‘Let The Right One In’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Did Mark Kill Detective Naomi? Will There Be A Season 2?

The final episode of “Let the Right One In” Season 1 has arrived and revealed something we would’ve never suspected. For the uninformed, “Let the Right One In” is a Showtime series created by Andrew Hinderaker, hailed across the industry for the highly successful series, “Penny Dreadful.” With “Let the Right One In,” Andrew brings us the story of Mark and his daughter Eleanor, whose lives are turned upside down when Eleanor is infected by a mysterious virus, forcing Mark to do things he would’ve never dreamt of. 


Spoilers Ahead

A Brief Rundown Of What Transpired So Far

Eleanor had a wonderful life with her family. She had everything: a successful mother, an adoring father who loved to cook delicious meals, and a cinephile uncle who often asked her to join him for a horror movie marathon. But the joy and happiness were short-lived when one night Eleanor was bitten by a strange creature, and the ensuing infection stopped her from aging, turning her into a blood-craving vampire. Things get out of control when Mark fails to fetch blood for Eleanor in time, leaving his wife Elizabeth with no choice but to sacrifice herself to save his daughter’s life. Holding his wife’s lifeless and drained body in his hands, Mark promises Elizabeth that he’ll never stop looking and will find a cure to save their daughter. Mark then moves to the “Big Apple” to look for a cure and is forced to murder people to keep his daughter alive. But there’s someone else, Peter, who, like Eleanor, is battling the same infection. Peter’s father, Arthur Logan, is a veteran scientist who, like Mark, is hell-bent on finding a cure for his son. Arthur was bankrupt and had no choice but to manufacture and market “Mitigen” to fund his expensive research. Claire, learns from her father Arthur, that her brother Mark is alive, a truth he had been hiding for years. After Arthur’s death, Claire is forced to shoulder his burden and continue his research to restore Peter to his old self. Mark’s search leads him to Frank, a local drug peddler, selling a strange drug, “Mitigen.” Mark kills Frank, but fate places him next door to Detective Naomi, Frank’s ex-spouse. Eleanor makes friends and falls in love with Isaiah, Naomi’s son, whereas Mark catches feelings for Naomi. However, their romance is short-lived when Mark realizes he needs to jump town after Eleanor kills Claire’s men to avoid getting caught. And now the story continues into episode 10.


Claire Invites Mark And Eleanor Into Her Home

“Let the Right One In” Episode 10 opens up with Mark and Eleanor coming face to face with Claire Logan, who asks the duo to join her. Mark is having a hard time trying to trust Claire since he just killed three of her men, including Matthew, and believes Claire holds a malevolent grudge. Mark knows that only Claire can help him cure his daughter, so, left with no choice, Mark agrees to follow Claire, and Eleanor follows suit. Plus, the song “Run on for a Long Time,” playing in the background as the trio gets inside the elevator, suggests that this will be one bumpy ride. The trio drives to Logan’s estate and Claire introduces Eleanor to Peter. Claire’s little brother, like Eleanor, is battling the same infection and know one another. After seeing a framed picture of an event that happened ten years ago, Eleanor recalls that she and Peter were made partners for a stargazing event. The duo reveals that during the same event, a strange man walked up to them and collected their respective addresses for newsletters. The strange man also possessed glowing eyes, as Eleanor and Peter share now. Both Eleanor and Peter were infected just outside their homes by the same host and possibly carried the same strain, meaning Claire might finally be able to isolate a cure. However, she’ll have to confirm before she can continue; however, Mark denies it and offers to draw Eleanor’s blood. But it’s not as simple as a blood draw since the infection is housed inside Eleanor’s brain, and Mark is obviously not the right person for the job. However, Claire gets an idea and draws Eleanor’s blood from her salivary glands. Claire, too, didn’t remember meeting Mark and failed to recall that Mark was the same man who knocked on her door 10 years ago asking about her brother, Peter.

Claire Asks Mark To Murder Naomi

Meanwhile, Isaiah is upset and angry after Eleanor’s goodbye, and he even throws her gifts and friendship bands into the trash. Naomi tells her son that whatever Isaiah and Eleanor shared was very special and didn’t have to end just because she moved to Mexico with her father, and that they can still chat via phone calls and face-to-face meetings. In reality, Naomi also wants to believe the same thing since she is beginning to feel real feelings for Mark and has started to see Eleanor as her own daughter. She, too, was devastated to see Mark go. 


Claire suggests Mark and Eleanor stay in Logan’s estate since she needs her close by to conduct her research, and she asks the Mark to take over the duties of Mathew since he’s no longer in the picture because he shot him. Matthew’s responsibilities primarily included feeding Peter and marketing Claire’s new painkillers to fund the research; now, Mark needs to do all that. But it’s not safe for Mark and Eleanor to stay in Logan’s estate for long since Naomi has already once knocked on Claire’s door. Naomi is a brilliant and determined detective and will sooner or later unearth Mark’s connection to all the murders. Claire asks Mark to kill Naomi since she has already started to connect the dots, and it’s not going to take her months to figure it all out. If Claire is arrested, Mark and Eleanor can say goodbye to any hope of a cure. If Eleanor and Peter are infected by the same hosts, she is thousands of times more valuable than Chris. For any treatment Claire wants to administer to Peter, any biopsy could be tested on her first. For Claire, Eleanor is just a lab rat for testing her procedures, and she will not think twice before sacrificing herself to save her brother’s life.

