‘Little Women’ Episode 7 And 8: Recap And Ending: Who Killed Hwa Young?

Last week on “Little Women,” In Joo had received a blue orchid from Hyo Rin’s mother as an opportunity to join the Jeongran society. In Joo had been given the responsibility of laundering money for Sang Ah in Singapore, and on doing it successfully, she would gain entry into Jeongran society. Sang Ah had told In Joo that the blue orchid would show her what she wanted, but In Joo found herself next to her dead great-aunt with the blue orchid in her hand and no memory of what happened.

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Why Did In Joo Go To Singapore Urgently?

In Kyung finds In Joo sitting beside their great-aunt, lying dead in a puddle of blood. In Joo blames herself for her death, but she doesn’t remember what happened after she smelled the orchid. Choi Do-il arrives at the incident as if he knows something is about to happen. At the great-aunt’s funeral, her relatives gossip about In Joo being the murderer when she is just the first witness.

In Kyung had been close with her great-aunt despite their disagreements, and her sudden loss came as a shock to her. She accepts her inheritance when her other family members refuse to accept it because of the debt. The great-aunt held her company dear to her heart, and she couldn’t see it going bankrupt. That’s why she wanted In Kyung to take over and bring the company back on track. However, it is too late now to save her company.

In Joo, out of guilt, visits Choi Do-il’s office and requests him to look for her great-aunt’s murderer. She is ready to give up on all of her money but Do-il agrees to help her anyway. Sang Ah had known the great-aunt because she was their family nurse and had helped Sang Ah after her mother died. Sang Ah gives In Joo the same advice that the great-aunt had given to Sang Ah- to close the door to a situation that you cannot accept. However, In Joo told Sang Ah that she could not trust her until the real murderer was found.

Park Jae Sang and Sang Ah have gotten into a fight again, which sends Hyo Rin into a panic attack, but In Hye comforts her. She sees Hyo Rin’s mother running away from the house but doesn’t inform Hyo Rin about it. Instead, they sneak into the room they couldn’t last time. She finds a model made by her mother that resembles what she saw in her nightmares. The model is exactly similar to Hwa Young’s suicide scene, but it was made by Sang Ah in her college. The model is called “The Closed Room,” and the girls do not understand its correlation with Hwa Young’s death.

In Kyung, Jung Ho, and In Joo have been investigating the Jeongran society, and the only person alive apart from General Won is Choi Hee Jae, who has been reported missing, and his son is Choi Do-il. In Kyung and In Joo visit Do-il’s mother in prison and persuade her to inform them of her husband’s address because her son’s life is in danger. Do-il’s mother is serving her sentence in prison for murder, but she tells In Joo to convey a message to her son that she didn’t murder anyone.

Choi Do-il gets mad at In Joo for meeting his mother and doesn’t guarantee In Joo’s safety anymore. Park Jae Sang has already found out that the sisters had visited Do-il’s mother and put his men to tail Do-il. In Kyung and Jung, Ho also finds out about Choi Hee Jae’s hideout and tries to get information from him, but he refuses. Do-il gives his father’s address to Jae Sang to gain his trust, but he gives him another task to prove his loyalty.

In Kyung has finally agreed with In Joo to keep the 70 billion because In Kyung is going to expose the Jeongran society, and they will need to escape the country to stay safe. Do-il meets In Joo to tell her that someone is impersonating her in Singapore, and they need to go there soon. It could be a lie to trap In Joo because Jae Sang has ordered Do-il to get rid of In Joo.

What Makes In Joo Suspect Hyo Rin’s Mother?

In Joo informs In Kyung that she is going to Singapore and that she and In Hye should stay prepared to move out of the country at any time. In Kyung still needs to cover the case of Jeongran society and is not ready to move out of the country just yet. In Joo and Do-il reach Singapore and Do-il drops In Joo at a hotel while he leaves to take care of matters at the office. In Joo gets special treatment in the hotel as Oh In Joo is an important person to them.

Do-il and In Joo meet again the next day to access the apartment under her name. On their way, many people recognize In Joo and greet her. They realize that the person living here as In Joo, also looks like her. It is surprising and confusing, and the first thought that comes to Joo’s mind is that the person is Hwa Young. She had mentioned wanting to have plastic surgery before dying.

Do-il asks In Joo to stay alert and not believe any such thing because he finds it very suspicious. He buys In Joo an expensive dress and accessories for the auction event so that she can convince others that she is the real In Joo. In Joo bids on the most expensive orchid and proves her identity as the most important person in the international orchid community. She experiences odd occurrences after the event when she receives a letter from an anonymous bidder, and a woman tells her about her lookalike. She still believes it is Hwa Young but can’t find anyone.

They need to retrieve the money from the bank accounts and Do-il had already made the request two weeks ago. Both of them go from one bank to another, signing papers and filling the luggage with cash. Back in Seoul, Jae Sang has created chaos since Sang Ah left Korea without informing him. Hyo Rin gets admitted into the ER again, and In Hye needs to know how Jae Sang finds out everything easily. She checks into his computer and finds CCTV footage of Hyo Rin and her mother’s room. However, she also finds something scarier in one of the videos.

It is Hyo Rin’s mother, who left wearing a fur coat and came back without it on the day Hwa Young had died. Hwa Young was wearing a fur coat when she was found dead. She first informs In Kyung that In Joo might be in danger because she heard Jae Sang talking about Singapore and then shows Hyo Rin her mother’s video. In Joo asks Do-il how to trust him after she receives a message from In Kyung to be careful of him.

Do-il hands her a gun and tells her to only trust the gun and money, but he also expresses that he would like it if she trusted no one but him. In Joo follows him and does everything as he said, but as she enters the last bank, she receives a note from a woman in a yellow dress who runs away after handing it. She reads the note without letting Do-il know and follows what was written in it. The note asked her to run away from Do-il and go to Hwa Young’s apartment.

‘Little Women’ Episode 8: Ending

In Joo runs away with the bag of money and gets into a car waiting for her. The car is being followed, and In Joo has no idea what is happening. The car speeds up, and a truck crashes into it. Thankfully, In Joo wasn’t injured severely. She dreams about Hwa Young telling her to run away from the hospital before Do-il comes, and she indeed runs away before Do-il can find her. She goes to Hwa Young’s apartment, which is opened with her fingerprint and waits.

In Joo really believed that Hwa Young was alive, but when the woman in the yellow dress arrived, it was Sang Ah. She was behind Hwa Young’s murder, and In Joo realizes that she is the next one to die. Sang Ah is a psychopath who uses people like toys and throws them away when she is bored of playing with them. She had planned Hwa Young’s suicide and, similarly, had everything ready for In Joo as well. In Joo begs her to let her see the 70 billion won for the first and last time before she dies.

When Sang Ah opens the luggage, there are bricks inside instead of cash, and In Joo is standing behind her, pointing a gun. “Little Women” has given us the best plot twist by revealing Sang Ah as the villain. The money and revenge game is about to get more exciting and thrilling as In Joo has caught Sang Ah in a trap, and In Kyung has joined hands with Choi Do-il’s father to destroy Park Jae Sang.

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