‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will John Be Able To Protect His Brother?

Kings Cross is at a crossroads. John and Sam have already begun falling apart. Madame Tien is trying to establish a hold over Kings Cross. The new Task Force is undeterred by the overwhelming network at Kings Cross and is waiting for the right moment to strike. Things take an even more drastic turn of events in Episode 6 of “Last King of the Cross.” And this time, not even John Ibrahim might be able to sort it out.


Spoilers Ahead

New Movement

Sam has lost his way completely. All he wants now is cocaine, and he doesn’t have time for anything else, especially people who remind him of his insanity. One night, he breaks into Joey Romano’s store, punches the guy selling Joey’s cocaine, takes the money and the drugs, and walks away. John finds out about Sam’s stunt and decides to sort it out. At the Stripperama, Dave befriends a Black Flag biker.


The next day, Joe visits Ezra to inform him about Sam and his hooliganism. If it isn’t stopped, it is Ezra’s business that will take the fall. However, Ezra, like always, doesn’t seem concerned at all. He walks away calmly. It is Big Tony who tells Joey that he has to sort everything out on his own because he is the one running the business. Not to mention, he will be the one responsible for the losses. Realizing that Ezra won’t help, he meets Detectives Crellan and Mooney, who tell him that they will take care of it, but only if they are paid for it. Joey has no option but to agree. Back at Kings Cross, Sam has already put together his own team of drug peddlers, including Mansour, to sell cocaine and make money for him.

The next night, Elizabeth Doyle and Luke O’Neill are about to arrest Mansour when they are called back to the Task Force headquarters. Thankfully, it’s good news. The legislation, which they had been waiting for, has been passed, and they are now greenlit to carry firearms and enforce newly conferred powers. Moreover, if anyone lies to them or misleads them in their investigation, that person will end up in jail. Meanwhile, Mansour is abducted by Madame Tien’s guys and brought to her. She knows that Mansour is working with Sam Ibrahim rather than respecting the deal he made with her. Mansour, who is tied to a chair and is about to be killed, informs Tien about the Task Force and that they are going to come after the drug dealers and the corrupt money. Tien lets him go. Somewhere else, Crellan and Mooney find Sam Ibrahim asleep in his car. Crellan tells him to sober up, or else he will be arrested. Sam threatens Crellan by mentioning his family. This doesn’t go down well with Crellan, who warns him of the consequences. In this way, a seed of hatred is planted between the two. Sam then meets John at the tunnel. John brings him outside the club, away from others, and tries to put some sense in Sam and make him understand that the Royal Commission is just waiting for them to make a small mistake. If Sam doesn’t gather his wits, he will compromise everything. Unfortunately, Sam is beyond reasoning and tells John to his face that the reason John is where he is is that Sam put him there. John walks back inside the club. Later that night, Sam breaks down in the arms of a stripper. John was right. Sam is lost. The next day, he goes and joins the Black Flag biker gang.


Imminent Danger

Elizabeth and Luke meet Crellan and tell him that he has been on their radar for a long time. It doesn’t seem to affect Crellan much, and he is ready to have a formal interview. This gets on the nerves of Elizabeth and Luke as much as it gets on ours. In all these years, nobody has been able to touch him. This is what has made Crellan so conceited. But not for long, it seems. Crellan realizes that he is in a compromised situation and meets Ezra. As expected, it doesn’t affect Ezra at all. He rather makes it clear that he and Crellan aren’t associates. So Crellan will have to deal with it on his own. After Crellan leaves, Big Tony (who is always with Ezra) tells Ezra that there is no need to worry as Elizabeth Doyle and her team are only after the corrupt cops. He might be wrong. The next day, Madame Tien meets Ezra and tells him that the only way to continue business after the investigation by the Royal Commission is if he cuts ties with his partners and thus makes new ones, e.g., Madame Tien. Ezra gives her a wicked smile. We have no idea what he is thinking. No one does.

John is at home with his mom when Sam arrives in his new Black Flag vest. He puts a bundle of cash on top of John’s and leaves quietly. The cash is for their mother and her alone. It is clear that the Ibrahim brothers now have separate earnings and don’t work together anymore. The same night, Dave meets his newly befriended biker and tells him that he likes one of the strippers and intends to be with her. The biker has help to offer. He gives Dave some cash and tells him to see him the next day. On the other side of King’s Cross, Joey meets Ezra and Big Tony in a restaurant and again tries to persuade Ezra to take action against Sam, who has now joined the Black Flag bikers. He wants Sam to be “dealt with.” Big Tony asks Joey to leave, and he does that. Ezra needs to talk to someone.


The next day, he and Big Tony arrive at John’s sea-facing mansion and tell John that with all that Sam is doing, he will end up in jail. And that is what might be good for him. He will return sober and better. John doesn’t like it and warns Ezra upfront that if he takes any steps against Sam, he will have to face John too. Ezra and Big Tony leave. John knows that if he doesn’t do something about Sam, Ezra could easily get him killed. John tries calling Sam but to no avail. He is having a wonderful time with his new biker friends, women, alcohol, and cocaine.


The same night, Dave and his biker friend follow Madame Tien’s guys and try to steal their cash and drugs from the Tiens’ warehouse. Dave can use the cash to get away with the stripper he told his biker friend about and whom he has fallen in love with. Dave thus has the perfect motivation for the assignment. Regrettably, he ends up shooting and killing Hung (Madame Tien’s brother) before escaping the spot along with the biker, without any drugs or money. They had their balaclavas on, so no one saw their faces. Nevertheless, one of Madame Tien’s guys tells her that one of the two robbers had a limp that he recognized and knew to belong to a Black Flag biker. (It is surreal how sure he is that the guy with the limp belongs to the biker gang.) Madame Tien knows that Sam has joined the Black Flags and calls John, whom she is more familiar with, and believes that John is the sensible one of the two brothers. The call is not to clarify but to warn John of his brother’s actions and tell him that he is about to have company. The Tiens are coming for him.


‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Does Kings Cross Find Itself In The Middle Of A Gangwar?

The Tiens arrive at Kings Cross in their cars, all set with guns in their hands. John Ibrahim and his men have already cleared the streets and are waiting to give the Tiens a warm welcome. Ezra is also watching from inside a store as the events unfold in front of him. Whatever happens now will determine what his next step will be.

Before the Tien could even step out of their vehicles, the whole Black Flag gang arrives on their choppers from the other direction and stops right in front of the cars. Sam Ibrahim gets off his chopper and walks up to his brother. The two look at each other for a couple of seconds, the trust that they share clearly visible, and then turn to the Tiens. The Tiens stand down and leave. They know that they do not stand a chance against the Ibrahim brothers of the Kings Cross. But as soon as they leave, a couple of cars from the drug squad arrive at the spot and arrest Sam for selling cocaine. John knows he cannot do anything at the moment but stare at Sam as he is put in handcuffs, shoved inside a car, and taken away.


If John Ibrahim shakes hands with the Black Flag biker gang, Madame Tien will be in a lot of trouble. However, the Royal Commission is a different ballgame. Sam has been arrested, and it seems that soon Joey and Crellan will be too. This can compromise Ezra, who will not think for one second before taking the necessary steps to avoid any trouble, e.g., killing Sam.

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