‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – Will Mark Able To Hide His Dirty Secret?

“Let the Right One In” episode 3 is finally out and expands on Eleanor and Isaiah’s blooming friendship. Episode 2 revealed that the drug-supplier Mark is looking for is none other than Mathew, Arthur’s lab assistant. Also, Naomi has Mark in her crosshairs when he unexpectedly walks out of her apartment with Eleanor. 


Until now, we’ve learned that the mysterious virus alters the infected person’s behaviors, and feeding habits, as well as their bodily physique, and changes their psychology when they’re starving and craving for blood. We also came to know of their vulnerability to sunlight and how they pose a threat to human civilization. The show has glimpsed the changes the infected go through during their transformation into blood-sucking beasts. Their faces grow pale red with glowing retinas, and beast-like fangs grow out of their jaws, which can easily take anyone’s life. At the same time, the infected person’s system is flooded with adrenaline and cortisol hormones, which fuels them into attack or flight mode. Now the story continues…

Spoilers Ahead


‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 3: Recap – What Happens In The Episode?

The episode opens up, and we notice Mark dwelling in nervousness and guilt after realizing that the drug dealer he murdered a couple of episodes back was none other than her neighbor, Naomi’s husband. Mark knows that Naomi is a determined homicide detective and will travel to any lengths to unearth her ex-husband’s murderer. Mark decides to lay low for a few weeks and orders his daughter Ellie to grab whatever she needs for their trip. Eleanor rejects it as she has finally made a friend here and doesn’t want to leave Isaiah, whom she would not be able to see again if she goes on the trip. Eleanor hates the fact that she and Mark are always hiding and on the run. Eleanor longs for the normal and ordinary life she once had. She misses her friends, her old neighborhood, and playing in the sunlight, exploring places without living in constant fear of being caught or burnt to death. In the last episode, Eleanor sneaked out and attended Isaiah’s magic show. Eleanor disobeys Mark’s orders for the second time and argues with him that she’ll not leave the apartment and Isaiah at any cost. The argument soon turns heated, and Eleanor grabs her father by his arm and throws him into the air. Eleanor is immature and obviously doesn’t grasp the danger Naomi poses. Mark, on the other hand, entirely ignores Eleanor’s emotions and her desire to get social with people around her. He’s just hell-bent on protecting his daughter, even if it means locking her beyond a door.

Zeke Hoping On The Bandwagon

The scene shifts and Eleanor tries to phone her little friend but receives no reply. She strides towards Isaiah’s apartment and finds a couple of bullies beating him to reveal the secrets of his disappearance trick. Eleanor grabs one of the bullies and strongly suggests that he stay away from Isaiah. Oblivious to Eleanor’s strength, the bully tries to get smart with her and goes home crying with a broken finger. The series never fails to disappoint us in action. Episode 3 also expands the friendship between Mark and Zeke, as the latter helps Mark to find a safe place for Eleanor. Zeke also agrees to feed Eleanor in case Mark gets arrested or isn’t around. Mark and Zeke share a deep-rooted history, one we’re unaware of. Zeke gets on Mark’s plan and offers to help him get rid of Frank’s dead body. While the duo is in the process of removing the body, a boy appears and confuses Zeke as a drug supplier and demands some drugs. Mark tries to handle the situation by saying they haven’t got any drugs. They fight, and, in the struggle, the boy snatches the drug that Mark recovered from Frank’s pockets. Much to our surprise, the episode goes on to deepen the friendship between Mark and Naomi. Mark again goes to Naomi’s apartment to fetch her daughter and stays for a drink. Their conversation continues, and Mark teaches her to cook delicious food with fewer ingredients. Naomi is frustrated and carries a heavy burden. Mark comforts him and offers to hear her out, hoping to get some news leads on the murder that is infesting the city. Naomi tells Mark that a strange and ferocious man with fangs attacked her partner Ben while they were out investigating a crime scene, and she had to open fire on the attacker to save Ben’s life. Mark consoles Naomi by saying that Ben is alive and well because of her quick thinking and that she shouldn’t blame herself for what happened. We see Mark developing a soft side for Naomi, but it’s highly unlikely that Naomi will reciprocate once she learns that Mark is the one who murdered Frank. Whatever the case, the truth will surely doom their friendship. 


The focus then shifts to Claire, who enters her father’s bedroom and finds him dead. Arthur’s death is still a mystery. Did he die a natural death, or was he murdered? We’ve got no idea. The story moves forward with Claire continuing her father’s research. Claire meets Mathew and inquires how Arthur was able to afford his research and the cutting-edge lab equipment. Mathew reveals that he supplied the opioid drugs manufactured by Arthur to drug dealers. The drug is banned by authorities owing to its harmful and addictive impact on the human body. However, for the expensive clinical treatment of his son (Peter), Arthur was left with no choice but to manufacture the harmful drugs and sell them for profit. There’s a possibility that Mathew may have murdered Arthur because he wanted to keep all the profits for himself and despised Arthur, who was wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to save his son. Mathew has been working alongside Arthur for a long time and has learned how to manufacture the drugs, so he may decide that it’s time to get rid of the old man. 

Claire then visits her little brother and inquires about his health and is presented with some interesting facts. Peter tells her that he has lost his sense of hearing, that everything appears too bright, and that he really likes it when people fight back while he’s sucking their blood. Claire develops a theory and wants to do a brain scan while Peter is feeding himself. Whatever the results, the next episode is sure to offer some much-needed breakthroughs. The episode closes with Eleanor watching over Isaiah outside his window while he sleeps. Eleanor has finally learned how to control her newfound powers. However, she loses control over herself when she is anxious and angry and can hurt others around her. She also kind of hurt Mark by throwing him into the air and had earlier snapped the boy’s finger who was bullying Isaiah. 


‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Will Mark Able To Hide His Dirty Secret?

It’s very unlikely that Mark would be able to hide the truth for long. Naomi is a determined and brilliant detective and will surely find Frank’s body, and when that happens, Naomi will make sure that Mark never makes it outside of the prison. Zeke has now joined Mark in his quest to cure Eleanor and has become an accomplice after helping Mark dispose of Frank’s body. Naomi is still unaware of Eleanor’s vampirism, but this secret, like all the others, will soon see the light of day. When the truth comes out, Naomi will have two choices, either to punish Mark, jeopardize Eleanor’s future in the process, or aid Mark in obtaining the cure for his daughter. 

“Let The Right One In” isn’t your typical family drama with supernatural elements. It strides beyond that; it’s a story of different people trying to nurture and care for their loved ones. Mark is tirelessly looking for answers that can bring him a step closer to his daughter’s cure. Claire is hell-bent on continuing her father’s research to save Peter’s life, and Naomi, as a single mom, is trying her best to raise her son Isaiah. In a way, the stories of every character are similar to one another. All their lives are interconnected, and at their core sits the “mysterious virus.”


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