‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Claire Able To Slow Peter From Ageing?

Previously in “Let The Right One In,” episode 5, we saw Mark kill Ronald, who had barged into Zeke’s restaurant, aiming his gun at their heads. On the other hand, Eleanor is tired of keeping secrets and reveals the secret of her strength and abilities to her little friend Isaiah who’s dead scared of Eleanor at first but is convinced, realizing that Elarnor would never hurt him. Back at the lab, Claire is forced to sell her own drugs in order to save herself from getting evicted and fund the experiment that’ll save Peter’s life. And now the story continues…..


Spoilers Ahead

Looking At Stars

The show opens up with a flashback to Eleanor’s past, where she made good friends with Peter during a stargazing event and shared tidbits of their lives. Eleanor communicates that her parents are loving and caring but sometimes get on her nerves, while Peter conveys that his dad is a scientist obsessed with his work and always tries hard to find solutions to his scientific experiments and often tries to pressure him against his will. Eleanor is a brilliant girl and dreams of having a Master’s degree in Astrophysics so she can become an astronaut. However, the conversation is interrupted when a senior walks in offering to help the duo find Messier 95 and asks Peter and Eleanor to jot down their addresses for weekly newsletters, and the duo complies. The stranger adjusts the telescope and slowly disappears into the jungle, and his glowing eyes suggest that he’s anything but human. It’s possible that he’s the same man who bit both Eleanor and Peter, turning both into blood-thirsty, never-aging vampires. 


Naomi Learns About Mitigan

Cut to the present: Mark knocks on Naomi’s door to fetch Eleanor and is informed by Isaiah that Eleanor will be staying a bit longer. Mark meets Naomi, and she asks him to hide Isaiah’s birthday cake in his fridge to avoid ruining the big surprise. Naomi and Mark have become good friends, and the latter often shares details of his case with Mark to get his opinion or for emotional support. Mark seizes the chance again and asks Naomi about his case to know how close she is to finding her ex-husband’s killer. Naomi receives a call from her partner Ben, advising him to check his email for the lab results she ordered. Ben continues that according to the findings, the product Ronald was carrying contained 70% of an old opioid called Mitigan. Naomi asks Ben to meet him tomorrow so together they can dig deeper into the Mitigan dilemma. Meanwhile, Mark goes through Naomi’s emails and barely escapes detection when Naomi enters the dining area. The drug “Mitigan” that Ben was talking about is the same drug manufactured by Arthur Logan, Peter’s father, and marketed by his assistant Matthew so he could continue to fund his research to save his son’s life. However, Arthur died before he could find a cure, and his daughter Claire had to continue the same research, and now she is faced with the same tough choice: to market her painkillers to fund the experiment. The daughter is now forced to carry out the same deed she accused and hated her father for. 

Claire Tries To Isolate The Ageing Gene

Back at the lab, Claire and Mathews are performing a brain biopsy on “Daisy” to isolate and disable a specific gene that causes individual symptoms of the virus. Claire plans to inject Daisy with a nucleic acid binder to switch off the gene that keeps Peter from aging. Peter rejects his sister’s idea, arguing that ceasing to age is the only positive thing about being a blood-thirsty vampire, but Matthew convinces Peter that treating his symptoms will help him find the cure for his condition, and Peter’s face suggests that he has agreed. At the apartment, Mark is swiping through the crime scene pictures he has stolen from Naomi’s computer and is joined by his daughter, with whom he shares a typical father-daughter conversation about Eleanor “not having a boyfriend.” Meanwhile, Mathew tries to talk Claire into taking a day off and unwinding at a nice hotel in the city so he can keep her away from the horrors and screams that unfold when Peter feeds, but their conversation is interrupted by the chimp’s glass-breaking screech. Daisy was bleeding, and the blood was prompting the infected chimps to go berzerk. But Daisy wasn’t hurt, and it was menstrual blood, confirming that Claire was finally able to suppress the aging gene. On the other hand, Mark and Eleanor have joined Naomi for Isaiah’s birthday celebration. Naomi and Mark left the kids to walk around a little by themselves, enjoy the wonder wheel, and sit down for a cold beer. Naomi once again asks Mark about Eleanor’s mother, but Mark gently refuses to talk about it, only saying that she met a painful demise. Mark asks about Frank and gets a sigh of relief when Naomi tells her that even though she knows her husband was murdered, without the murder weapon and Frank’s body, she’ll never be able to find his killer. 


‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Was Claire Able To Slow Peter From Ageing?

Matthew has made Claire realize that in order to get herself and Peter out of the hell they’re in, she’ll have to cross some boundaries, and if that comes at the expense of selling her soul, so be it. Mathew was in the navy and enlisted as soon as he turned 18 to save himself from becoming unemployed and homeless, but his life in the navy showed him horrors he’d never imagined, and he did whatever he could to survive the struggle. Peter was still a day away from being fed, but Claire bumped up his schedule. She opens the lab door, and we see a helpless man restrained to a testbed. She asks her brother to provide her with a human test subject, as she is done fooling around with chimpanzees and needs to test the brain biopsy procedure on a live vampire. Peter hesitates, but Claire has already leveled him on the possibility of the same, and he complies. Claire’s gene isolation experiment has worked on Daisy, and she needs another lab rat to test this technique before she isolates and slows down Peter’s aging genes. 

In the closing scenes, we see Mark walking into a confession booth to repent for the sins he committed a decade ago, and the screen fades to black, leaving us scratching our heads thinking about what Mark did decades ago. Mark also mentions to the church’s father that he can’t be forgiven if he keeps committing the same sins again. Earlier, he had mentioned to Naomi that Eleanor’s mom died a painful death, so did Mark have a part in it? We don’t know for sure! The episode catapults Mark and Naomi’s friendship to a new level, and the kiss towards the conclusion suggests that Mark is finally ready to move on with his life and has finally decided to give love a chance. But this won’t be easy, as Naomi will keep searching and will not rest until she finds Frank’s killer. 


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