Kato In ‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Explained: Will Kato Return For Season 2?

Lieutenant Kato is totally obsessed with his creation, the monster Seishin. Director Ichiro functions under his commands and takes care of all the experiments. They had been experimenting with Najin for a very long time and had been eagerly waiting to see the results. Finally, when their experiments bore fruit, they felt a sense of relief at having attained success. Kato, played by Choi Young-joon on screen, is a very diplomatic character whose intentions are not very easy to grasp. It is for sure that he has been planning world dominance with his new creation. Will Kato and Ichiro be able to satisfy their vile motives? Will Kato be able to tame Sheishin and use it to satisfy his hunger for power? Or will his own creation be the cause of his doom, just like Frankenstein? Let’s find out!


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How Did Kato And Ichiro Transform Seishin?

Lieutenant Kato and Ichiro had been a part of human experimentation for many years. They had wreaked havoc in Manchuria before and caused the deaths of a lot of people there as a result of their experiments. Finally, when they tried the Najin and the serum on Seishin, a subject chosen by Lady Maeda, they found the desired results. Kato instructed the militants to make her drink the Najin and then pushed a serum into her body, which caused her slow but unrecognizable transformation. After an excruciating process, Seishin turned into a terrifying monster in the prison cell. After the transformation, Kato and Ichiro were interested in observing it from afar. They noticed that the monster was hungry for human blood and also had cognitive abilities. Kato was amazed to find that the creature could use the lift by itself. He was further amazed to see that Sheishin had recognized Chae-ok to be her daughter when she was thrown into the dungeon and refrained from attacking her. He realized that the monster that they had created was a miracle, and besides its ferocious nature, it also had emotional and cognitive skills.


Was Kato Obsessed With The Monster?

Kato was obsessed with his creation and referred to the monster as a ‘goddess’. He was very eager to know about every step taken by the creature. He was mesmerized by the change in form and strength that Najin could bring out in an individual. After hundreds of experiments, he had finally been able to attain success and, hence, wanted to bask in its glory. He almost boasts about the creature to the people he converses with. Kato was extremely cruel and had no regard for human life. The Japanese militants came into contact with a girl who had destroyed her entire residence and killed many people after accidentally consuming a sea snail. Kato was obsessed with the creature’s ability to destroy and harm others, bringing to the forefront his sinister mindset. Kato and Ichiro were keen on keeping the creation of the monster quite a secret from the world and using it as a weapon for world dominance. Kato planned on including the immense strength of the monster in their military forces.

Why Did Kato Want To Turn Chae-Ok Into A Monster?

When Kato came to know that Chae-ok was Sheishin’s daughter, he was intrigued by testing the monster’s maternal instincts. He ordered the militants to drop Chae-ok in the dungeon where the monster was staying. He saw that the monster did not attack Chae-ok and tried to protect her from the attacks from the militants. Kato was so obsessed with the monster that he even wanted to turn Chae-ok into a monster. It is possible that he wanted to see how the two monsters that were blood-related would react to each other’s presence. He explained to Chae-ok that as humans, everyone has the desire to attain power, and when they drink the Najin, their inner desires will manifest in the form of their monstrosity, and they will express their anger by attacking people to overpower them. He tried to force Chae-ok to consume the Najin, telling her that it was plain water. However, later, Myeong-ja ended up drinking the water unknowingly, turning herself into a monster.


What Was Kato’s Deal With Lady Maeda?

As Lady Maeda seemed to be impressed by Kato’s creation, he told her about Najin in detail. He told her that they had been experimenting with Najin for a very long time and believed that it had healing properties, as the wounds of the monsters were getting easily healed. He further elaborated, stating that Najin was the initial serum that would turn a human into a monster without changing their form, but if anthrax was pushed into their vein, then they would take a monstrous shape. He also told her that the monsters had few weaknesses, as they could not withstand heat and nitrogen. Lady Maeda was so fascinated by his creation that she told him that she was soon to remove Ichiro from the facility and make him the head instead. In return, she told him that she wanted to attain complete control over Seishin. It is possible that Kato’s obsession with the creature would result in a conflict with Lady Maeda later, when she would try to control the creature and use it for her own interests. Kato was more interested in admiring its might and thought about using it in his military forces to attain more strength in the long run. Both of them were planning to use the creature for their own benefit, bringing out their ruthlessness and lack of consideration for the creature’s desires.

Will Kato Return For Season 2?

In season 2, it is likely that Korea will be shown as a free country. Lady Maeda and Kato are sure to make their way into safety, but Kato’s thirst for further experiments won’t cease. He is likely to sell his experiments to countries like America and Russia, as they are very keen on biochemical experiments. Kato will try to capitalize his research by experimenting with the Najin on his own people. He may even use the Najin on Lady Maeda to create another monster. The last scene with Kato and Lady Maeda suggests a struggle for power between the two. There is also a likelihood that a conflict may arise between them in the long run regarding Seishin. Both would want to use the creature to enhance their own powers. It is likely that in season 2 the battle between the two will loom large. 


Final Words

Lieutenant Kato’s vileness knew no bounds, and he was willing to massacre the lives of millions for the sake of his experiments. He can be termed a crazy scientist who was trying to prove his potential to the world. Such was his thirst for power that he would not even think twice before betraying his own people. The way he planned to oust Ichiro from the facility, along with Lady Maeda, brought out his selfishness, lack of comradeship, or respect for his fellow colleagues. Both Ichiro and Kato made an equal contribution, and they invested a lot of time in understanding the creature’s moves. While Ichiro wanted to gain an upper hand over the creature, Kato was more interested in idolizing it and letting it take control. He doesn’t even bat an eyelid when the creature is seen to be killing his own people, the Japanese militants, highlighting his cold-heartedness. He seemed to be pleased with its actions and anticipated the havoc that it would wreck in the long run. Rather than contributing to the cause of humanity as a scientist, he was exploiting his powers to wreak havoc and obliterate human existence. 

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