‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Whose Death Did The Skull Ghost Predict? 

Netflix series, “Lockwood & Co” is getting more and more interesting as the plot moves further. There are more mysteries, more thrills, and, therefore, more fun! In the previous episode, Lucy realized that she has the superpower to talk to “type 3” ghosts and have actual conversations with them, just like the original Fittes (the only other known talker in the world). They found a strange mirror buried in an iron casket with the body of a man named Dr. Edmund Bickerstaff, a Victorian occultist, as believed by George. Kipps and Lockwood have made the bet of a lifetime, whoever is unable to find the mirror first has to quit being agents for life. Much more excitement awaits the three Musketeers of “Lockwood & Co.” Let’s break down episode 5.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

It is early morning, and Lucy is up and attempting to speak with the skull. Things are off because George is starting to feel left out as Lockwood has begun to make plans with Lucy alone. A tense environment to start the day, with George and Lockwood having a trivial argument about coffee and research. Lucy becomes the mom of the group by giving them each a task to avoid bickering. When they arrive at the scene, to the disappointment of Lockwood (and his great plan of having a head start), Kipps and his team are already there. Saunders believes Kipps’ idea that this is an inside job, and Joplin is furious because there was only a 12-year-old at the gate to look after the scene. The trio finds a badge on the silver net and concludes that this may be the job of agents alone, with no involvement from any relic men.


George is still distracted whenever he sees anything twirling, like his coffee; it seems the effects of the mirror have not worn out. Lockwood thinks George is upset because he’s being sent to do research in the archives rather than be where the action is. While this is partially true, he seems to be very dazed by the events of the previous night. George goes to look around further and finds a corpse in the water body by the graveyard. Lockwood says he knows this person, and it is Danny Clough, an ex-agent and now “relic man,” as he claims, who used to help Lockwood when he was younger and just starting out. Lockwood tells the team they need to keep this information to themselves and find Danny’s partner to figure out what’s wrong. Barnes says they haven’t found the mirror with the body, and Kipps asks if they’ve identified it. Barnes says no, but they believe it’s a relic man judging from his tattoos. It turns out Danny ended up gouging out his own eyes because of whatever he saw in the mirror, according to Barnes.

Lockwood tells George to head to the archives and doesn’t tell him what Lucy and his plans are. Lucy is worried about his mental health as he knew Danny before he died. At the archives, George is unable to enter because they’re full, but on his way out, he meets Joplin, who is a board member, and takes him in with her. George seems to identify with Joplin not just because she loves research too, but also because she’s lonely, and they seem to get each other. In the meantime, Lockwood and Lucy are going to meet someone who Lockwood has worked with previously. Her name is Florence Bonnard, affectionately called “Flo Bones,” the best relic hunter on the Thames, according to Lockwood. Flo saves them from a “cold maiden”- someone named Elisabeth Creevey, who used to steal money from single mums who wanted their babies sold and drown the babies instead in the Victorian era.


Lucy and Flo don’t get along for the obvious reason that Flo is a “relic girl” and Lucy is an agent. Lockwood tells Flo they need her help and offers to help her sell the relics to an important museum without being caught in return. Joplin invites George home for dinner, and he happily accepts. Flo tells them Danny’s partner was Jack Carver, but he’s not someone they should deal with. They leave a message for him either way, as they need to know where the mirror is. Julius Winkman is an antique dealer, and it turns out Danny and Carver do business with him. Flo warns that they should not knock on Winkman’s window, or they’ll be dead before Carver can even find them (or kill them). Flo cryptically tells Lockwood that she’s surprised he’s still alive. George finds interesting books and artifacts at Joplin’s house, and they talk about many things that he could never talk to Lockwood or Lucy about. Joplin also confesses that she never had the “talent” (ghost touch, etc.) but was deeply interested in the nostalgia of it all. Her parents used to tell her stories of how it used to be before the “problem” started. Lucy bombards Lockwood with questions about Flo, stating that she cares about him, but Lockwood denies it, saying Flo’s just a worrier. Lockwood is impatient and, despite Flo’s warning, decides to go to Winkman’s himself. Lucy asks about George, but Lockwood is too determined to care. It seems to us that Lockwood has a penchant for highly dangerous jobs, and Lucy is noticing this too; maybe this is what George was talking about back in the second episode.

