‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does John Ibrahim Get Rid Of The Cops?

Nasa Kalouri is dead. John Ibrahim and Sam Ibrahim are reckoned to be the new shot callers at King’s Cross. A new task force is formed to put Kings Cross in check. AFP Elizabeth Doyle, AKA Liz Doyle, and federal officer Luke O’Neill will be leading the investigation. So, it seems that Kings Cross is undergoing a paradigm shift. “Last King Of The Cross” Episode 5 sees this shift pick up its pace as John earns a reputation on the streets while the authorities chalk out a plan to get a hold of him. Meanwhile, Nasa’s death has taken a toll on Sam. How will this affect things? Let’s find out.

Spoilers Ahead


Sam and John are at Café Cosmo watching the news of Nasa Kalouri’s murder. While Sam is bent on finding out who killed Nasa, John knows better. He knows that he has to take care of Kings Cross just like Nasa did. In Nasa’s absence, people will try to usurp his spot, and this won’t be healthy for business. John has already started putting together the team. Kings Cross needs to remember who runs it. As they come out of the cafe, someone photographs them.

At the Kings Cross Taskforce headquarters, Inspector Doug Kemp orders his team to strike while the iron is hot. Nasa’s death has brought publicity to Kings Cross, something that it cannot afford. Doug orders his team, including Liz Doyle and Luke O’Neill, to go after all the suspects. This includes Detectives Crellan and Mooney.


It is nighttime. Sam is at a bordello to collect payment. His eyes swell up as he looks at the news coverage of Nasa Kalouri on television. Nasa was like a father figure to him, and yet he could do nothing to save him. He is still unable to bring the perpetrators to justice and is upset and angry, to say the least. He collects the payment and is about to leave when he hears a woman scream from inside a room, followed by a man coming out of it. A few seconds later, the woman comes out, her nose bleeding. The guy had punched her. Sam loses his temper and starts beating the man up until he cannot even move. The woman at the counter tries to stop him but cannot. It is only when she tells him that the man is a cop that Sam stops and leaves the building without saying a word.

Later that night, Crellan and Mooney meet John and tell him about what his brother has done. The cop is in the hospital with broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. John has to compensate in some way because the cops are looking for Sam. He tells them that the cop got exactly what he deserved. However, he knows he has to take care of it to avoid any issues later. Meanwhile, Madame Tien’s men arrive in a car right in front of Joey Romano’s gaming parlor and start selling coke. With Nasa’s death and Joey having lost his monopoly [thanks to the Tiens again, who stole from him], the men are free to sell their stuff, or so it seems.

The sun will be up the next morning. Sam’s guy returns to his room with the payment and finds him in a mess. Sam has drowned himself completely in drugs, alcohol, and betting on horses. After the guy leaves, we find that Sam has Nasa’s beads on him. As he looks at them in his palm, a few drops of blood fall on his palm. That’s when he realizes that he is bleeding through his nose. Cocaine has started taking its toll.


Ashtray Frank and Peter ‘PK’ Kay meet John at the tunnel and remind him of how things are changing at Kings Cross. The police, the Tiens, and the cocaine can make things hard to run. But John assures them that he can take care of it all. Sam will take care of the streets while he forms a new team. He will also deal with Ezra. All he needs is their support. That’s when he gets a call from Dave, who tells him that there is some problem with the entry. A group of men want entry and are creating a ruckus. Without wasting time, John and Sam (John’s Tongan bodyguard) beat them up. John is almost done making the guys eat dirt when Steph arrives and informs him that some guy is trying to sell drugs at Stripperama. Sam arrives at Stripperama and finds out that the guy has been sent by Sam Ibrahim. John gets the guy out of there. Steph tells him that his brother’s absence is what has led to it. Sam leaves. John’s friend Dave tries some of the coke with one of the women. John won’t find out.

Liz Doyle finally sits down with detectives Crellan and Mooney for a much-needed conversation at Café Cosmo. She finds out that the “temperature” at Kings Cross is “red hot.” They also tell him that Sam Ibrahim is their best bet for someone who would benefit the most from Nasa’s absence. Meanwhile, someone is taking clicks of Liz, Crellan, and Mooney too. It is probably the same person who took pictures of Sam and John when they were at the café. Once back at the headquarters, Liz tells Kemp that while Crellan is pointing at Sam Ibrahim, she believes that it is John Ibrahim who they should be concerned about. He is ambitious, and it might just have been him who got Nasa killed. She intends to flip him.

