bid jumps from 140,000 to 500,000. Lockwood raises his card then, and when it reaches $550,000, Winkman asks the two men who are bidding to show proof of their ability to pay so much. The other man hands over his papers while Lockwood pretends to look for his. Lucy attempts to light the flares, finally giving Lockwood a chance to steal the mirror from the table and run when she’s succesful. 

Winkman manages to find them, trapping them in front of a door. The DEPRAC officer undercover is with them, and Winkman notices a connection between him and Lockwood. Winkman tells the officer to go attack Lockwood and Lucy, but he’s unable to do it, announcing the fact that he’s a DEPRAC officer. He sacrifices himself for the two, and Lockwood ends up disoriented by the whole situation. He can’t fathom the fact that a man’s just died for no reason (our little Lockwood thinks he’s worthless). Flo speaks to George about his feelings towards the bone glass, telling him she’s seen many young agents defeated by strong sources. She tells George that he is mesmerized by the mirror but assures him she’ll take care of him. He brings out his rapier and gets ready to fight. She convinces him his friends are safe, and George apologizes to her for overreacting. Lockwood and Lucy finally manage to escape the place but are interrupted by the man from the black library. He was the person in the auction betting on the bone glass to take it to Fittes. They fight him together and run up to the top of the building, with no way to get to the Thames in time.

‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Will The Team Be Able To Take The Bone Glass Back To Deprac And Win The Bet?

On the roof, Lockwood thinks of a plan, and they decide to toss the bone glass to George and Flo in the water. George is reluctant but accepts, with Flo by his side. Lockwood and Lucy run up to the ledge of the building to toss the bone glass but get ambushed by their follower (he won’t even say who he is!). Lockwood dodges him, and Lucy throws the bone glass to George and Flo, who have the net ready. They’re successful, but Lucy and Lockwood are still in danger. Lockwood’s plan: jumping off the building into the Thames (poor Lucy). As they’re parting ways, Flo suggests they could throw the bone glass down deep into the Thames and go heron watching rather than give the glass to DEPRAC, but George tells her he’d rather stick to the plan. Instantly, he regrets his decision and runs after her, but she’s already gone. George actually has other plans of his own (courtesy, maddening bone glass). He runs out of the DEPRAC office to make a call to an unknown person, saying he’s “got it.” We know it’s Joplin, and we can’t wait to see if Lockwood and Lucy can save George after the insane activities of the day. Lucy is furious with Lockwood, but will he be able to convince her to give him another chance? Let’s find out in the season finale of “Lockwood & Co.” (so sad!).

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