When they notice Winkman might be home, Lucy suggests they come back in the morning and pretend to be customers, but Lockwood is ready to break in. When they enter the house, they’re interrupted by some sound. Lockwood tells Lucy to hide if she hears anyone. Suddenly they’re met with a young boy with a robot in his hand, and Lucy ends up hiding. Lockwood asks the boy if he can help him find his “lost” mirror, and the boy just stares at him. At that time, a woman tases him and drags him away from Lucy’s site. George is back home and feeling sleepy, but he still has the eerie feeling of the mirror latched on to him. When Lockwood comes to, he’s interrogated by Winkman himself with a tattoo pen, and later, when he doesn’t comply at all, he’s electrocuted in his chair too.


At the same time, Lucy is looking around and finds the mirror; she’s face to face with the little boy then. She heard his mum say his name, Leopold, and tried to talk to him. She asks for his robot, and he hands it to her. Lucy realizes he’s in a lot of pain and also that Lockwood will be in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, she’s also tased at the same time. Lucy’s brought to the same room, and Lockwood tells Winkman that he can do anything he wants to him but to let Lucy go. Winkman tells him he’ll kill her last so Lockwood doesn’t have to see her die. Lucy has heard all of this and wakes up just in time to save them both. She grabs a flammable liquid and throws it at Winkman and his wife, immediately bringing out her lighter. She tells them to stand back while untying Lockwood, and they manage to escape.

George is making another cup of coffee for himself when he starts to go into a trance again. He feels uneasy and looks out of the window to see a ghost coming at him (a sight possibly similar to what he saw in the mirror) and punches the window hard enough for it to crack. The skull is seen cackling in the secure room as we skip to Lucy and Lockwood.


‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Will Lockwood And Lucy Get Back Home Before Carver Arrives? What Will Happen To George?

Outside, Lucy asks Lockwood what’s wrong with him and why he is “practically begging” Winkman to kill him. Lockwood denies her allegation and tells her he had a plan; when she asks what it was, he says he would’ve come up with something, as he always does. Lucy tells Lockwood that he can talk to her, and if he ever needs him, she’ll be there for him. Lockwood acknowledges this but dodges her question again, making her slightly upset. Lucy tells Lockwood she’s never going back there, and they can do what they want with the mirror. Lockwood says they could never let Winkman and Carver get away with what they did, and Lucy realizes Carver may have found their note and that George is alone at home. They rush home to find George (who is frantically using tape to cover up the cracks in the window), and there’s a knock on the door. George wonders out loud who it could be, and Lucy lets him know it’s Danny’s partner, Carver. Lockwood and Lucy get ready with their rapiers as Lockwood opens the door, to their surprise, to a stumbling Carver, who then falls face-front into their home because he’s been stabbed in the back. Lockwood tells Lucy to call an ambulance, as Lockwood and George ask Carver questions as quickly as possible. When asked who did this, the only thing he replies is “bone glass,” and when George asks what that means and if it’s the mirror, he replies, “7, not 1”. George asks Carver if he looked into the mirror, and Carver says he saw “terrible things”. Lucy then hears him say, “Come with me,” and when she replies, “Where to?” the boys ask her what she heard. When she tells them he told them to come with him, Lockwood says he’s dead.

Okay, hear us out. What if Joplin’s got something to do with this whole situation, and she’s the only one who knows the importance of the mirror as she has done so much research, and that’s why she was trying to get close to George? What are the terrible things Carver spoke about, and what is bone glass? It seems to us that the death the skull predicted may have been Carver’s, or that’s what we’re hoping. Lockwood is clearly hiding something, and although there may have been a slight romance brewing between Lucy and him, he may be pushing her away by denying her honesty. The group’s friendship is hanging by a thread as George drifts further away because of the mirror and Lockwood’s favoritism toward Lucy. How will they find out more about the mirror now that Carver is dead? Probably we will find our answers in the next episode of “Lockwood & Co.”


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