Lee Eun-yu In ‘Sweet Home 2,’ Explained: Did Eun-yu Like Hyun-su?

The role of Lee Eun-yu has been played efficiently by Go Min-si in the series Sweet Home. She has been portrayed as a very stoic character who does not express much of her feelings. Despite coming out as a cold-hearted person in the beginning, her empathy for others is revealed later. The character is very strong and is determined to reach her ultimate goal. She will cross any barriers and push her boundaries to find her brother! Will Eun-yu finally reunite with her brother? What will eventually happen to her by the end of the second season? There are a lot of questions regarding the character of Eun-yu that will be answered after an in-depth analysis!

Spoilers Ahead

How Was Eun-yu’s Personality?

The character of Eun-yu comes out as a savage character who has a foul temper. She is initially intolerant of others and does not even have any regard for her brother, Eun-hyuk, and says that he meant nothing to her as he was her “stepbrother.” Later, it became evident that she had a soft core, as she did not want any perils to come over the people staying in her apartment. Initially, she also has a hostile attitude towards Ji-su, but later, her bittersweet relationship with her comes to the forefront when she gets stressed when Ji-su falls sick. When a huge building breaks off and Ji-su is unable to come out of it, Eun-yu breaks down after she realizes that she has lost a friend. She is also seen to abide by Ji-su’s path when she saves an individual from committing suicide. Her compassion towards others is also seen when a man following her to murder her gets killed by a monster, and she shows her respect to him by covering his face with a piece of cloth. Eun-yu’s character comes out to be quite courageous, as she is the one who confronts the military as they are being led to a facility. She points a gun at the chief and asks them to leave them on their own. She had sensed that the military would not be able to save them and would cause them more trouble in the long run. She is resilient, does not give up easily in adverse conditions, and knows how to survive dire situations.

Why Did The Chief Want To Kill Eun-yu?

Someone was trying to save Eun-yu from a distance, which was quite evident. The chief’s husband, Mr. Kim, had been killed by the secret entity as he was trying to kill Eun-yu. However, the chief misunderstands the situation and thinks that she was responsible for the murder and wants her dead. There are many people in the facility who know about the Chief’s feuds with Eun-yu and want to impress the Chief by killing her. We see the Chief challenging Eun-yu as she tells her that she would be the first person to kill her when she turns into a monster, as she was responsible for her husband’s death. She also tells her that she would not kill her while she was still a human because then she would be called a murderer like Eun-yu by others.

What Is Eun-yu’s Relationship With Hyun-su?

In the first season of Sweet Home, a spark between Hyun-su and Eun-yu is noticed. She clearly has a liking for her, which is revealed when she gets overwhelmed after she meets him in the second season. Hyun-su was the one who had been protecting her all this while, secretly, which makes it possible that even he had a soft corner for her. There is also a possibility that Eun-yu’s brother Eun-hyuk had been protecting her with Hyun-su’s help from a distance after becoming a monster. Hyun-su was the one who killed Mr. Kim after he started attacking Eun-yu. She was also saved when Yi-kyung’s daughter pushed her into the well while she was on a hunt for her brother. It is only in front of Eun-yu, other than Ui-myeong, that Hyun-su’s inner monster comes out. The monster does not harm Eun-su and tells her that Hyun-su was tired and needed some rest, and she tries confronting it, saying that Hyun-su would never give up and let his inner demons overpower him. Her faith in Hyun-su does not stagger, even for a while!

What Was Her Relationship With Park Chan-yeong?

Park Chan-yeong tries to stop Eun-yu from going out from the safety camp to find her brother. When she doesn’t listen to him, he gets concerned about her safety and decides to follow her. While they are out in the wilderness, they both fall in a ditch and are seen to exchange a few words about their own lives, which makes us think that maybe there is a romantic possibility between them. They are both rescued by Ho-sang and his accomplice Ha-ni from the ditch and are then captured by them. Later, Ha-ni drugs Park Chan-yeong, which makes Eun-yu concerned, bringing out her responsibility towards a person who was trying to protect her, and she helps him sober up. On Eun-yu’s quest for her brother, the two embark on several adventures together. Chan-yeong does not leave her side until he fears for her safety. The moment he realizes that Hyun-su will take good care of her, he leaves for the safety camp.

Was She Able To Find Her Brother?

Eun-yu’s determination is portrayed when we see her dedication to finding her brother. She is not afraid to face any perils just to meet her brother once. She didn’t care what form her brother would have taken and asked him to show himself to her. She is often seen going out of the camp and returning safely, bringing out her strong willpower to survive for the sake of finding out her brother. She is not afraid to follow a strange kid into the wilderness after she tells her that she knows where her brother is. She did not value Eun-hyuk while he was around her and started realizing his worth once he was not around. She did not fear risking her own life in any situation to reunite with her brother.

Final Words

The determination of Eun-yu to survive in any situation sets her apart from the other characters in the series Sweet Home. Her character has helped add several subplots to the series. Despite having a harder outer shell, Eun-yu has a soft core and is compassionate to the people around her. She is obstinate and refuses to give up on her lost brother until she finds a trail to him. Eun-eu’s character has been rounded up a lot in her journey from the first season to the second season. She comes out as a better version of herself!

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