‘Little Women’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap And Ending – How Does In Kyung Defeat Jae Sang?

In Joo reached Singapore to claim everything that Hwa Young had left to her. However, someone else had been impersonating her, which In Joo believed was Hwa Young. A big revelation comes in “Little Women” as Sang Ah turns out to be the mastermind behind Hwa Young’s murder, and In Joo finds herself to be the next in line.

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Why Did In Kyung Enter The Psychiatric Hospital?

Sang Ah has caught In Joo and has set up a plan to fake her suicide as well. In Joo distracts Sang Ah and points a gun at her. However, Sang Ah has her men outside, and they barge in and hit In Joo instead. In Joo is alone and too weak to handle Sang Ah’s hitmen, but Do-il makes a surprise entry and stops Sang Ah. Do-il puts Jae Sang and In Kyung on a call and In Kyung threatens Sang Ah of revealing all the ledgers if she hurts In Joo. Sang Ah listens to Jae Sang and lets In Joo go.

In Kyung makes a big sacrifice to save her sister, but it is just another play for Sang Ah. She is a psychopath, and her husband is aware of it. In Joo was desperate to meet Hwa Young, however since she was suspicious, she had hidden all her money in a locker. She gives Do-il the key to the locker and passes out.

In Joo was worried that she might die but she woke up in sound health. Do-il has made all preparations for her to move to Greece. Do-il is going to accompany her until her sisters arrive in Greece, and in the meantime, they will split their money as decided. Back in Korea, In Hye and Hyo Rin have decided to run away from the country because their mothers have abandoned them.

Sang Ah returns and convinces her husband that she needs to get rid of In Kyung as soon as possible. While In Joo was about to leave for Greece, she receives a call from Jong Ho, who informs her that In Kyung has disappeared. Every risk that In Joo has taken until now was for her sisters, and she can’t just leave knowing one of them is in danger. She, once again, trusts Do-il and tells him to give money to her sisters if she is to die.

Hyo Rin and In Hye’s plan to run away fails when In Hye disappears all of a sudden. Hyo Rin’s mother tells her that In Hye has run away to Japan along with Hyo Rin’s money. Hyo Rin knows her mother well now and says that she has given the money to In Hye to explore art galleries around the world and that she will be back soon.

Sang Ah has locked In Hye in a room that looks exactly like the art model that Sang Ah made. However, In Hye isn’t scared and has accepted her fate. Sang Ah’s mother lived in that closed room for many days before she died, and In Hye is Sang Ah’s next toy who is bound to die after a game.

In Kyung’s house is disheveled when In Joo arrives, and her parrot has been killed as well. The police believe that In Kyung has run away, but In Joo and Jong Ho believe that she has been kidnapped. The police have tracked In Kyung’s last location at a psychiatric hospital, and In Joo receives a phone call from the same hospital at the same time.

In Kyung had admitted herself to the hospital for Alcoholism under In Joo’s name, but she is nowhere to be found. In Kyung was hopeless after having to give up the ledgers, when she received an email from someone who seemed to know Jae Sang well. She asked the sender to meet her in person, but he told her that he is in no position to step out into the world.

Won Sang Woo was the sender of the email, and In Kyung had entered the hospital to meet him. She made her way to his room through the vents and promised that she would help him escape. In Joo sees Jae Sang’s secretary and overhears her talking about looking for In Kyung. In Joo initially had a doubt about Sang Woo, but now she is sure that In Kyung is with him.

In Joo turns on the fire alarm and distracts Jae Sang’s secretary. In Joo knows where Sang Woo’s room is and shouts In Kyung’s name outside his room, telling her to run away. Jong Ho traps the secretary, and In Joo hits the secretary to avenge the torture she has faced. They get caught in the end, but In Kyung has already escaped by then. In Kyung and Sang Woo join Do-il’s father, who had already sent someone to save In Joo and Jong Ho.

The secretary had locked up In Joo and Jong Ho, but Do-il rescued them, and they all joined Do-il’s father’s hideout. His father is adamant about killing Jae Sang and will not back off. Sang Woo was not aware of this plan and ran away, fearing he might get caught and killed by Jae Sang. He informs Jae Sang about their plan and asks him for a meetup. However, when they meet, Sang Woo points a gun at him.

How Does Do-il Fool Jae Sang?

Sang Woo betrayed In Kyung because he wanted to flee the country and never come back. He threatens Jae Sang’s secretary to book him an immediate flight to Panama and transfer money to him to ensure Jae Sang’s safety. Sang Woo is no match for Jae Sang, and Jae Sang easily disarms Sang Woo.

Jae Sang takes Sang Woo’s gun and shoots at him, but the gun is unloaded. Sang Woo put on a show because he wanted to see Jae Sang’s evil face again. Jae Sang doesn’t wait and smashes Sang Woo’s head with a big rock, making him lose his life on the spot. In Kyung thinks that Sang Woo has fled to kill Jae Sang, but Do-il’s father knows that Sang Woo is too cowardly to do that.

In Joo and Do-il barge into Hyo Rin’s room secretly, when Hyo Rin informs them that she doubts that her mother has kidnapped In Hye. However, she seems to have an idea of where her mother has kept In Hye hidden. Sang Ah has given In Hye a picture to draw, and In Hye starts to draw it right away, hoping Sang Ah will be lenient with her if she does a good job. To her surprise, In Joo, Do-il, and Hyo Rin enter her room through a secret passage, and all of them make an escape from the house.

After escaping the house, In Joo and Hyo Rin ran away to Japan as they had planned. Hyo Rin’s mother starts panicking after Hyo Rin goes missing, but In Joo dares to visit her only for the sake of Hyo Rin. She gives Sang Ah a letter from Hyo Rin, which says that she wants to live freely without any burden and that she will always love her mom.

To repay In Joo for delivering her daughter’s message, Sang Ah gives her advice to not trust Do-il and run away with her sister while she has a chance and money. Do-il has been helping his father prepare to kill Jae Sang during his live speech. However, he suddenly gets a call that his mother has tried to kill herself and has been hospitalized. It was Park Jae Sang’s doing which caught him in a trap.

Do-il agrees to share his father’s plan only if Jae Sang frees him, his mother, and his money forever. He tells Jae Sang that he will make In Joo sign a power of attorney for all the money. Do-il makes In Joo sign a paper written in English to transfer her money to a safer place while he is being wiretapped by Jae Sang’s men.

Do-il shares his father’s plan with Jae Sang, and his father ends up getting into a bomb explosion and hurting himself. Do-il has already boarded the plane with his mother, and no one can threaten Jae Sang now. In Joo desperately tries to contact Do-il from the hospital when she sees In Kyung on television with Do-il’s mother.

At the same time, Do-il appears in the hospital and takes his father and In Joo away. It was Do-il’s plan all along, and he had no time to explain it to In Joo. In Kyung accuses Jae Sang’s father of murder on national television right before Jae Sang’s special appearance, forcing him to cancel his appearance.

‘Little Women’ Episode 10: Ending

Jae Sang’s popularity rating hasn’t dropped even after his father’s scandal, and he confidently goes to address the group of people awaiting him. However, a big and scary surprise awaits him too. Do-il hacks into the system and plays the video of Jae Sang killing Sang Woo. Jae Sang tries to carry on as if nothing happened, but In Kyung goes live on national television again.

Sang Woo died on purpose and had already scheduled for In Kyung to receive the email with the video of his murder. In Kyung explains everything to the public, and Jae Sang has no choice but to run away. The sisters have become more powerful in “Little Women,” but surprises await them as Jae Sang commits suicide all of a sudden, and all the money from In Joo’s bank account disappears.

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