‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Did Lucy Find About The Ghost & The Stolen Ring? 

Haunted houses and psychic teenagers make a great combo in Netflix’s newly adapted series “Lockwood & Co.” Sam and Dean would get along great with London’s trio; ah, how we’d love to see that crossover, but alas, it’s never going to happen. Dreaming aside, in “Lockwood & Co.” Episode 1, we saw Lucy’s backstory and how she made her way to Anthony and George’s side. Later, Lockwood and Lucy find themselves in a difficult situation (you know? the Client’s house burning down), and the episode ends with them jumping off of the house they were supposed to save. We know that Lucy is somewhat of a runaway agent, and her mother doesn’t really care for her. Will Lucy find family in Lockwood and George? Let’s see, then.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 2?

Lucy finds herself dreaming about her and a woman with red hair in a beautiful dress underwater. The woman is handing daisies to Lucy while her voice echoes with the words, “let go of me’. Lucy notices she has the ring on—the one she had stolen from the corpse. Lucy wakes up dazed and realizes she’s jumped off of a burning house and has to find Anthony. She’s caught by DEPRAC while looking for him. Lucy then finds herself in a hospital and is asked to rest, but she leaves with some daisies she found at her bedside table. On her way out, she comes across many young people, such as herself, in the state Norrie was in when Lucy last saw her – paralyzed. In the meanwhile, Lockwood speaks with Inspector Barnes at DEPRAC, the Department of Psychical Research and Control. Barnes gives Lockwood an ultimatum to pay Mrs. Hope (Lockwood’s Client and the homeowner) £60,000 in two weeks in damages, or her lawyers would have his agency shut down. Lockwood is shocked and tells Barnes that his company is insured by DEPRAC, so they’re the ones who would owe the money. Unfortunately for Anthony, his policy is void because they used a magnesium flare indoors and didn’t bring iron chains with them to the scene. Lucy walks home and meets a confused George, who only asks where Lockwood is, not even realizing Lucy’s in a hospital gown. Lucy loses her cool and shouts at George to make him finally understand the situation. George then tells her that Lockwood should not have gone into the house without George because he was doing all the research about the house and had the equipment that they needed to be safe. George tells Lucy that the ghost they were trying to catch is that of an old rising star all set to make it to Hollywood in the 80s. Lucy tells George that they found her buried in the walls of the house and that she knows there’s something fishy about this situation. George is mad that they went in without him. Lucy says she’d only just started working there, so how could she say no to Anthony, her employer? George argues that she can say no and that if she doesn’t, Anthony will just get worse (oh, how cryptic). They’re interrupted by Anthony, who says he’s glad that the two of them were “getting along” just fine without him.

George finds Lucy in the bathtub with her clothes on and says she’s behaving abnormally. Lucy is scared and hurt and makes a tape recording for Norrie, telling her how she finally made it to London. George and Lucy are clearly not getting along too well, and he suggests to Anthony that he should fire her because she was taking strange baths with her clothes on. Anthony tells George that she is a part of their team, and he believes she fits in with them. Lucy is woken up by the ghost of Annabel Ward, a rising star whose ring Lucy had stolen. It turns out that was the source of her haunting, and Lucy had it with her. She wakes up her teammates, and they try to fight her and figure out how she could be in the house. Lucy tells them the truth, and they manage to narrowly escape being attacked by Annabel. Lucy tells the boys she feels connected with Annabel and that they need to let her find out more. George agrees only because they can be prepared this time, and he’d like to see what Lucy can do. Anthony reluctantly agrees. Lucy manages to communicate with Annabel and becomes somewhat possessed by her. She lives through Annabel’s painful death in front of the two boys. Anthony is terrified for her life and tries to get Annabel out of her when George opens the curtains, showing us that ghosts can’t be around during the day. That’s why there’s a curfew. It turns out that Annabel was strangled by her lover.

Lockwood then tells them about the ultimatum and says that they cannot continue to dwell on this case. He also then gets a call from Barnes, who tells him that he needs to fire Lucy because she’s illegal. They visit the local library to figure out Annabel’s full story and are successful. Annabel once played Ophelia in Hamlet, and in the story, Ophelia drowned herself with daisies, proving why Lucy was always in the water with daisies in her visions. Hamlet was played by a man named Hugo Blake, Annabel’s lover. Lockwood says he has some press work and leaves George and Lucy to have lunch together. They share pizza and have a heart-to-heart, starting to understand each other and even truly “getting along” (how we love found families!). On the telly, Anthony announces that his company has the talented Lucy, who communicates with Annabel and finds out about the atrocities she went through. He also blames the DEPRAC for keeping her case buried. Lucy is furious and hurt because she specifically told Lockwood not to put her out in the news. He calls her an “asset,” and she says he’s just as bad as the other agencies, leaving. Barnes gets Lucy in a room with a one-way mirror. He tells her to show him how she can connect with Annabel because they finally have Hugo and need strong evidence to arrest him. Hugo stands in front of Lucy, and she panics, saying there’s nothing she can do to prove it. Barnes then hands her a free one-way train ticket and suggests she leave for home for good, because if Hugo is let go, he will come for her. Lockwood rambles on in the taxi, and Lucy frustratedly stops it. She leaves, and Lockwood follows. Lockwood apologizes for putting her in the spotlight, and Lucy tells him he doesn’t understand her at all. She tells him that sometimes she thinks she’d be better off dead, and he tells her that he understands that, but they need her. She tells him they have to let her go because Barnes knows she’s illegal, and Lockwood tells her that was why he went on TV to show Barnes that he isn’t bothered by the rules. At the same time, George finds that the house door is unlocked, and there’s a stranger lurking behind him.

‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Who’s In The House? 

Lucy and Lockwood come back to find that the house is bolted from the inside. They break in and find a person clad in black from head to toe. Lockwood fights them, and Lucy heads off to find George. Lockwood manages to wound the intruder in the stomach, and Lucy gets George out of the basement, where they keep their important secret and important materials. Outnumbered by the three of them, the person jumps out of the window, escaping. George deduces that the thief (?) was there to get the ring for Hugo Blake because he must’ve found out they had evidence that he murdered Annabel. George and Anthony dwell on the situation while Lucy just stands quietly. They realize something is up, asking her why she’s making a strange expression. She tells them not to be angry and pulls out the ring. Lucy has managed to keep the ring out of the wrong hands, and it looks like Lockwood & Co still have luck on their side after all. Will they be able to get the evidence they need to catch Hugo Blake and save their company? Misfits or not, Lockwood & Co., are here for the job!

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