‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained – Why Did Mark And Eleanor Left New York?

In the previous episode of “Let the Right One In” Mark had gone out on a date with Naomi, his neighbor and potential love interest, and during that date, wherein he found out about her abrasive visit to Arthur’s home, leading him to conclude that she is the person he has been seeking all these years, and can help her find a cure to treat Eleanor’s vampirism. Following his date, Mark pays a visit to Logan’s estate but is subdued and abducted by Matthew. Now the story continues further in the ninth episode.


Spoilers Ahead

Matthew Interrogating Mark

“Let the Right One In” Episode 9 opens up with Mark waking up, strapped to a chair, after being incapacitated by Matthew Dean. In the previous episode, Mark has finally hit a significant breakthrough and learns that it was Claire’s father who was manufacturing the drug Mitigen and has also lied about his son’s death, who was bitten and transformed into a vampire ten years ago. Matthew was constantly keeping tabs on Mark and even sent his brother-in-arms, Ronald, an ex-secret service agent who served under him in Afghanistan, to learn of Mark’s agenda. However, Mark was left with no choice but to kill Ronald to save Zeke’s life. Matthew, being ex-military and adept in the art of interrogation, discovers that Mark is protecting and hiding someone in his apartment and asks his man to scorch his apartment and bring them back to his stash house, preferably alive. The scene shifts to Mark’s apartment, and we see an armed man entering the hallway, forcing Eleanor and Isaiah to hide under a bed. After finding the apartment to be completely deserted, the strange man contacts Matthew and reveals that the subject (Mark) has been hiding a girl in a bathroom and has taped the curtains to the wall. Meanwhile, Mark is continuously asking Matthew to see Claire Logan and drops a bomb that he knows about Peter’s vampirism. Back at the apartment, the strange man catches up to the kids and is subdued by Eleanor. After the man regains consciousness, Eleanor learns that her father has been abducted and decides to save him.


Mark Kills Matthew To Save Eleanor

Mark is having a hard time escaping from his past and often hallucinates. Father Sean is lecturing him on his past, chastising him for tying Frank to a chair, and taping his mouth and slitting his throat while he begs to see his son. Mark is truly sorry for what he has done so far, but he has no choice but to choose Eleanor’s life over his own. Mark has given up on his morals and values in an effort to keep his daughter’s soul clean. Meanwhile, Peter comforts Claire and apologizes for going against her will and choosing to side with Chris against her. However, the latter feels deceived and exits the room, suggesting she has finally had enough and planned to return to her former ways, but is soon thrust back into the drama when Matthew reveals that he has abducted someone who he first thought was after their business but is actually protecting another vampire and claims to have knowledge about her and Peter’s condition. On the other hand, Eleanor has a gun pointed at the man’s skull, forcing him to drive him to Matthew and his dad. The man drives Eleanor to an abandoned port and grabs her, placing a gun on her head. Mark begs the guards to stop, promising to tell everything in return for sparing his little girl, but Eleanor quickly chops her way through them, killing everyone and quenching her bloodthirst. Eleanor picks up Mark but is interrupted by Matthew, who aims his gun at Mark and asks Eleanor to put on the cuffs. Matthew has been working alongside Claire and Peter for years and knows that Eleanor, like Peter, is too vulnerable to the sunlight. Eleanor tries to subjugate Matthew, but the latter tries to halt her by shooting through the roof and opening the door, exposing Eleanor to sunlight. Matthew manages to seize Eleanor, leaving Mark with no choice but to kill Matthew to save his daughter’s life. Mark afterward covers Eleanor in sheets and drives away, leaving Claire sobbing over Matthew’s body. 

‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Why Did Mark And Eleanor Leave New York?

Back at the police precinct, Naomi’s chief summoned her into his cabin, and Naomi, in an effort to protect her partner Ben, tries to shoulder all the blame on herself for any abrasive handling of Claire Logan. However, the chief is completely oblivious to the incident and has called Naomi into his cabin to introduce her to Debra Harper from Interpol. Debra is here to ask Naomi why she submitted prints from an AA coin she found at a suspected crime scene. Debra learns that the man Naomi has been looking for is her ex-spouse, and she reveals that the second set of prints Naomi found on that coin is linked to two unsolved murders in Canada, with one occurring just outside Montreal and the other in Manitoba. In reality, these two murders are 2000 miles apart and share several common links. Both of the victims were registered sex offenders, booked for molesting teens, and were murdered in the same way, with their throats slit open with a sharp knife and their bodies completely drained of blood. A couple of episodes back, Mark had a list of registered sex offenders and had even asked his best friend Zeke to help him kill them so he could feed and save his daughter. So, it’s obvious that Naomi and Debra are looking for the same killer. Mark understands that it’s no longer safe for him and Eleanor to stay in New York and knows that sooner or later, Claire and her men will show up at his doorstep looking for Eleanor. Mark asks Eleanor to pack her bags and calls Naomi to say his goodbyes, revealing he’s never coming back. Naomi is crushed by the news, as she’d begun developing feelings for Mark and believes Mark to be reciprocating the same. Eleanor meets with Isaiah and gives him a bear hug, promising never to forget him. “Let the Right One In,” episode 9, ends with Mark finally coming face to face with Claire Logan, the only one who could help him cure Eleanor. However, the biggest question is, “Will she?” given that Mark had just murdered the only friend she had. Maybe she’ll strike a deal with Mark, asking her to continue what he has been doing all along, and in return, she’ll find a way to cure Eleanor. Claire needs Eleanor just as much as she needs her since the latter is the only living vampire to experiment on after Peter had to kill Chris to save her. 


“Let the Right One In,” episode 9, was an intense treat and finally glimpses how dangerous and ruthless Eleanor can be when she loses control, implying that she’s no different than Mark. For years, Mark has been murdering people like Ronald and Frank, compromising his own soul in the process of protecting his daughter. But even Mark has finally realized that no matter how hard he tries, he can never protect Eleanor from herself. 

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