‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Did Eleanor Reveals Isaiah Her Secret?

Previously, in “Let the Right One In,” we saw Claire questioning her brother about his health and mindset while he was devouring blood, and Detective Naomi confessing to Mark how she had to kill a man to save his partner’s life while she was investigating a crime scene. Mark also enlisted the help of his friend Zeke, who helped him get rid of Frank’s corpse and agreed to feed Eleanor while Mark was away. On the other hand, Mathew, the man responsible for the production of the deadly drug, had ordered a tail on Mark after he was caught trailing Mathew. Eleanor has now finally found a friend in Isaiah and often protects him from bullies with the help of her newfound abilities. The story continues.


Spoilers Ahead

The Search For Cure And Culprit

The episode unfolds with a phone conversation taking place between Mark and his daughter Eleanor. Mark tells Eleanor that he’ll be home late and orders her not to leave the house at any cost. Mark, on his way to work, overhears a church prayer and relives his beautiful memories with his late wife. Mark has become very lonely after Elizabeth’s death and often sits alone in silence, reminiscing about his past. Mark is juggling a myriad of responsibilities and roles. He is a brilliant chef and a great father who’ll go to any lengths to protect his daughter Eleanor. But at the same time, he is desperately looking for a cure and is guilty of murder to the outside world. At the outset of the series, Mark is at war with himself and his ideals, but he eventually learns that he needs to put aside his principles in order to protect the people he cares for. Eleanor, on the other hand, is immature and often defies her father’s words to venture out alone. Naomi, on the other hand, has asked her partner, Ben, to babysit Isaiah for the night while she is out investigating a case. Ben is hesitant at first, but Eleanor convinces him to allow Isaiah a night out. Together, Isaiah and Eleanor go out to attend a magic show. The magician asks Isaiah to be the volunteer, and he is tasked with choosing a card from the deck and signing it. The magician furthermore asks Isaiah to recall someone he dearly misses and adores the most in the world. And the word “DAD” appears on the card. Arthur misses Frank a lot, who was murdered by Mark, Eleanor’s father. The drama will stir up once Eleanor learns the truth that her own father is the one who killed Isaiah’s dad. 


The Big Breakthrough

Claire’s and Mathew’s arcs are running slow, and we see the duo bonding over Arthur’s death and continuing their Arthur research together. They collectively orchestrated a painkiller trial on a violent chimp and discovered that the painkiller successfully subjugated the effect, but only for a short while because the chimp soon died following a heart attack. Afterward, Mathew enquires Claire about the dead skin coming off Peter’s skin. Claire replies that the peeling skin is the scar tissue that restrains Peter’s skin from healing. They realize that they’ll have to remove these scar tissues ASAP so Peter can heal properly. In the first episode, we saw that Peter was nearly torched to death when he ventured out in the sun to test his father’s antidote. But the procedure will not at all be easy. They’ll have to tie Peter down so he doesn’t fight back. That’s why Claire and Mathew are developing a specific drug that can anesthetize Peter to clear his scar tissues and ensure the growth of fresh ones. Earlier, the audience suspected that Mathew was the reason behind Arthur’s death, but the guy shatters this theory after he offers Claire to test the new drug on him. Maybe Mathew has grown a liking for Claire and genuinely wants to help her find the cure to save Peter. But things aren’t always as they seem; there are always some hidden cards or someone pulling the strings. Shifting the focus to Mark, he has been promoted to the post of head chef by his friend Zeke.

Mark Meets His Tail

Episode 4 also introduces a new character, Roland, who visits Mark’s workplace and befriends Zeke. The man gives off a suspicious air and claims to be a former secret service member. While Roland and Zeke are conversing, Mark informs Zeke that he’ll be heading home soon, but Zeke insists that Mark join Ronald and him for a drink. In reality, Ronald is the same guy that Mathew, Arthur’s lab assistant, hired to keep tabs on Mark when he was caught at the drug factory. Ronald has been tasked with digging out every piece of information available about Mark and his reason for investigating Frank. After the magic show, Eleanor takes Isaiah to show him the house where she spent her childhood, but now we see that some other family has purchased it. Eleanor and Isaiah somehow sneak in through an open window to have a better look. This reveals how Eleanor really misses living a normal, ordinary life. She misses her mom and hates how she has to change houses every time her father thinks that she is unsafe. 


On the other hand, Claire has made all the necessary preparations and is ready to test the new drug on Matthew, and asks him to note down everything he feels after being injected with the drug. The information, the pain, urges, and everything in detail. Claire was initially hesitant, fearing that Matthew would suffer the same fate and would fall dead because of cardiac arrest. The trial, however, turns out to be successful, and Claire’s joy knows no bounds because she has finally hit her first breakthrough after months of tireless work. This could be a game changer, and she may finally have a chance to save her brother. Claire is now ready to use the drug on Peter. She tops up the syringe with the drug and injects it into Peter’s veins, hoping it will subside the pain, giving them ample time to remove the scar tissues.

‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Did Eleanor Reveal Her Secret To Isaiah?

After a night full of magic shows, fun, and past memories, the kids return home, and Isaiah questions Eleanor about how she can run faster than a normal girl, scale high structures and balconies, why she never shivers in the cold when she walks barefoot in the snow; why her skin always feels cold, like that of a dead person; why her eyes glow in the dark; and why has he never seen her eat anything? Isaiah is a smart kid, and after knowing Eleanor for months, he has concluded that she is by no means an ordinary girl. The little detective insists that Eleanor answer his question, and Eleanor reveals to him that she is 12 years old and has been 12 for a long time. Her eyes glow because she can see in the dark, and the only thing she can drink is blood. At that point, the scene shifts, and it’s unclear how Isaiah will respond to the new revelation. There are many possibilities, one, he could just laugh it out by labeling this as a joke, or he could help Eleanor check the extent of her strength and abilities. It is unlikely that Isaiah will reveal Eleanor’s secrets to anybody, not even his mom, because, like Eleanor, he is also isolated and has no friends. He realizes that Eleanor truly cares for him as a friend and will see this as a chance to reply to her kindness and friendship.


Towards the conclusion, we see Naomi drowning in guilt after killing the guy who attacked Ben. She retrieves the boy’s details from the records and interrogates his father to learn more about him, but sadly she doesn’t get much relevant information. At the restaurant, Ronald barges in while Zeke and Mark are having a conversation, threatening Mark to speak the truth about his intentions for investigating Frank and the factory.

The show has finally gained momentum, and the upcoming episodes will most likely be packed with action and drama. Maybe Mark will apprehend Ronald and force him to give up Matthew’s location so he can unearth the truth and obtain a cure for Eleanor. Also, it won’t take long for Naomi to find Frank’s murderer, forcing her to choose between his friend (Mark) and her duty to uphold the law. Whatever the case, “Let the Right One In” won’t disappoint. 


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