‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Lucy Meet Anthony Lockwood?

Netflix has an array of teen shows ranging from romance to mystery and everything in between, and most of the time, it’s a hit-or-miss situation. Every now and then, though, there’s a gem of a show that everyone gets hooked on, such as some we’ve seen in the last year alone, including “Shadow and Bone,” “Midnight Club,” the movie “Do Revenge,” and most recently “Wednesday.” It seems Britain’s answer to the popularity of “Wednesday” calls itself “Lockwood & Co,” and judging by its first episode; it’s a pretty good one! The series is based on novels written by author Jonathan Stroud and adapted for the screen by Joe Cornish. The series is humorous, charming, and fast-paced—perfect for a weekend binge, if you ask us. It’s clear the British take their Supernatural seriously, and we’re keen to see where “Lockwood & Co” take us.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 1?

“Lockwood & Co” begins with a duo of teenagers investigating a “case” at a home in London that must be sold. The client, an old woman, suggests no one, including herself, go inside the home because of the scary business taking place there. It seems ghosts walk among the living, and some younglings have the ability to feel them through senses like sound, touch, and sight, a psychic ability to save England from this strange plague. Three years earlier, Lucy Carlyle was just 13 when her mother set her up to join Jacobs & Co., psychical investigators because she had the ability to hear ghosts. Lucy was afraid and would rather do any other job, but she was forced into joining the team, with her pay going directly to her mother. At the agency, Norrie, another young girl around Lucy’s age, is tasked with showing Lucy the ropes and getting her set into the job. Lucy and Norrie get along great and become great investigators at the agency.

When Lucy completed her 3rd year, Norrie asked her if she would go to London with her, so they could be free and safe together and receive their money themselves. Lucy told Norrie to wait another year, so she could just complete her fourth year and be as good as Norrie, and Norrie agreed. They made a sweet pact to be the most famous agents together. Later that night, there was a case they had to handle, and they were taken to the site by Jacobs. Jacobs doesn’t go inside the houses with the kids and only “supervises” from the outside. Lucy sensed the ghost, but there were categories to them, and she believed it was not a “type 1” ghost, meaning that it would be way more dangerous than they had anticipated. The other members went ahead to handle the ghost while Lucy ran to Jacobs to tell him her hunch. He didn’t pay any heed to her words, and the kids lost their lives in the investigation, except for Norrie, who was left paralyzed by what is called a “ghost lock.”

Losing her friends like that and being treated ill at court and later by her mother led to Lucy making the decision to leave home for London, abandoning the agency, and leaving her fourth year unfinished. In London, because she didn’t have a recommendation or completion of her fourth year, she was not accepted by any big agencies, and just when she was on the verge of giving up, she found a newspaper clipping about a prestigious agency called “Lockwood & Co.” Lucy went in search of the agency immediately. At the door, a boy not much older than her, George, allowed her inside, only to introduce her to another young boy, Anthony Lockwood. Anthony put Lucy to the test—an abnormal interview process for the psychics—and she passed with flying colors. Anthony offered her the job, which included a place in their home too. Lucy accepted because she didn’t see another choice for herself. Lucy found herself curious about Anthony, but he didn’t tell her much of what she was looking for. Instead, Anthony told Lucy she was “good enough” for his company, but Lucy asked him how she should know that he was good enough for her.

‘Lockwood & Co’ Episode 1: Ending Explained – Did Lucy And Anthony Solve The Case?

“Lockwood & Co” Episode 1 gives us some insight into Lucy’s life. We know she’s a loyal and trustworthy friend who is terribly good at her job, even though she herself is afraid of ghosts. There are certain substances the investigators use to get rid of the ghost, like iron and salt, iron being a barrier and salt used to react with their plasm. We’re brought back to the present after Lucy poses her question to Lockwood, and she’s hanging from a photo frame for dear life while he tries to ward off the ghost that put her in that position. They were told the client’s husband had died in the home, but there was another ghost in the house that was causing all the trouble, making the house very difficult to sell for Lockwood’s client. Lucy and Lockwood manage to survive and figure out where the body of the ghost is. Lucy tells Anthony that the ghost felt different than usual, and Lucy could “feel her feelings,” to which Anthony says ghosts don’t have feelings. They find the source, but by then, the ghost is back and ready to attack Anthony.

Lucy manages to get the ghost with an explosive but accidentally lights the house on fire. Anthony tells Lucy to hurry up out of the house, but Lucy, trying to understand what the ghost was saying to her with the words “let go of me,” grabs a ring from the corpse before narrowly escaping the burning house. The episode ends with the two teenagers’ massive jump off the burning house. “Lockwood & Co” will definitely survive, but what’s next for them? How will they become the prestigious agency Anthony wants them to be? Why is Anthony doing this on his own without an adult supervisor? Maybe Lucy will figure out how to understand the ghost through the ring she stole. Most importantly, though, how did this plague begin, and what or who is behind the plague of ghosts? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Lockwood & Co.”

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