‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained – Did Naomi Find Frank’s Body?

In “Let The Right One In” Episode 4, Eleanor reveals her secret to her new friend Isaiah, while Detective Naomi is drowning in guilt after she killed a boy to save his partner’s life. On the other hand, Mark and Zeke are held at gunpoint by Frank’s henchmen. Till now, the story has established that a deadly and vicious virus has enveloped New York City and has already claimed Eleanor and Peter as its victims, completely changing their lives forever. Peter and Eleanor’s habits and behavior have changed, and now they’re hungry for human blood. But there’s also some upside for Eleanor, as she has found a great friend in Isaiah. Eleanor’s father, Mark, is still looking for ways to cure his daughter from this inhumane curse while trying very hard to save his humanity in the process. Now the story continues…


Spoilers Ahead

One More Murder

“Let The Right One In” Episode 5 continues from where Episode 4 concluded at Zeke’s restaurant. Ronald, Frank’s henchman and a former secret-service agent, has barged into the restaurant and held a gun against their heads, demanding Mark tell him everything about his intentions. Mark is an ordinary guy and not an everyday criminal. He constantly blames himself for killing Frank, even though the latter deserved it. He lives in constant fear of Naomi finding out the truth, which will obliterate their newfound friendship. No matter how hard Mark tries, fate often puts him in a situation where he has to reject his principles to save his own life or the lives of the ones, he holds dear. When faced with Ronald, Mark realizes that he has to fight back. Otherwise, he’ll be killed. 


It’s a do-or-die situation, and Mark needs to live to find the cure that’ll save his daughter’s life. So, Mark decides to fight and eventually kills him with Zeke’s help. Zeke is likewise a simple man who believes in hard work and following his dreams and never imagined that he’ll be an accomplice in the murder, even though it was done in self-defence. Getting rid of a body is one thing, but killing someone constantly haunts you and keeps you awake at night. Zeke is anxious and is presented with a choice to inform the authorities or help Mark to hide yet another murder, but Zeke decides to side with his friend. After Zeke breaks down, Mark comforts him by convincing him that he did the right thing and that Ronald deserved to die. Mark assured Zeke that he’d never be arrested, as Mark knew how to hide from the police. Mark took care of the body and planted the wrong evidence to distract the cops from the real truth to send them on a wild goose chase as he always does. 

The Blooming Friendship

Eleanor has dropped her big bomb in front of Isaiah and is hoping for a nice response from Isaiah. Eleanor is a realist, yet she constantly looks for the silver lining. She had sent him a text and was awaiting a response. She has even assured Zeke that she is certain of Isaiah’s feelings for her and that he will respond to her. She believes that Isaiah still likes her despite his knowledge of her illness and is expecting a favorable answer here as well. However, after learning of Eleanor’s revelation, Isaiah is too terrified to approach her. Isaiah is a lonely teenager who has a crush on Eleanor but lacks the emotional maturity to comprehend her predicament. He is on the fence about giving Eleanor another opportunity to prove her innocence. Isaiah also tries to call his dad, but the call never goes through, and we know the reason why. 


In the meantime, we discover Peter’s skin reverting to normal and his appearance being restored to how it had been before the infection. He took Claire’s word for it when she said the human experiment would be safe. Finding himself in his old form restored him to a state of awe. Peter gave up hope after the last drug trial ended in failure, and his skin began to disintegrate. Even contemplating recovery from such a fatal illness was difficult. At one point, he had abandoned all hope of ever returning to normal, but Claire had turned the tables.

Things We Do For Love

Claire is offered the choice to either repay the debt her father took or vacate the property. Matthew persuades Claire to peddle the analgesic drug she developed for her sibling’s agony. The drug, once injected, makes you feel invincible to bodily and physical harm. The subject will feel no pain even if he/she cuts themselves with a knife. It took a while for Claire to accept since she was ashamed of her father’s drug dealing and didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. However, she consented to produce the substance for the sake of saving her brother’s life, and Matthew and his gang sold it to others. Matthew takes her to the facility where Arthur produces and ships narcotics to his agents. On the other hand, Mark and Zeke learn of the facility’s address from Ronald and decide to search for it. Eleanor asks to join Mark, but he isn’t ready to take his daughter to such a risky place; she insists that she’s the only one that can help them get inside. Eleanor uses her newfound abilities to enter the place, only to find it completely deserted. Mark is shocked since he was really hoping for some answers but is met with another dead end. Matthew and his men have already left the place after Mathew learns of Ronald’s death from his sources. 


‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Did Naomi Find Frank’s Body?

Detective Naomi and her partner Ben have escalated their investigation into Frank’s disappearance and visited his rental apartment. Naomi fired up Frank’s laptop and traced his last location. At the location, the duo finds several blood spots, and forensics confirm that the blood belongs to Frank, Naomi’s ex-husband. Naomi’s worst fears have finally come true. She had often warned Frank of his drug-dealing habits, but he never listened, and now his job has finally claimed his life. Naomi is still looking for the culprit and has no idea that her next-door neighbor is the one who has orphaned his child.

Frank’s actions led to his own death. Frank was looking for a quick way to make some cash, but he went down the wrong path when he started peddling narcotics. When Naomi discovered the truth, she filed for divorce from him. Back at the apartment, Naomi broke the news to Isaiah that his father had passed away. As a young child, Isaiah isn’t prepared to deal with the truth that he’ll never be able to see his father again. He has nowhere to turn for comfort, and he has no one to whom he can convey his sorrow. He could have used a companion, but there wasn’t anybody around. Before Eleanor, Frank was the only person who ever attended his magic shows, cheered him on, played with him, and always listened to him vent. Finally, Isaiah sent Eleanor a message, telling her that his father had passed away. In order to help him cope with the crisis, Eleanor visited his room through the window and kept him company. We can safely assume that Eleanor is the person in his life in whom he can confide and who fully gets him. In spite of knowing she is a vampire, Isaiah still cherishes Eleanor’s company. Given that he was told she wouldn’t hurt him or anybody else, it seems that Isaiah doesn’t give a hoot about her condition. 


“Let The Right One In” Episode 5 has taken a dramatic turn, and now Mark has to fight to keep his actions a secret from Naomi and Isaiah. Naomi is now one step closer to finding his ex-husband’s murderer, and now Mark needs to be more careful if he wishes to stay out of jail. Both Matthew and Naomi have lost someone close to them and will not rest until they find the culprit. Now the cat-and-mouse chase begins. Even though Mark is careful to plant false evidence to derail the investigation, Naomi is a brilliant detective and sooner or later will unearth the truth. Furthermore, Matthew and his crew will search for Mark and lie low till everything gets back to normal. Matthew is a well-connected man who will use his resources to hunt Mark. 

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