Naomi Finally Suspects Mark Of Killing Her Ex-Husband

Naomi receives a call from Debra Harper, who asks her to take a field trip to Montreal to interview a couple of witnesses, but Naomi is hesitant to join her as she doesn’t want to leave her son alone tonight. Naomi is angry after she learns from her son that Eleanor and Isaiah aren’t allowed to talk, and she leaves a voicemail to Mark saying, “getting totally cut off from his only friends is the last thing Isaiah needs” after his father’s death. Debra convinces Naomi to send in U.S. Marshals to check up on Mark and Eleanor. The situation is about to go haywire because, according to Naomi, Mark is in Mexico, and after finding otherwise, Naomi will be forced to investigate Mark’s sudden disappearance.


Not long after, Naomi learns from Debra that Mark’s cellphone was a burner, which in and of itself is innocuous, and that he has even turned off locational services. But Debra is highly skilled and has traced his location to Long Island, where a resident named Claire Logan lives. Naomi is entirely shocked by the revelations and realizes that there’s more than meets the eye. She finally has her eyes on Mark and even orders fingerprints and DNA analysis to see if there’s any connection between Mark, the drugs, and Claire Logan. Mark has no choice but to kill Naomi, and he meets Zeke at Elizabeth’s grave. Mark reveals to Zeke that Eleanor is going to need someone to look after her after she’s cured because he plans to turn himself in for all the people he has murdered over the span of ten years. Back at Logan’s estate, Claire gives Eleanor a tour of the lab and introduces her to Daisy, the female chimp who has been carrying the same virus as Eleanor. Claire had earlier injected Daisy with a viral protease inhibitor, eliminating all the gnome and stopping her from aging. Both Peter and Eleanor haven’t aged a day since they were infected, and they’re still the same age as they were ten years ago.

‘Let The Right One In’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Did Mark Really Kill Detective Naomi?

Mark goes back to his apartment to fetch Eleanor’s stuff and to kill Naomi, the woman he was on a date with just days ago. However, Mark just couldn’t bring himself to murder Naomi and exited the building, leading Naomi to Logan’s estate. Also, the fingerprint analysis that she had earlier ordered on Frank’s coin came back positive. Naomi finally learns the truth and realizes that the person she has been hanging out with is the killer she has been looking for for years. Mark is the reason why Isaiah will grow up fatherless.


Mark enters the lab, sees Eleanor tied to a chair, and is attacked by Peter when he tries to grab the remote to free Eleanor. Claire has totally manipulated Peter and, like Mark, has thrown out her humanity and only aims to cure her brother. She will not, under any circumstances, let Matthew’s death be in vain. She cornered Eleanor with her lies and convinced her to inject herself with the drug she tried on Daisy. She even tries to convince Mark to kill Naomi, but for Mark, the thought of murdering Naomi is too much to bear, and he leaves, thwarting Claire’s plans.

Naomi follows Mark into the mansion, sees the drama unfolding, and aims her gun at Mark, accusing him of killing her ex-husband. Claire asks her brother to take care of Naomi, and the latter pounces on her, smashing her head on the floor. Eleanor frees herself, knocks down Claire, and pushes Peter away from Naomi, knocking him unconscious as well. With Claire and Peter incapacitated, Mark picks up Naomi’s broken body and enters the lab. Naomi was heavily wounded, and the labored, shaking breathing and plaintive music suggest that she’s not going to survive the ride to the hospital. Mark puts Naomi down, and the latter asks them to convey her apologies for leaving Isaiah hours after she promised her son that she was never going away. Eleanor loves Isaiah and knows Naomi’s death will completely shatter him, and he will never be able to forgive her and Mark. Scared by the thought of losing her only friend, Eleanor thrust her sharp fangs into Naomi’s neck, infecting her with the virus and turning her like Peter and herself.


What To Expect From ‘Let The Right One In’ Season 2? 

Truly! What a fantastic way to round out the season! Who would’ve thought that Naomi would turn into a vampire? It would be interesting to see the events play out now that Naomi lives and knows that the killer she had been scouring the city for is living in the apartment next door. Will she throw Mark into prison for his crimes, or will she be forced to aid Mark and Eleanor in their quest to find a cure now that she’s infected? And for this to work, Naomi would also need to steer Debra in the wrong direction to keep Mark and Claire out of prison. However, it will not be a piece of cake since Debra is a highly skilled, resourceful, and well-connected woman, and it won’t take her long to connect the dots. Claire is Eleanor’s only hope of getting cured, and the duo has to put their differences aside for the sake of their loved ones. But will it be that easy for Claire, given that Mark has killed Matthew, her only support? Claire’s hands are tied, too, as she needs a live specimen carrying the same strain as Peter’s to test her treatment and procedures, and since Eleanor is the only one available with that strain, she has no choice but to make peace. In a way, Claire and Mark are all the same; both will turn the world upside down for the ones they hold close to their hearts, even if it means compromising their morals and their souls.

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