‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Lockwood Or Fittes For Lucy? Will Lucy Show Her loyalty?

“Lockwood & Co” episode 5 ended with Carver’s body in the hallway of the Lockwood residence. Lucy can have conversations with a “type 3” ghost skull and may be one of the most powerful psychics in the world. George is drifting away from the gang, feeling alone, and getting close to Ms. Joplin, or, should we say, Pamela (Sherlock, don’t be jealous). Will we find out more about the “bone glass”? How far will the strings have to be pulled for Lockwood to realize people care for him, or will he jeopardize what he has in stupidity? Let’s talk about “Lockwood & Co” episode 6.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Barnes and DEPRAC arrive as Carver has just died, bringing more bad news than good. Barnes wants them off the case because there’s too much danger, and they have no supervision. Lucy and Lockwood convince him otherwise, and he reluctantly agrees. He warns them of the consequences, but they tell him they know the risks of this job and that they want to finish it. George lies about the cracked window, saying a bird crashed into it. George’s research shows that Bickerstaff was a clinician and a psychiatrist who used to hold secret meetings in his home in Hamstead, until one of his guests, Mary Dulac, vanished into thin air, disappearing after attending one of his meetings. She returned miraculously ten years later, only to be completely out of her mind. The gang imagines it’s because of the bone glass. George tells the team that he thinks the bone glass is something extraordinary, and that’s why everyone wants it. Hearing this, the skull starts to talk to Lucy. He tells her that Bickerstaff is his master and that he can take her to find more information about him if they go to Bickerstaff’s home. His condition for helping them- being freed. They head to Bickerstaff’s old home (a very haunted one).

The skull tells Lucy he needs her alive, so she should have George and Lockwood go inside the house first because George has tasted the flavors of the bone glass. Lucy disagrees and chooses to do the exact opposite by heading inside without the boys, telling them she’s in charge. They’re convinced when she says the skull is with her and she’ll be safe. She tells them that if in 15 mins she’s not out, they need to come to get her. He guides her to a strange room called the “dining room,” in which there’s a table but it’s not quite meant for dining. When she touches it, we get the gist that Bickerstaff was a terrible man. The table has a lever that triggers a secret basement door. The skull warns Lucy about the ghosts who’ve already smelled her in the house and that they need to hurry up before it’s too late.

Lucy enters the basement while the boys decide it’s best they enter the house and forget what Lucy said because it’s just far too dangerous. Lucy manages to find the papers the skull is telling her about when the ghosts start to appear. They’re all his patients, and Lucy realizes the man killed them. Lucy tries to escape the room, but the doors are shut, trapping her from the outside. She calls for Lockwood and George to come to save her when the skull tells her that he can save her if she frees him. Fortunately for her, George is quick at figuring out the lever, and they get her out just in time. They share a sugary moment together when Lockwood tells Lucy that they are the team, the three of them, not her and the skull, so she should never do anything alone again.

Back home, Flo is waiting for “Locky.” Something else also arrives in their letterbox, and Lucy gets it. Lucy overhears Flo and Lockwood speaking, getting the idea that Flo knows a lot more about Lockwood than she does. Flo knows where the mirror is going to be auctioned, and Lockwood asks for her help to get there safely. She tells him not to die, seemingly knowing there’s something going on between him and Lucy as well. With the file Lucy found, George has deduced the backstory of the bone glass. It includes ancient depictions of ghosts being “tied to their sources.” Bickerstaff probably used these illustrations to figure out if the theory was right, giving an answer as to why his basement was a horror show. According to the team, Bickerstaff was traumatizing the victims by taking parts of them while they were still alive to make sure they turned into sources, forever attached to their bones. George tells them that at Joplin’s, he found out that Mary Duplac had a notebook of confessions, which is possibly in the Fittes black library. The boys realize they have no way in there, but Lucy shows them the letter that arrived previously, which was an invite to a ball at Fittes.

Lucy goes shopping for a dress for the ball, and while returning, she’s suddenly face-to-face with Kipps. Kipps offers her a place at Fittes and also asks her out for a coffee after she turns him down for the ball. Lucy politely tells him she’ll think about it and leaves. Pamela arrives with books and food while Lucy and Lockwood get ready for the ball. Lockwood gives Lucy a necklace from someone who means a lot to him. He asks her about Norrie, and Lucy informs him she has been ghost-locked. At this point, Lockwood confronts Lucy and admits he has been a bit hurt because Lucy never shared anything about Norrie with him. However, Lucy defends herself as she says that Lockwood never bothered to ask. While Lucy and Lockwood are getting ready to leave, George decides to stay back to research with Joplin and lets it slip to her that they’re going to go get the “bone glass” after the ball. At the ball, Lockwood mingles with people while Lucy walks around. As she tries to avoid Kipps, she meets Penelope Fittes. Penelope also offers her the job that Kipps had suggested, but Penelope realizes Lucy’s closeness with Lockwood.

‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Will Lockwood And Lucy Get The Notebook?

Lockwood knows Kipps and Fittes have spoken to Lucy, making it obvious he’s jealous and doesn’t want her to leave. Lucy assures him that she’s here to stay and that George and Lockwood are her family. Lockwood and Lucy make it to the black library using the map George gave Lockwood. They find Mary Dulac’s notebook, and just as they’re about to leave, Penelope arrives with somebody frightening them into hiding. Lucy saw the harp pattern that was in Fairfax’s goggles in a glass casing at the library. Penelope hands that ornament with the harp on it to the man she’s with and leaves. Just as Lockwood and Lucy think it’s safe to leave, the man realizes they’re there. They narrowly escape his rapier, and Lockwood makes the genius plan of turning on the salt rain (basically fire safety for ghosts); as the aesthetically lit room gets rained on, Lockwood and Lucy escape. Lockwood is rest assured Lucy is on his side; but what’s next for the Lockwood trio?

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