‘Little Women’ Ending, Explained: Who Saved In Joo And Her Sisters From Sang Ah?

In Kyung exposed Jae Sang’s evil side on national television just before the election and put him in a tough spot. However, Jae Sang’s popularity didn’t waver much because of it. “Little Women” brought a twist when Jae Sang committed suicide all of a sudden, and Do-il betrayed In Joo by running away with all of her money.

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Did Do-il Really Betray In Joo?

Jae Sang had brought the Jeongran Society in danger of getting exposed, and Sang Ah had to give him the blue orchid. Sang Ah married Jae Sang because she knew he would die for her any day, and he proved it by committing suicide. Sang Ah knew that this was the rule of Jeongran, and she couldn’t avoid it. The next day, she receives a parcel from In Hye. It is the painting of her childhood portrait with Jae Sang and her brother, Sang Woo.

In Joo is dumbfounded when she sees no balance in her bank account but has no time to think as the police start knocking on her door. She calls In Kyung worriedly, but the police arrest her before In Kyung can arrive. In Joo has been arrested for embezzling 70 billion won, but Sang Ah has a bigger game plan for her.

Sang Ah has got Jae Sang’s secretary Go and reporter Ma Ri on her side. She is going to put the blame for Hwa Young and Jae Sang’s murder on In Joo. During her first trial, the prosecutor accuses In Joo of embezzling money together with Hwa Young. Ma Ri makes sure to make In Joo look evil on television. In Joo’s colleagues give an interview and speak about In Joo being indifferent at Hwa Young’s funeral.

Ma Ri has started building up the blocks to frame In Joo as Hwa Young’s murderer in the end. In Kyung informs In Joo that Do-il got into a severe accident, but she doesn’t know whether he survived or not. However, In Joo finds out from her lawyer that Do-il is going to testify from the prosecutor’s side in the next trial.

Sang Ah has given Jang a higher position in Jeongran Society as he is the only veteran alive from the Vietnam War. Jang is a master at torturing, and Sang Ah cannot bear that a mere reporter has ruined her life, so she requests Jang to kill In Kyung. However, In Kyung convinces Jang that Sang Ah and Jae Sang could not live up to General Won’s teachings and killed his son. She saves herself and finds a way to expose Sang Ah.

During In Joo’s second trial, Do-il surprises everyone by exposing Sang Ah and saving In Joo. He had debited all the money from In Joo’s bank account and transferred it to Sang Ah’s bank account. He has been embezzling money for Sang Ah for a long time and submits the transaction records. This saves In Joo from all further trouble as Do-il makes her look like a victim of financial illiteracy.

Do-il visits In Joo and informs her that he had tried to contact her. However, they don’t have much time to talk as Do-il gets arrested as well. Right after the trial, In Kyung goes live on television. In Joo has told In Kyung everything she knew about the closed room and the blue orchid tree. Also, In Kyung remembers that she met Hwa Young during the Bobae bank case and that In Joo had introduced her to Hwa Young.

In Kyung shows the correlation between Sang Ah’s college project and the suicides that occurred in similar rooms. Moreover, she brings Jang as well, and he shows the only blue orchid tree in the world, present at Sang Ah’s home, and claims that all the blue orchids found near dead people can only belong to this tree.

It is a decisive trial for In Joo, and she admits that she got greedy for money. She asks the judge to punish her for greed and all the others involved in the case, who had used Hwa Young to gain money and then killed her. In Joo wants justice for Hwa Young, but a surprise awaits all of them as Hwa Young walks into the court.

How Does Sang Ah Die?

Hwa Young requests the judge to let her testify for In Joo, and she confesses that she had been embezzling money for Sang Ah and that In Joo had no idea about this. She wanted to avenge Sang Ah and hence put on a show. The prosecutor wants to know who had died in her place, and she replies that they should stick to In Joo’s case for now.

The court finds In Joo not guilty but gives her two years of probation. Hwa Young meets In Joo and tells her the truth. She didn’t expect In Joo to investigate her death and endanger her life. She thought In Joo would simply move into the apartment in Singapore and only found out about her involvement when she read about In Joo in the newspaper.

Hwa Young was the one who saved In Joo’s life in Singapore, not once but thrice. In Joo hadn’t seen a dream of Hwa Young’s presence in Singapore; it was really Hwa Young who told her to run away. In Kyung only needs to expose the Jeongran society, and Jang is going to give her General Won’s memoir, but Jong Ho doesn’t trust him.

