‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Lockwood Be Able To Save His Team?

Previously on “Lockwood & Co.,” Lucy heard strange voices after accidentally turning something on the skull glass that George had stolen from Fittes for research. The episode ends with her fainting and the boys running down to find her in the secure storage room. She’s also received her fourth-year certificate signed off by Lockwood himself and is free to work with the team. She and George are getting along perfectly (one could say- like a house on fire), and it seems other than hearing strange voices, everything‚Äôs going great for Lucy. They’ve also solved Annabel’s case but signed NDAs regarding John Fairfax’s “murder,” putting them back in the position of “no reputation” and “no cases.” What’s Lockwood going to do to save his company? Let’s find out about their new case in episode 4.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Lucy wakes up in an eerie setting, making us believe it could be a dream. She walks around the house groggily to find that the boys aren’t home and have gone wraith hunting without her. She clearly seems on edge and confused. The boys arrive at the door arguing, and Lucy goes to meet them. It turns out they were ambushed by Kipp’s crew at the hunt and lost the case to them. But the thing Lockwood is most upset about is the fact that Kipp won’t acknowledge the Fairfax case. Lucy reminds Lockwood that Kipp may have signed a similar NDA to them, but he wants the boy to just let him know that he knows! George and Lockwood are worried about Lucy, but she assures them of her health. They have new clients at their doorstep: Sebastian Saunders and Pamela Joplin. They’re essentially a pair of gravediggers, or as they would like to say, “excavation and clearance” agents. During their conversation, Lucy notices some nails pierced into her shoe but doesn’t pay much heed to it. They accept the case with some convincing, i.e., danger talk, and are set to dig up an old, unmarked grave. They need to be careful to avoid relic-men, as they will kill anyone who comes in their way, as Lockwood calls them, “the scum of the earth” and the “ghost cult” (yeah, that’s right), people who think the ghosts need to be “welcomed in” rather than fought. At the graveyard, there are protests, and the workers ask Saunders why they haven’t got a team from Fittes or any of the big and prestigious agencies. Lockwood uses his charm and wits to convince them that they are the best and there’s nothing to be worried about. The gravesite that they need to investigate is very powerful, and everybody believes it’s a “type 2” that is really powerful, and all the “sensitives” (basically listeners who don’t use a rapier) who tried to get near it got nauseous. They know that the casket was exposed but not opened, and yet the presence is extremely powerful. Saunders goes back on his words about keeping them “well supported” and says he will not send anyone else near the grave until Lockwood & Co have dealt with the problem.


At the grave, Lockwood can’t see any “death glows,” and all Lucy can hear is a faint vibration. They get into position and prepare themselves to trap whatever it is that’s haunting the workers there. When George is digging, he finds that the burial was rushed and something was wrong at that time. Lucy starts to get terribly nauseous as Joplin arrives at the scene. Lucy is suddenly struck by a flashback of what happened at home before she faints and realizes she heard a voice. She’s brought back to the present by Lockwood, asking if she’s okay, and she seems dazed. George realizes the casket is made from iron, but it was buried years before the problem of ghosts even emerged, so how did the people who did this burial know what to do? Lucy begins to hear flies, and George is nauseous, too; he also suggests they should do some research before doing anything stupid, but Lockwood says there’s no time for it. Lucy continues to get distracted by flashbacks and accidentally scratches herself on the wrist with her own rapier.

The boys, in the meantime, realize it’s not a coffin at all, but there’s a door on the casket. Lucy is screaming for the sounds of the flies to stop, and Lockwood prepares to fight when George opens the door to the casket. George is hypnotized by a circular object in the hands of the skeleton, but Lockwood is able to break his trance, saving him and also getting Lucy to cover the source with the silver net. They’ve done their part, and while Lucy and George are still dazed, Lockwood believes their work is done there. George also noticed that the man in the casket was shot in the head and said while the “ornament” in his hand was black, it looked like something was in there that was looking at him. When Lockwood is taken away by Saunders to sign some paperwork for the work done, he tells Lucy to keep an eye on George, but Lucy gets distracted by a skull on one of the gravestones, and at that time, George goes to speak with Joplin very close to the site. Lucy realizes that the skull at home had actually said her name. George allows her inside the iron chains, something agents should not be doing, and accidentally falls onto the silver net himself. When he tries to get off, he manages to lift the net off the casket with his foot, exposing the “type 2” ghost.


Lucy, being proactive, manages to get the ghost with her rapier, saving not just George but everyone there. She gets back home and runs directly to the secure room. There, she speaks to the skull jar, stating the words, “you spoke to me.” The skull replies immediately. She thinks she’s going bonkers, but the skull tells her that she should ask Lockwood what’s behind the door he keeps locked and that she is near a dangerous site, making her believe she might actually be having a conversation with a “type 3.” The boys return, and George is immediately researching the inscriptions on the ornament they found in the grave. Lockwood yells at him for messing up at the job, but George retorts that if Lucy were in his place, she would not be in as much trouble. Lucy also comes in, telling them about her conversation with the type 3, even asking Lockwood directly if there’s something dangerous hidden behind “the door.”

George calls her clinically insane, and Lockwood gets mad at her for mentioning the room and tells her that if she ever brings it up again, she will be done at Lockwood & co. An upset Lucy watches a video of the original agent, Fittes, being interviewed, where she says that she’s the only person in the world who can speak with a type 3 and has evidently met one. Lockwood comes to apologize with some medical supplies for Lucy’s nasty gash, and they have a sweet conversation. He tells her that he was orphaned at age 6, and so he doesn’t like to speak about his past; that’s why he was triggered by the mention of the door. He also admits to her that he believes her, and that is overwhelming for him. Lucy then tells him that the skull jar told her a strange prophecy about death. They decide to go tell George but are unable to find him at home, realizing he’s figured out what was written on the ornament and has gone to find it.


‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What Will George Find?

“The truth lies beyond” are the words translated by George and Lucy, and Lockwood heads straight to find him. At the site, George meets investigator Barnes, and he’s informed that the ornament has already been stolen. Barnes asks if there was anything out of the ordinary at the excavation, but George answers that there wasn’t anything strange. It seems the case has been handed to Kipps’ team. Lockwood & Lucy arrive just in time to banter with Kipps. George interrupts by saying the mirror is missing, and Lockwood tells Barnes it’s their case. Kipps says not anymore because they’ve already made a “preliminary report” on the case. Kipps team member Bobby shares the database they’ve found at Fittes, but George easily knocks down their theory with his own research. George says the words on the mirror mean “the truth lies beyond,” which was a slogan for many cults back in the day.

The person “executed” and buried with the mirror, which is worth a lot of money, is an early occultist very much ahead of his time named Dr. Edmund Bickerstaff. The Fittes team waves George’s theory away because Bickerstaff was a joke in history and a pervert, but George’s question is: what if that was just a cover story? They say he has no proof, and George suggests releasing the clasp of a walking stick found with the corpse, as wealthy Victorians often had their belongings marked in case of theft. It turns out he is right, and Barnes decides to have both teams work on the case together. George believes the mirror can help them figure out the origin of the problem. Kipps and Lockwood decide to make a bet; the first person to find the mirror wins, and the loser quits being an agent. George and Lucy look on with fearful eyes as Lockwood makes this grave decision for them. Will they be able to find the mirror? What is the fate of Lockwood & Co?


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