‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Ezra Have Sam Ibrahim Killed?

Episode 8 of “Last King Of The Cross” ended with John finding Dave dead at his house. Meanwhile, at the public hearing, John denies dealing drugs, but Sam has openly declared that he robs drug dealers. This will affect Joey’s dealings, which will, in turn, affect Ezra’s business. Also, Detective Mooney has confessed that it was Crellan who killed Nasa Kalouri. Mooney has been wearing a wire for the last 9 months. “Last King Of The Cross” Episode 9 shows the Royal Commission tightening its hold on Kings Cross. This will certainly have adverse effects on the businesses of both John and Ezra. Now only time will tell if they work together to try and sort things out or find their own ways to do the same.

Spoilers Ahead

A New Cross

Since the public hearing, a lot of police officers have been arrested, including Crellan. Many of them have committed suicide to avoid the shame of being cross-examined. With Kings Cross almost clean and the investigation almost over, the folks at the Royal Commission are packing their stuff. But things aren’t over for Detective Elizabeth Doyle and Detective Luke Oneil, as Inspector Doug Kemp informs them that they have an important meeting the next day.

Mr. Li, under whom Madame Tien works, arrives at Ezra’s place. They shake hands. Ezra has agreed to let Li carry out his business in Kings Cross. He doesn’t care about the Ibrahims, who are busy handling their own business. But Yael and Tony think that Ezra has just sparked a war. Both John and Sam hate the Tiens, and even though John will try to resolve his differences peacefully, Sam will do the opposite.

John and Sam are at the café. John tells Sam that he doesn’t feel the need to charge protection money to the shop owners because there’s no one to pay it to. The cops that were supposed to provide protection are gone now, and the rest can’t be bought. Sam, on the other hand, believes the money will be in return for protection against Sam himself. John asks Sam to join his club’s business, but Sam is more interested in the streets and wants respect. Thus, the same night, John sets him up at Stripperama, where he will be better contained. It’s better than having him out in the streets and risking any trouble. Molly, who runs it, warns John against taking the step because she knows how uncontrollable Sam and his biker friends are. John tells her to wait for six months and see. Later on, Elizabeth arrives at The Tunnel in party attire and meets John. She has come to celebrate her new task force [the meeting that Doug told her and Luke about earlier] and tell John that it was Dave and Dickie who shot the Vietnamese guy at the Tien warehouse. Then Dave killed Dickie to prevent him from taking any action against John and then killed himself to clean up the mess he had made. Elizabeth knows that John doesn’t want to be involved in the drug business and asks for his help to track down those who are. But John knows better than to help the cops and walks away.

Sam is on the streets with his friend Anton when he comes across some Vietnamese guys selling drugs. They tell him that they have gotten permission. Sam doesn’t believe them, shoots one of them in both legs and lets them go with a warning. Clearly, he doesn’t know about the deal that Ezra has made with Li. Later on, a storeowner falls to his death after being thrown out of the window by Sam for refusing him protection money. He is the landlord at Kings Cross. John finds out what Sam has done.

To Each His Own

The next day, Madame Tien watches from her car as her guys get beat up by Black Flag bikers. She calls and tells Ezra about it and tells him to do something about Sam Ibrahim. Otherwise, there will be repercussions. That very night, Big Tony meets Sam at Stripperama to put some sense in him. On the contrary, Sam tells Tony to give Ezra the message that he made a mistake by shaking hands with the Vietnamese. If Ezra wants to continue his business at Kings Cross, he will have to come down and meet Sam at his office. The street now belongs to Sam Ibrahim. Tony conveys Sam’s message to Ezra, who smashes the phone after the conversation. He isn’t happy at all with Sam. But he cannot get him killed just like that. So the next day, he calls for Assistant Commissioner Bill Allen and Senator Paul Calandro to talk about Sam Ibrahim. Ezra also brings in some women as a means of persuasion. Unbeknownst to them, someone clicks pictures of their meeting. That night, when John enters his office at The Tunnel, he finds an envelope. Upon opening it, he finds the pictures of Ezra, Bill Allen, and Senator Calandro. Within a few minutes, cops arrive at the Stripperama and arrest everyone. Sam isn’t there, so he gets away. John finds out that Sam’s message to Ezra is what has led to this.

John meets Sam the next day and confronts him about what he told Ezra. He finds it embarrassing to clean up his brother’s messes all the time, and it pains him to see what Sam has become, what he is doing will send them both to prison, if not to the grave. He has no idea how to help Sam anymore. Sam tells him that he doesn’t need his help. He will do what he has to do, and John can do what he does best. Saying this, Sam leaves. Later on, John surprises Senator Paul Calandro in his car and shows him the pictures of him and Commissioner Allen with the girls at Ezra’s place. He then threatens to let Calandro’s daughter Ashley and the authorities know that he is responsible for the death of her boyfriend Spyro if he doesn’t take the cops off the street immediately. A double homicide for a senator will be newsworthy on the front page. Paul doesn’t know that it was John who was given the job of killing Spyro by Ezra. Calandro has no way out of it.

Mooney is at a bar in his hometown when a guy approaches him. He has with him a bag containing $100,000 that Mooney can take home. All that he has to do in return is change his statement about Crellan having killed Nasa Kalouri. He hands him a script that he has to tell the police, and that way, he wouldn’t have to die. The guy then leaves.

‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Will Ezra Have Sam Ibrahim Killed?

John is at his mansion when Big Tony calls and informs him that Ezra’s wife, Yael, has passed away. John arrives at Ezra’s place to pay his respects. As grieved as Ezra is for his wife’s passing, he tells John that he wants to get rid of Sam and doesn’t care how. He tells John that Sam will die violently one day, and he won’t be grieving then. He then gets up and goes to the washroom. John’s hands are shaking in rage, but he doesn’t say anything. Big Tony signals him to leave. John is about to step into his car when another car parked at a distance inside Ezra’s compound explodes. Outside the compound, Sam and Anton escape in their car. Big Tony rushes out, followed by Ezra. Ezra looks at the car and then turns to look at John, who is also looking at him. They both know who is responsible for the blast, and they both know what has to happen now.

Ezra is at his wit’s end with Sam Ibrahim, and he will have him killed. And now that he has shown that he wants to kill Ezra, it is all up to John to save his brother from being killed by Ezra. Now, it is all about power. And to add to it, there is a new task force in town. It’s about to go down at Kings Cross.

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