‘Liaison’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Was The Antropa Mole Inside The British Government?

Stephen Hopkins’ global espionage series “Liaison” on Apple+ premiered its Season 1 finale today, bringing an end to the catastrophe that had been threatening the entire EU. Last week, Alison was saved from being burnt to death by Gabriel’s ferocious associates, by Gabriel himself, and they arrived at a beach in the UK along with the Syrian refugees, Samir and his wife, Hicham. As the tension reaches an all-time high, Antropa is set to make the UK sign a contract that hands over all of the UK’s cybersecurity to a foreign private corporation while the British, as well as French cops, try desperately to stop it from happening. Amidst all this, there’s also a mole in the UK government that needs to be exposed. Can Gabriel Delage and Alison Rowdy save the day? Here’s what happens in the “Liaison” season 1 finale:


Spoilers Ahead

The Pieces Come Together

As Samir joins his wife and son on a bench near the beach where they landed in “Liaison” Episode 5, Gabriel forbids Alison from making a phone call, and they then steal a van that a family has parked near them. While driving in the stolen van, Gabriel asks the injured and traumatized Alison why she’d throw the bottle at Nathalie, and she argues she didn’t know a Molotov cocktail would explode if you threw it. She then explains she wanted Gabriel to love her, but he loved Nathalie, which angered her, but the Frenchman explains it was all a mission for him, and it didn’t matter to him because he was deep undercover for an assignment.


In Belgium, Sabine Lousseau packs her son Pierre’s schoolbag and sends him along with his nanny, Elena, to his school, but they meet his father, Didier Taraud, right outside their home. Didier gifts the kid a tiger plushie and asks the two of them to enter a car that’ll drop them off at Pierre’s school as Sabine shouts from the balcony, but the traffic drowns out her voice. On her way to her son, Sabine is stopped by the boy’s father, who tells her that Pierre is headed to the seaside with his nanny and Sabine, and he will have to attend a meeting in London. The EU official vehemently refuses to give him her EU passwords, but Taraud reminds her that he technically holds Pierre hostage, so she has no choice but to comply.

As Alison reaches her home, she’s met with her boyfriend Albert, who’s shocked to see her in such a horrible condition. Before long, he spots Samir and Myriam sneaking into their house, followed by Gabriel. While Albert raises an issue with a hunted mercenary like Gabriel coming into their home, Alison tells him this isn’t the time and that the refugee couple needs help, which Albert has to begrudgingly accept. As Gabriel begins to walk around their living room, he shifts through Alison’s record collection while Myriam and Alison play with Hicham. Soon after, they hear music coming from downstairs, and Alison goes down to find Gabriel playing a song, saying she stole his music from him. Albert walks in, finds them disturbingly close to each other, and throws a punch at the intruder, but the Frenchman quickly locks Albert’s arm in a hold that can rip his hand off until Alison starts screaming at him. She throws him out of her house, saying she can’t take his presence anymore and that she has seen his ghost for the past two decades. When Minister Richard Banks arrives with his convoy at her place, Alison hands him the USB drive and says Samir can unlock it. She adds that Delage helped them arrive in London, and even though she had to give a copy of the USB to the DGSE, she has learned that Antropa has placed a mole inside the British Government, but she doesn’t know who. As the two continue discussing their plans, Banks’ security, who seemed suspicious in the previous episode, stands within earshot. While leaving, the minister tells Alison that he has spoken to her father, and he’s doing better.


The Trap

Upon arriving in London, Taraud and Sabine are heading to a location in a car when he says Antropa needs access to the EU cybersecurity shield, and she calls her son. Moments after waving at her son, who seems to be enjoying himself at the beach with his nanny, Taraud hangs up the phone and takes her phone away. Inside the London police headquarters, the officers are getting armed and ready for their raid, where DI Hobbs meets Sophie Saint-Roch of the DGSE, is introduced to Alain Dumas, and learns about the French plan to extradite Sabine and Taraud back to France. Hobbs spots Gabriel and is told by Saint-Roch that he’s working with them on this case. They’re informed that Sabine and Taraud have arrived at the Antropa HQ, and the boss, Francis Miller, shall be arriving at night. Additionally, Dumas learns about Bob Foret, the organizer of the whole meeting, and we finally understand his position in the entire fiasco. Hobbs tells them that they’ll be waiting for the mole, so it’s absolutely necessary that they stay put until the mole shows up. Saint-Roch realizes that all the English care about is getting the mole, so she tasks Gabriel with infiltrating Antropa and extracting Taraud, with the promise that they’ve got the mercenary’s back.

