‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Did Claire Find A Cure For Peter?

In the first episode of “Let the Right One In,” we saw Mark moving to the Big Apple with his daughter and a mysterious killer carrying out his murder rampage. The pilot episode also introduced Claire, who arrived in New York to find a cure to save her brother Peter, who has also turned into a vampire. The story continues in the second episode.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 2: Recap – The Search Continues

Episode 2 opens with Claire seated beside her brother’s bed, watching him and reminiscing about the beautiful memories they shared. After spending some time with Peter, Claire leaves for her father’s laboratory and is introduced to Arthur’s assistant, Mathew, who was earlier tasked with feeding and taking care of Peter before Claire arrived. Claire questions Mathew about Peter’s condition and the process he follows to feed her brother. Arthur explains to Claire that Peter’s body was having negative reactions to regular food, which resulted in his deteriorating health, so Matthew fed Peter with his own blood, and if that wasn’t enough, they illegally borrowed blood from the blood bank.

Claire also inquired about the source of the infection, i.e., patient zero, but she was met with another dead end. Mathew informed Claire that it all happened so fast, and they never got the chance to see who attacked Peter. Mathew said something pounced on Peter’s back and pierced his skin with its fangs. After examining Peter’s body, they realized that his body had adapted to the infection by flooding his system with “adrenaline and cortisol.” After that, everything changed. Peter’s skin started to melt in sunlight, and he began craving “freshly oxygenated blood.” Following the conversation, Claire decides to investigate Arthur’s lab and finds chimps restrained in cages. Arthur was hell-bent on finding a cure to save his son’s life and had been testing his anecdote on chimpanzees because of the similar DNA structure. Claire notices something strange with the Chimps, as they are highly hostile with blazing eyes. One of the chimps attempted to break free of his restraints but broke his palm into two, spilling out blood. The smell of blood only provoked his hunger, and he drank every drop of it.

The scene shifts, and we see Mark still contemplating his decision to murder Frank. Mark hasn’t slept all night, knowing he has now become a low-life scumbag and is no better than Frank. After the last episode, Eleanor and her next-door neighbor Isaiah become good friends, and the latter even extends an invitation to a magical performance at his school. After hearing Eleanor talking to someone, Mark rushed towards the door and assured Isaiah and his mother, Naomi, that they’d be sure to attend the performance. Naomi, being a cop, was quick to deduce that something was off and suspected that Eleanor was being abducted and trafficked by Mark. After they’re gone, Mark reprimands Eleanor for disregarding the rules for opening doors. He reminded Eleanor that she mustn’t open doors for a stranger unless her father was present. He apologizes to Eleanor for raising his voice at her and assures her that he’s being strict only to protect her. Mark leaves for his job at the hotel after hiding Eleanor and reminding her not to leave the apartment at “any cost.”

While on the job, Mark went through Frank’s belongings and retrieved the address of his drug supplier from his cell phone. Mark requests his friend and boss, Zeke, to lend him his car for a day but refuses to state his reasons. Back at the apartment, Eleanor dreams about her mother, who assures her that her father will certainly find the cure and she’ll be back to her old self in no time.

Who Is Frank’s Mysterious Supplier?

Mark drives to the location he retrieved from Frank’s phone and waits for his supplier to arrive. The supplier arrives, and Mark decides to tail him, but he is stopped by a man who threatens him, advising him never to return. Episode 2 drops its first big bomb, and we realize that the supplier is none other than Mathew, Arthur’s lab assistant. Mathew is pulling all the strings and is responsible for manufacturing the infectious drug. Back at the apartment, Eleanor was getting bored and decided to attend Isaiah’s performance on her own. At school, little Isaiah gets bullied for showing fake tricks, which greatly upsets Eleanor, who then volunteers to help Isaiah with his vanishing trick. Eleanor, with her newfound abilities, scaled the auditorium’s wall and quietly crossed to the opposite side, making the audience lose sight of her and embarrassing the bullies. Naomi drives Eleanor to her apartment and offers to stay with her and Isaiah till her dad arrives from work. Mark returns home and finds Elanor’s note informing him that she is with Naomi and Isaiah at their apartment. Mark knocks on Naomi’s door and is invited in for tea. Inside, Mark finds Eleanor and Isaiah laughing and playing and decides to wait for their game to finish. While waiting for Elanor, Mark notices pictures of Frank and Naomi. Naomi tells Mark that Frank was her ex-husband and Isaiah’s father. This shocking revelation completely wipes away the grin he had on his face after seeing his daughter making new friends and smiling. Naomi wants to know if he is okay, but Mark stands there in silence with his facial expressions changed and sweat pouring all over him. Mark nods his head, implying he is okay, but Naomi’s detective instincts kick in, and she is quick to see through the former’s lies but decides not to object. Mark asks Eleanor to go to her room and hurriedly exits Naomi’s apartment.

‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Did Claire Find A Cure For Peter?

In the final scene, we see Claire waking up from her sleep after hearing an eerie growling voice and going upstairs to check, and finding Peter’s pale white face, implying that her little brother’s condition has worsened, and he has completely turned into a blood-sucking vampire. As we’ve already established, vampires grow highly hostile and are unable to control their urges when faced with hunger. That’s why Arthur had his son chained to prevent him from hurting him and Claire, even if he had totally lost control. We see Mathew opening the door to a dark room and a strange man emerging from the shadows. The man was also tied to a rope and was bleeding from his neck. The scent of blood prompted Peter to go more berserk, and he rushed on the helpless victim, ripping flesh from his body with his teeth and gulping down his blood. Claire witnesses her father was sacrificing another man’s life to feed his son and realizes that she must find a cure to save his humanity and his brother’s life. On the other hand, we see Naomi’s futile attempt to contact Frank, not knowing that her next-door neighbor has killed her ex-husband. Naomi deduces that Mark definitely knows something about Frank, but she is oblivious to the vampire situation.

Eleanor is making new friends and is trying to adjust to her new reality. Maybe her friendship with little Isaiah will keep her alter-ego at bay. The show has finally gained some pace and is revealing its cards one by one. We now know that Mathew is Frank’s mysterious dealer and is manufacturing the drugs. Is Mathew the main antagonist, or is there someone else pulling the strings? Maybe the show is yet to reveal its Big Bad. We don’t know! Mark is still struggling to find answers that might bring him closer to the cure. Mark has somehow managed to locate Frank’s supplier, but will he be able to extract the information he needs from him?

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