‘Little Demon’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained – Do Laura And Darlene Escape From The Ego Monster?

At the end of “Little Demon” Episode 2, we saw Chrissy get her soul back and return home with her mom, Laura. In Episode 3, things are seemingly back to normal with Chrissy visiting her dad in Hell. However, there is more to Satan than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Laura and Darlene get trapped inside a hidden pocket dimension on Earth.

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‘Little Demon’ Episode 3: Recap Summary

It is nighttime. Laura is torturing and interrogating a Goblin that has somehow made its way to Delaware, probably drawn to Chrissy. But her interrogation is interrupted by Darlene, who wants to take Laura to a nightclub. Laura, however, isn’t interested at all but agrees anyway to avoid Darlene’s continuous haranguing. “One drink, though.” At the club, Darlene tries to hook Laura up with a guy, but Laura is disinterested here as well. She finishes her drink and goes to the counter for her bill when she comes across a serial killer. Both try to hit on each other in traditionally obnoxious ways until they decide to take it somewhere private. Both are equally attracted to each other’s sadistic mannerisms.

Chrissy is with her father, Satan, watching a puppet show that is based on the Antichrist and Satan and how they sign the Maximus Dawnus contract. Chrissy doesn’t like it at all and comes out of the hall irritated, deciding to return home. Satan requests her for another shot as he has the whole afternoon planned for her. Chrissy stays.

Laura and the serial killer take on each other behind the club. The guy ties her hands and is about to stab her in the neck, something that Laura taunts him to do, but before he can, Darlene kills him by throwing one of her heels that wedges itself inside his right ear. While Darlene is freaked out, Laura tells her that she would have killed the guy herself eventually. She then opens a portal to a hidden pocket dimension to discard the body of the serial killer before returning home, and tells Darlene to guard the portal entrance. As expected, Darlene follows her inside the portal, and Laura is enraged. She rushes back to the portal door to ensure that no liquid touches the fissure, or else it will close. Unfortunately, a drunk guy on the other side of the portal (Earth-side) urinates on the fissure, thereby closing it and trapping Laura and Darlene inside the pocket dimension.

Satan is taking Chrissy to another realm in the Demicorporeal Plane, the Wibby Turkle Realm. But when Chrissy arrives at the location, she finds out that it is a game show, the Realm of Realms, hosted by Queen Inichoochiama, where killing is legally required. Chrissy is infuriated by her father, who, rather than having dinner with her, brings her to a death match. Satan and Chrissy will have to fight the most powerful creatures from all corners of all realms. The first creature is Typhon, and rather than fighting it himself, Satan pushes Chrissy forward. She is freaked out, but for Satan, it is the only way to tap into the real Antichrist powers. Sure enough, Chrissy injures the monster after her fear and rage bring out her dormant powers. After that, she and her father kill Typhon together. Chrissy starts to get the hang of her powers. But the game has just begun, and there are 23 more monsters to go.

In the pocket dimension, Laura and Darlene meet Jimmy, an Ego Monster, a small and well-behaved creature with a snorkel. He has an object that she needs, one among the many required to open a portal to Earth. The next thing Laura needs is goofer dust, and when she sees a goofer dust gust, she rushes towards it, telling Darlene to remain where she is and not talk to Jimmy. Jimmy approaches Darlene and requests her to join him in his little house. Darlene follows him, although she isn’t allowed to talk to him.

Chrissy and Satan kill a Nephilim and then come face-to-face with the very dangerous Manananggal, half woman and half bat. Satan gets hurt but Chrissy obliterates the monster by tapping into the core of her powers. She is pretty happy to realize that she, too, like her father, is all-powerful. However, the host, Inichoochiama, AKA Chooch, realizes that the reason Satan brought her daughter to the fight is that he wants to reclaim his lost powers using Chrissy. But Chooch will not allow it. Satan denies the accusation straightaway. But if he really wants to prove that he is still all-powerful, he will have to fight Chooch without any help from Chrissy. She then puts Chrissy inside an indestructible bubble and attacks Satan with a huge hoard of her Choochie Coochies, which are little round furry monsters with sharp teeth.

Jimmy offers Darlene a drink as they sit inside his house, talking. And as Darlene starts to compliment Jimmy for his good nature, he starts growing larger and larger until the house cannot contain him. Laura, who was making her mix for the portal, is taken aback when she sees a huge Jimmy break out of his house, spitting fire through his snorkel. They start running, followed by Jimmy, who is on a killing spree. Chrissy regrets believing his father again and reconsiders whether she should help him while he is being eaten alive by the little Coochies. He brought her there so that he could bring about the Maximus Dawnus. Realizing the wrong he has done to his daughter, Satan admits to bringing her to the realm under pretense. He has been losing power, but he did what he did only so that no one could hurt him or his daughter again and they could be together. Seeing that her father is seemingly going to die, Chrissy begins to worry. Laura tells Darlene that the only way to defeat Jimmy, an Ego Monster, is by insulting him. As Darlene throws insults at Jimmy, he gets smaller and smaller. Meanwhile, the women make it out of the dimension via the portal Laura has just opened, and return to Earth.

‘Little Demon’ Episode 3: Ending Explained- Do Laura and Darlene Make It Out Alive From the Pocket Dimension?

Chrissy wants to help her weakened father, who is almost on the verge of dying, but she isn’t able to break free from the bubble. In a rage, Chrissy summons the dark Antichrist powers within her and obliterates the entire arena, leaving only Satan, who is back to his normal shape. He is very happy, as now all the realms know of the powers of her daughter, the Antichrist. However, he tells Chrissy that he wasn’t really going to die but pretended to so that he could drive Chrissy to use her powers. Chrissy doesn’t like it at all and needs a break. If Satan wants to be her father, he will have to be honest from the start. If not, she’s done. Saying this, she walks away. Satan moans, proving that he is still losing his power.

The sun is on its way up when Laura and Darlene return to Delaware. Laura thanks Darlene for getting her out of the house for the night. Laura asks if they go to a restaurant. Darlene is as excited as always. Laura goes inside her house, kills the Goblin, and comes out. Both then leave for a place on Elm that “serves drinks late.”

The post-credits scene shows the leader of the mercs from “Little Demon” Episode 1 waking up from a nightmare that shows him being disregarded by the Church as well as his wife. He then decides to kill the girl responsible for his present state rather than kill the Antichrist. Unbeknownst to him, both are the same. It seems that Satan is still losing his powers, so he will try to regain them yet again from Chrissy in some other way. The merc is also coming to kill Chrissy. But now that she has realized her potential, she will probably be able to defend herself.

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