Before getting in a car to be taken to a secure location, Samir and Myriam embrace Alison, and once the car takes off, Banks’ bodyguard is seen sending a text to someone. Meanwhile, Albert asks Alison if she ever slept with Gabriel, and she denies having done so, then says that she never admitted it to her boyfriend because she’s not a good person. Albert argues that she is, and the two embrace. When Bob greets Francis Miller on the rooftop of Antropa HQ, the CEO informs Bob that the DGSE has found the USB, and they only have a day to liquidate every asset, erase Antropa, and disappear. He adds that the British won’t be signing because they know everything about Antropa’s plans, and Miller has learned all of this from his associate. Bob questions what’s to become of him, and the CEO says he needs to escape to a tax haven and non-extraditable country. Miller comforts the panicking Bob by saying that all they need to do is shift their assets under a different company name, and the British will end up signing on with them without ever knowing they’re ex-Antropa, thanks to the EU passwords that Sabine is bringing. However, Taraud has been compromised, and he can’t be taken along, so Miller tasks Bob with transferring their assets in a quick and discreet fashion.


Infiltrating Antropa 

Alison wakes up from a nap to answer a call from Richard, and the minister tells her that the British police are waiting for the mole to show up at Antropa HQ before they move in. Richard calls Alison to his office, so she gets into her car, but the engine fails, and she has to head to the home office in a taxi. By the time Gabriel reaches the outskirts of Antropa HQ, packers and movers have already begun transporting things away from the property. Inside, Sabine is asked to input her EU password into a laptop, and she’s made to put the code in. She immediately asks to be taken back, but an assistant alerts her that there’s a problem because Sabine has alerted the EU that she was forced to enter the password under duress. After stopping the alarm, Sabine is forcefully taken to a different room, and they need to wait a little because they need a fresh laptop. By then, Gabriel manages to disable the CCTV outside and sneaks inside. While sneaking through the sidelines, he notices the entire building is being cleaned of all the records and documents.

Inside the taxi, Alison notices that the driver is taking a different route, and she tries alerting him, but she realizes he’s intentionally not responding to her. She then notices a jammer on the dashboard and realizes her phone signal has been cut off. The taxi stops at the side of the road, and the car that Samir and Myriam had boarded stops right behind Alison’s taxi. Banks’ bodyguard steps out, throws Alison’s phone away, and boards the car. She’s taken to the HQ, and the drones pick up her arrival, which is misinterpreted as Alison Rowdy being the mole because she turned up at the HQ. While walking around through the Antropa basement, Gabriel alerts Dumas that the people are cleaning the house and the British need to arrive quickly if they want to find anything of value. He adds that Sabine is being held somewhere by some shady men and Taraud isn’t with her, but Dumas tells him that Alison has just shown up at the HQ and she’s been declared the mole, once again reminding Gabriel that Alison has fooled the man for the umpteenth time. Just then, Gabriel is surrounded by armed men who put him in cuffs and beat him up. Sabine enters a room where she finds the beaten and bleeding Samir being held captive. As she doesn’t have any other choice but to enter the correct EU passcode, Gabriel is brutally beaten while being interrogated. After she’s done, Sabine wants to meet Taraud, and the men agree to take her to meet him while also making Samir tag along to reunite him with his wife and kid. Bob is alerted about the improvements, and he congratulates Didier for a job well done and says Sabine has decided to head to Brussels alone when he asks.