Hwa Young holds a press conference and shows the reporters the video of Hwa Young’s lookalike getting killed. She knew a day would come when she had to die, so she was already prepared for it. She also launched her application, which has records of all the embezzled money. Do-il is also released because there is no substantial evidence of his involvement.

Sang Ah asks Jang why she can’t be the next leader of the Jeongran, and Jang tells her that she only thinks about herself and wouldn’t be able to sacrifice her life for the sake of their community. General Won has been in a coma for a long time, but he suddenly reacts, and Jang rushes to see him. Sang Ah injects him at the same time and kills him. She made her father inhale the blue orchid smell to get him to react.

Do-il has found In Hye and Hyo Rin’s whereabouts and wants to reach them before Sang Ah. He tells In Joo that Hwa Young has paid for the travel expenses and that they should go to the Netherlands. In Joo didn’t feel right leaving Hwa Young alone, but Hwa Young had asked her to stay away from her. However, In Joo received a text message before her plane took off, and she ran away without Do-il.

Sang Ah made Jang’s murder look like a suicide, and when In Kyung visited Jang’s house, Secretary Go kidnapped her and attacked Jong Ho. Sang Ah has already kidnapped Hwa Young and tied her near the orchid tree. She has asked In Joo to come for her friend, but Hwa Young is sure that In Joo has left the country already. However, In Joo shows up in the orchid room.

In Joo tries to emotionally manipulate Sang Ah first. She asks her if she kills other people because of her guilt of killing her mother. It wavers Sang Ah for a moment, and she confesses that she had accidentally killed her mother when she pushed her and she hit her head on a table. However, she didn’t hang herself in the closet; it was her father’s doing. When In Joo understands that it is difficult to weaken Sang Ah by just talking, she brings out a grenade that Do-il’s father had given her.

In Joo threatens Sang Ah that the three of them will die if she doesn’t let Hwa Young go. Sang Ah doesn’t care because she is ready to die with both of them. She has filled the water sprinkler with acid, and Hwa Young sits right below it. She will be the first one to die before In Joo. Sang Ah wants to kill herself after seeing both of them suffer and die. She turns on the sprinklers, and Hwa Young wails in pain as the acid rains on her.

Jong Ho informs Do-il that In Kyung has been kidnapped, and both of them head toward Sang Ah’s home. They rescue In Kyung from the secretary Go, and Go asks Do-il if he loves In Joo enough to even give up on money. Do-il hits her and runs to save In Joo. In Joo explodes the grenade in the drainage and takes the drainage cap to cover herself from the acid rain.

In Joo saves Hwa Young, and Do-il comes in at the same time. He takes Hwa Young out first, and Sang Ah attacks In Joo. In the end, In Joo pushes Sang Ah with all her might, and she falls into the pool of acid. Sang Ah’s father, General Won, also passes away with a blue orchid by his side.

‘Little Women’ Season 1: Ending Explained

Jang had asked one of his students to give General Won’s memoir to In Kyung, and she found out the truth behind the Jeongran society. The society was formed by the soldiers who were left to die in Vietnam by their country. The soldiers were lost in the jungle and had given up, but they found the blue orchid, which gave them hope. Later, they penetrated Korean society and became mercilessly powerful.

In Kyung uncovered this mystery on television and received a job offer because of her work. She refuses the offer because she wants to study further and live with Jong Ho in the USA. In Joo is happy that In Kyung is finally going to live her dream of studying abroad. She is going to take a loan for In Kyung’s studies and also to pay tax on the apartment that her great aunt left for her secretly.

Do-il leaves for Greece because he doesn’t want to live the same old life. In Joo and In Kyung are only worried about In Hye because she hasn’t contacted them once. However, both of them will receive a message from her soon. In Hye had always felt guilty that she couldn’t do anything for her sisters, but she finally got a chance to do the right thing.

Do-il had caught In Hye and Hyo Rin when they tried to run away from Korea. He helped them to find a good place to stay abroad; in exchange he wanted Hyo Rin to let him use her bank account to store In Joo’s money. When Hyo Rin turned eighteen, she accessed her account with help from Do-il and In Hye, and divided the seventy billion won among the sisters and Do-il, with In Joo getting the highest share.

“Little Women” ended on a positive note as the sisters got money and happiness after a lot of struggles. In Joo was naive but took her sisters’ responsibility for which could go to any length. However, she wouldn’t have survived, let alone gotten the money, if it wasn’t for Do-il. He never revealed if he loved In Joo, but he helped her until the end and made sure she got her money. The series was driven by the psychology of evil. Money, power, guilt, and trauma were the basis of all the evil in “Little Women.” Nevertheless, it also had love, loyalty, trust, and friendship, which won in the end.

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