‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 1: Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Mark Able To Obtain The Cure?

The series “Let the Right One In” is the latest series starring the likes of Demian Bichir, Anika Noni, and Medison Taylor and is helmed by the renowned Seith Mann. The plot follows Mark and his daughter as the duo moves to the States to find the cure for Eleanor’s mysterious condition. Here’s what happened in the pilot episode.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 1: Recap

The episode follows the story of a 12-year-old girl named Eleanor who shares a room with her father, Mr. Mark, and lives a very isolated and secluded life. The father-daughter bonding between Mark and Eleanor is the heart of the narrative. Eleanor is suffering from an unidentified illness, and therefore, in order to find a cure, Mark decides to move to the Golden Apple, i.e., New York City. The episode also introduces a young boy by the name of Peter Logan, who is waiting for the sun to rise while walking barefoot on the ice to test his father’s newfound medicine. To our shock, Peter’s body is burned severely as the sun rises. Eleanor and Peter shared the same mysterious illness and needed human blood in order to survive. Peter’s father was a scientist who was working on a cure that could provide Peter immunity against sunlight. Peter’s and Eleanor’s symptoms resemble those of a blood-sucking vampire that only comes out of hiding when the sun sets and can effortlessly scale considerable heights without breaking a sweat and needing blood to survive. The series brilliantly peeks into the vampire’s daily life, their craving for blood, and other ensuing day-to-day issues. Vampires often go to great lengths to hide their true nature while pretending to live as normal human beings. Mark struggles to keep his daughter’s illness a secret throughout the duration of the episode. But the situation was about to change soon as the citizens of New York started falling victim to a mysterious killer. The bodies discovered were in pretty bad shape. The victim’s skin had whitened and was completely deprived of blood, leaving the corpse with bare bones. Naomi, a NY State police officer, and a divorced mother took charge of the case and swore to unearth the mysterious murderer. She enlisted the help of her ex-husband, Frank, who was a small-time drug dealer. Frank and Naomi’s marriage was a rough one, devoid of love and compassion, and this lack of affection eventually forced them out of each other’s lives. After the divorce, the court provided custody of the couple’s 12-year-old son, Isaiah, to Naomi. Isaiah is a curious kid who often makes his adoration of magic obvious throughout the episode.


In Search Of A Cure

No vampire-themed series or movie is complete without some classic blood-feeding scenes. In one scene, we see Mr. Mark and Eleanor sharing a father-daughter moment together. Suddenly, Mark notices a strange man with white balled-up eyes donning a mask. Mark asks Eleanor to stay put and decides to follow the strange man. The man realizes that he has picked up a tail and runs and hides in an abandoned subway tunnel and attacks Mark. The fighting ensues, and Mark is finally able to knock the man unconscious after Eleanor’s intervention. Mark slices the man’s wrist to feed his blood to his dear daughter, but Eleanor finds the taste of the blood to be unpleasant. It didn’t taste like normal human blood. After hearing Eleanor’s remarks, Mark deduces that the man has been injected with some sort of drug. The next scene introduces us to Peter’s sister Claire, who is also a reputed researcher like his father, Arthur. She receives a call from Arthur, who asks her to come to New York as soon as possible to discuss Peter’s condition and possible treatment. Claire takes a flight to New York and, upon reaching her father’s lab, is informed that Arthur has almost finished developing a medication that could treat Peter’s rare ailment. He urges Claire to continue the process of developing the medication since he is unable to continue working because of his deteriorating health from pancreatic cancer. Mark traces the case of the drugs to Frank, who, as we have already established, is a small-time drug dealer. Mark kidnaps Frank to get more information on the types of drugs he’s selling. However, Mark eventually ends up killing him to feed his blood to his daughter Eleanor. Eleanor, on the other hand, was starving to death and decided to leave her apartment in search of a target. Eleanor meets Isaiah, who lives next door, and decides to kill him and feast on his blood, but Isaiah unknowingly diverts Eleanor’s attention from her hunger through his magic tricks. After having some fun, Eleanor returns to her apartment, and so does her craving for human blood. Later, Mark arrives carrying a vial filled with Frank’s blood, which Eleanor uses to feed herself. In a nutshell, the series is about a father’s struggle to save his daughter and her humanity from turning into a full-fledged blood-sucking beast. That’s why Mark is looking for the person who is to blame for her daughter’s condition.

‘Let The Right One In’ Episode 1: Ending Explained – Was Mark Able To Find The Cure?

“Let the Right One In” Episode 1 showed us a glimpse of what it’s like to be a vampire, the ensuing troubles of accepting the new reality, and more. To make sure Eleanor gets all the help she needs, Mark decides to move to the States and lands a job as a chef in a hotel owned by his old friend. Mark juggles his hours between cooking food for the hotel’s guests and looking for a cure to treat Eleanor’s condition. There are so many lingering questions that will surely be addressed in the upcoming episodes. Will Mark be able to find the person responsible for Eleanor’s condition? Was Claire able to develop the drug that could save her brother’s life? If she did, could Mark be able to get the drug for Eleanor? The episode has yet to reveal how Eleanor became a vampire. Mark is a wonderful father who loves his daughter with all his might. Eleanor once warned him that if he didn’t fetch food for her, she would kill someone and suck their blood. Eleanor is very immature and doesn’t care about the repercussions of her actions. If her cravings aren’t checked or stopped, she is sure to kill someone. But Mark talked her out of it, reminding her that she wasn’t a blood-sucking vampire like the rest of them and shouldn’t be killing people just for the sake of food. This might sound ironic to many because we have seen Mark killing Frank earlier; however, in his defense, Mark killed Frank not to feed his daughter his blood but for his wrongdoings. Mark’s motivation is to exact revenge on those who are responsible for the spread of the mysterious disease. Mark is practical and is always in control, but there’s a chance that he’ll be abandoning his morals soon for Elanor’s sake. Will Mark be able to convince himself, as he had convinced Eleanor, not to kill someone just for one’s selfishness and anger?


In the end, Eleanor is found sleeping in the bathtub when Mark gets home from work. There are no windows in the bathroom, so he doesn’t have to worry about the sunlight coming in. He covers Eleanor while reminiscing about the time when his dear wife was still alive. He is a calm and calculated man who balances his anxiety and happiness just like he does with his personal and professional life. Did Mark find the cure? Stream the next episode to know that.

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