The Bonfire 

Sabine and Samir are led through a poorly lit corridor until they arrive at a room where he reunites with his wife, Myriam, and son. There are three armed men in the room, with one of them keeping a dog on a leash, and Samir quickly realizes they’re not going to make it out of the room alive, so he makes Myriam flee with Sabine as he stabs one man in the neck with a knife. As the dog leaps onto Samir, the other men shoot them dead, canine included, before chasing the two women, and Samir’s body lies lifeless. Banks’ bodyguard brings Alison into the room where Antropa’s big shots are waiting, and Francis tells her that she’ll be going with them because the Brits know she’s their mole. They plan to take her someplace and have her killed, so the UK government stops looking for them, and just then, Gabriel is brought in. As Bob leaves to attend to the problem downstairs, Banks’ bodyguard is making a call to his “boss” when Gabriel signals Alison, and she snatches the guard’s gun and shoots him and another armed thug. As Gabriel and Alison flee through the basement, Dumas is trying to contact his man when Hobbs tells him and Saint-Roch that gunfire has been heard at Antropa and the forces are moving in. Alison spots Myriam hiding inside a truck with Hicham, and upon spying two armed thugs, Myriam hands her son to Alison, the woman she’s come to trust, and runs towards the thugs to surrender herself and pull them away from the basement. The two hand Hicham to a worker lady hiding in one of the rooms and go after the Antropa bosses, who are getting into their helicopter on the roof. However, they’re stopped on the way by a few more armed men, and Gabriel has to kill them but can’t risk Alison. While she’s pleading with him to escape with her, the two finally share the long-awaited kiss before he throws her into a room and locks the door behind her, and all she can hear is multiple gunshots. After screaming his name out several times, Alison believes he’s dead and tries to find her way out. By the time she gets outside, the helicopter has taken off, so she calls Richard on his corrupt bodyguard’s phone and informs him that the bosses are escaping. The minister tells her that they need to shift to the encrypted line and asks her to press the # key, and the moment she does, the Antropa chopper explodes with Didier Taraud, Bob Foret, Francis Miller, and all the other lackeys still inside, as Alison stares in bewilderment.

The Mole

Soon after, Alison is made to board the minister’s car, and she asks Richard if the Government didn’t pay him enough, and the minister replies that were it only about money, they wouldn’t be dead. He explains he’ll work with whomever if it means best serving his nation, and he’ll get rid of them when they lose that purpose. He then invites her to work with her, and Alison asks if he’ll kill her if she doesn’t. When he explains he’d never do such a thing, she gets out of the car and starts walking away as the body bags are being stretchered away, and she spots Myriam, safe and sound with her son Hicham. Suddenly, she’s stopped by Gabriel, still alive, and she’s pleased beyond words, and the two embrace as Season 1 comes to a close.


‘Liaison’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Who Was The Antropa Mole Inside The British Government?

The British mole deep undercover inside the UK government happened to be the same person who was the most freaked out about a private company getting its clutches on the security of his nation—it was none other than Minister Richard Banks. He managed to fool everyone throughout the season, including his closest confidante, Alison. When his bodyguard Ronald turned out to be working with the Antropa, one could be forgiven for thinking he was the mole, but DGSE alerted that the mole was high up in the Government. Moreover, upon his arrival, Francis Miller told Bob that he’d learned from his “associate” that the deal was over, so it’s pretty obvious that this associate was none other than Banks because he was the one who had received the information first-hand, from Alison, moments earlier.

That’s not all; the call Alison received from Banks to head to the Home Office was a strategically placed one because her kidnapping had already been planned. It’s not entirely clear whether Banks would’ve allowed Antropa to have Alison killed, but who knows what might’ve become of her had she not fled from there? The final reveal of Banks being the mole comes when Alison calls him from his guard’s phone, and upon realizing Antropa is escaping, he makes her press the # key on the phone, which somehow detonates an explosive inside the helicopter, killing all the people inside. He later reveals to Alison that he’d do anything to protect the UK’s safety, even if it meant shaking hands with foreign private companies, but the moment they became useless for Banks, he had them killed. He invites Alison to work with him because he can use her talents, not because he’s afraid she might expose him, but because she refuses to join hands with him in the end. Additionally, the finale proves that Gabriel and Alison have always loved each other.


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