‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Really Killed Annabel?

Before we discuss in detail the happenings of episode 3 of Netflix’s “Lockwood & Co,” let’s just take a moment to acknowledge the similarities between Florence Pugh and Ruby Stokes, aka Lucy Carlyle. Now that we’ve put that aside, the last thing we saw in episode 2 was that Lucy had managed to steal the ring from the box that the team had stored in their secret space and saved the day. Annabel’s killer, Hugo, is free, and Lockwood has been dealt an ultimatum to pay a lump sum of £60,000 to his client for burning her house down. The crew is a bit rundown with everything that’s happened, and Lucy even breaks down in front of Lockwood, suggesting he let her go because DEPRAC knows she’s illegal. Will the stolen ring bring them good luck or bad luck? Let’s break down episode 3 of “Lockwood & Co.” to find out.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 3?

The crew finds out that the ring has a hallmark that is a poetic love letter to Annabel from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This makes them believe that she was, in fact, with Hugo, but it isn’t evidence enough to prove he killed her. Because they’re on their own, their big punishment is that they get a supervisor if they’re unable to pay their debt to Mrs. Hope. Lockwood finds a big secret job that he thinks they’re perfectly fit for and takes the team to Fairfax Iron. They believe from the advert that it will be a perilous job with high pay and go along with him. There they speak with Sir John Fairfax himself. Sir John tells them that he is getting rid of some of his properties, and one of them includes a place called Combe Carey Hall, a place that had seen many deaths. With the property swarmed by spirits, Sir John can’t sell it or let potential buyers know that something is wrong with the place, so he needs a discreetly done job. The trio convinces him that they’re perfect for it and makes a deal. In this case, their debt can be paid off, and this is also a perfect opportunity to save their company through all aspects. 


According to George’s research, the “countryside house” used to be a home to a medieval satanic cult, and a lot of strange occurrences took place there. Lucy and George believe the job is far too dangerous, and Lockwood suggests they find a better way to clear their debt, and he’d agree. Fairfax has warned them not to use flares at the job, and that is going to make things much worse for them. In addition to all this, prior to them, a Fittes team was sent in to do the same thing, and there had been only one survivor. Barnes makes a call to Lucy, asking her if she’s told Lockwood she would leave and also about the fact that Hugo has been released due to a lack of evidence, and Lucy tells him she has while stealing the ring yet again. They travel to Berkshire. And are met by Ellie, Fairfax’s assistant. It seems like Ellie is hurt, but she tells them she has an old war wound, proving she was an agent as well. Fairfax, being the VIP that he is, has their kits checked for flares and finds one. Lockwood confesses that in fact it was he who broke the rule and brought it along as a safety measure, but later, when the team is alone, he brings out his real contraband, and George and Lucy realize the other one was just a decoy.

There are two haunted spaces in the house that the team has read about, and they are the red room and the screaming staircase. But as they move around the house, they find a room pulsating with bad energy and end up investigating there. Their equipment is not strong enough, and they narrowly escape being touched, or rather, being dripped on by plasm blood. They get out and find that things are even stranger the further they go, including steep temperature drops proving there are more ghosts around. They encounter Sam Pandey, the ghost of one of the Fittes team who died in the home before. As they follow the path he came from, they find the screaming staircase and run down it, only to reach a room with chanting in the background and a well-like structure made from stones in the room. They find the body of the Fittes kid, and Lucy ends up in ghost lock as she tries to ward the ghosts of the satanic monks off. In ghost lock, she ends up finding the source of the monks, which is inside the well, and fortunately, she’s saved by George and Lockwood. They manage to get the well with the flare and again narrowly escape death. 


The blast gets them all unconscious, and when they wake up, Lockwood tells them that he’s been a fool for bringing them there because this was all a plan by Fairfax to have them killed. It seems Annabel and Fairfax were the ones who were actually involved, and he was the one who had given her the ring with the hallmark. Lockwood believes the ring is proof that Fairfax was involved with Annabel because there would be some record of him having commissioned the ring. When they manage to escape the room without entering the red room, they are ambushed by Ellie and Fairfax. Fairfax aims a gun at them, and Ellie wields her rapier; Lockwood realizes Ellie is the intruder he stabbed. Fairfax confesses to giving Annabel a ring and to her murder, including the part where he buried her behind the walls of the house they found her corpse in. He tells Lockwood to hand over the ring, but Lockwood says he thinks they are fools if they would believe they would carry the ring with them outside of their secure room. The truth is, though, that Lucy did bring it with her, and as Fairfax is about to shoot Lockwood, she brings it out. Lucy lets out Annabel’s source, and her ghost comes into the room, entering Fairfax’s body and killing him instantly. They secure the source, and justice is served. Or is it?

‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – What’s Next For The Team?

As Ellie runs out of the house, there are DEPRAC vehicles ready to capture them. Lockwood & Co tells Barnes the whole story and even asks him to speak to Ellie, as she can confirm their story from hearing Fairfax confess. Barnes doesn’t believe them at all and arrests them for doing an illegal job. The deputy commissioner arrives, and the team is put into a van by Quill Kipps, Lockwood’s nemesis, who says he is the Fittes liaison and helps keep rogue agents in check. From the van, the team sees the commissioner and Barnes arguing inaudibly, and then they’re told by Barnes that they are not going to be arrested. Instead, they have to sign NDAs, which will also lift the debt off their shoulders as long as they pretend nothing happened at Combe Carey Hall.


Something seems really fishy, and Barnes tells the kids they’re being protected, but they argue that he doesn’t even know what they’re being protected from or what’s being covered up. This is very against the rules, but Barnes makes them sign the papers. The team is upset that no one will ever know what Fairfax did but appreciate the fact they are alive. They attend Sam’s funeral and are met by Penelope Fittes, the original Fittes’ daughter, who recognizes them, which is a huge deal, but also thanks them for bringing Sam’s body back. It would mean a lot for Senior Fittes. The team is joyful as they return home.

It turns out Fairfax’s death is covered up with “natural causes.” Lockwood & Co are client-free and reputation-free but have no way of sharing their biggest case to commission more cases. George has also stolen more evidence from the scene, and it’s Fairfax’s strange goggles that bear an insignia. Lucy says she felt really connected with Annabel, even though she was really scary in the end, and George lets out that listening can be really hard on people and that she should be careful, but before he can finish his thoughts, Lockwood interrupts him. Lucy heads to keep the ring in their secure storage when Lockwood gives her her fourth-year certificate, making her legal. She finally feels like she belongs, and as she heads down to keep the ring and her certificate, she accidentally lets loose the ghost from George’s stolen skull. The episode ends with her hearing the sounds of someone calling out her name and her fainting. Will Lucy be okay? What was the skull a source for, and what will Lockwood & Co do to save themselves now? We’re excited to find out in the next episode of Lockwood & Co.

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