How Did Lino And Amy Manage To Cope- Up With Their Journey As Adoptive Parents In ‘From Scratch’?

“From Scratch” marks the beautiful journey of Lino and Amy’s relationship. From their first meeting in Florence, Italy, to Los Angeles, they came a long way. At first, the couple had to face multiple problems from their respective families as both of them led similar lives. Lino and Amy had a huge passion for art, but their families never really supported them. However, in the end, things worked out just fine. After being together for two years, the couple got married and became the artists that they’d longed to be. Lino became the owner of a restaurant, whereas Amy taught students at the Watts Art Center. Things were going quite well until Lino was diagnosed with a soft tissue cancer, Leiomyosarcoma. But the couple managed to get treatment, and eighteen months later, Lino was finally cancer free! Meanwhile, the duo was ready to be parents, and they decided to adopt a baby girl from young parents and name her Idalia Rose. With time Lino’s was completely cured of cancer; finally, the couple managed to learn different ways to nurture their child. At first, things were difficult for them since they were new to parenthood, but they quickly hit it off together. Moreover, Amy’s family turned out to be very supportive of her and the new baby!


Now, after five years, Idalia has grown up to be a beautiful little girl. Amy was still working with the Watts Art Center, and Lino spent more time with Idalia. Even today, Lino goes through multiple checkups to make sure he is cancer free, and each time, his reports come back normal! But Lino and Idalia’s relationship was making Idalia conscious since she was closer to her father than Amy. Amy is devastated and jealous of Lino since, with him, Idalia is learning cooking, new languages, and stories to keep herself entertained. But Amy is missing out on all the little details of Idalia’s life. Amy wanted them to spend more time together since cancer could bounce back anytime, but she also wanted to be a part of Idalia’s life. Cancer has derailed everything in her life, as it has taken some of the best moments away from her.

Amy had to work hard to provide all the necessities for Lino and Idalia. Amidst all this, Amy couldn’t spend time with her daughter. Meanwhile, it was disrupting her relationship with Lino as well. She even confronted Lino about her insecurities, and Amy realized that Lino was suffering from the same. Just like Amy envied him, Lino envied her too. He wanted to work and cook for people, but he couldn’t do it, as Lino had to stay home all the time. But it was easily possible for Amy. Soon, Idalia was in second grade, and Lino started his own cooking class. Amy’s relationship with her daughter got better, and things were working fine with the couple too! But this time, Lino’s checkup didn’t end well as his cancer recurred again, and this time, cancer moved to his lungs.


Both of them decided to share this with Idalia and get on with the chemotherapy again. Lino was scared since his diagnosis was taking a huge toll on Idalia’s mental health. Moreover, Idalia wanted to meet her father, but children were not allowed in the cancer ward. Apart from this, Lino had to go through multiple checkups for his liver and all the other body parts since they had to ensure that his cancer wasn’t spreading. But Lino made progress, and Amy was happy to learn that he was fighting the disease pretty well! They sneaked Idalia into his ward while the staff didn’t notice, and Lino was finally happy to see his daughter! Now the doctors were suggesting Lino get a liver transplant as it was essential for him to survive.

Lino’s liver was failing, and multiple doctors were calling him in for tests. This became very hectic for Amy to handle. Too many doctors were involved in his case, and Amy wanted this to end. Idalia became very happy with his arrival, and she wanted to spend more time with him. Amy assigned a social worker to deal with her daughter since Idalia had to know about her father’s condition. But Idalia already knew about this, and she took it courageously! With each passing day, Lino’s condition kept worsening. The couple shared a warm conversation while discussing the afterlife and the future, where Amy promised to meet him in every life. With this, Lino took his final breaths before passing away. Well, Amy couldn’t handle the loss of her husband, and she spent her days crying, but Zora asked her to pull herself together.


Amy and Idalia traveled to Sicily with Lino’s ashes. But things turned out to be difficult on his family’s end. As per Lino’s mother, Amy stayed back in Sicily, and her relationship with Lino’s mother improved. Moreover, she was ready to give her their family house and land for the betterment of Amy and Idalia. Amy was heartbroken by this revelation, but Lino’s mother just wanted the best for them, so she accepted the land. Meanwhile, Amy’s whole family arrived in Sicily to celebrate her birthday, and things were getting quite better! The whole family cooks a meal following Lino’s recipe, and the series ends on a beautiful note, where Amy moves around the family land while reminiscing their memories. She kisses her locket, which contains Lino’s ashes, and blows it away as she knows that he is finally home.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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