Thursday arrives. Before the opening of his fourth club, John brings in his old friends to protect the Kings Cross business and keep the circle tight. He introduces them to the core members of his team and tells them that every word exchanged between them will remain between them, including Sam. At the opening party, Crellan meets John and makes him aware of the new cops who are very much “interested” in him, especially Elizabeth Doyle. Meanwhile, Sam arrives at the Stripperama to collect his payment from Steph and finds that John has already collected it. He tells Steph to wait for him the next time and leaves.


Sam arrives at John’s office, where Demi, the woman who Sam had been dating until recently, has been talking to him. Upon seeing Sam, Demi leaves. Sam takes a chair. John asks him where he has been and asks him to come back and join the team. The cops are looking for him, and John cannot help him if he disappears. John then walks up to him and tries to make him understand that he cannot let Nasa’s death pull him down. But Sam isn’t ready to speak about it. It is clear that he is angry at the way things are turning out. He isn’t doing anything and is probably jealous of all that John has pulled off on his own. John may or may not yet understand it, but a distance has started to form between him and his brother, of whom he thinks the world. And none of it is his fault, and all that he is trying to do is ask Sam to come back because John knows he needs him more than anyone else. Sam keeps staring at John. Sam (Tongan) interferes, probably sensing the tension between the brothers. Sam leaves.

The next day, Sam is back in his room, doing cocaine again. Mansour, the guy who John caught at Stripperama, is there too. He offers Sam a business idea and explains how they can make more money selling coke. That’s when there is a knock on the door. It’s Demi who has come to see Sam, but he shuts the door in her face. Later on, John finds Demi apparently going somewhere. She is carrying bags. He approaches her and finds out that Sam has become addicted to cocaine, and she cannot watch the two brothers break away from each other. So she has quit and is leaving. John tries to stop her, but he knows he cannot. Demi thus leaves.

John arrives at Sam’s place and finds him surrounded by women and loud music. He beats up Mansour, sends them all away, and closes the door behind them. He tells Sam to his face that whatever he is doing isn’t him. Everyone in the streets respects Sam for his righteousness towards his job, and here he is, smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. Sam has had enough of John’s words and snaps at him, pinning him against the wall. John tells him to come back because he cannot handle it all on his own. He tries to hug Sam, but Sam pulls away. There was a time when John would follow Sam anywhere. That time seems to be gone now, never to return again.

‘Last King Of The Cross’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Does John Get Rid Of The Cops?

John returns to his office at The Tunnel, where he finds Elizabeth Doyle and Luke O’Neill waiting for him. They want to talk to him about the deaths of his friend Nasa Kalouri and everyone else at Kings Cross, including Detective Crellan. John is now the shot caller after Nasa’s death. The motivation is clear. John doesn’t feel the need to answer them, but just to be on the safe side, he tells them that he was playing poker the night Nasa was killed. That’s all he has to say, and he walks off. He later informs Ezra about it. Ezra tells him to have Sam sober up and get back in the game. After John leaves, Ezra tells Big Tony to take care of the thing he told him about earlier. The same night, Big Tony shoots the driver who had seen him with John outside Spyro’s place (“Last King Of The Cross” Episode 2).

The next day, Sam sends Elizabeth Doyle CCTV footage of himself playing poker the night of Nasa’s murder. This is the ultimate proof that he didn’t kill Nasa. Mansour manages to persuade Sam about the new coke business. Mansour returns to Madame Tien’s place and informs her that Sam is in. That very night, Ezra and Big Tony arrive at Kings Cross and meet John, who tells them that they don’t have to worry about the cops anymore. But Ezra thinks otherwise and shows John the day’s newspaper, which features an article regarding the death of Warren Duffy, the cab driver.

So, as we had expected (from the “Last King Of The Cross” Episode 3 ending), Sam has unknowingly made a deal with a person who is Ezra’s opponent. This will eventually take the shape of Ezra sending John after Sam. Moreover, John also has to figure out more ways to keep Detective Elizabeth Doyle and Luke O’Neill at bay because they have a new murder that they might just be able to trace back to him. We do not know why Ezra took this step. After all, if John gets into trouble, he will too. And there is also the mysterious person who has been clicking photographs of everyone around Kings Cross. Maybe “Last King Of The Cross” Episode 6 will clear things up.

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