‘Label’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Veera And Kumar Kill Prabhakaran?

The main issue so far in the series titled Label was that Prabhakaran had helped Veera and Kumar, the men from Vaali Nagar, thinking that they could be reformed. But they had turned into vicious killers and joined the Ayya Label. Now, the main issue is that Veera and Kumar think Prabhakaran is their ‘guardian angel’ when the truth is that he has taken up the mantle to finish all the Labels. The seventh episode of Label deals with the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of Prabhakaran’s resolve, with the threat to his life looming large. Prabhakaran’s colleagues were called in to fill his shoes in the cases where he refused to fight for the Ayya Label. His other task was to locate the boys from the 20-year-old case where Nagendran, aka Pathaalam, had killed a police officer, and young Prabhakaran was caught up in the case unnecessarily. Now that Pathaalam was dead, he needed to find the four other boys involved, three of whom were touted to be in a Label.


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What Did Prabhakaran’s Colleague Tell Him?

Prabhakaran had refused the offer from Paramasivan to join the Label and fight its cases. That was bound to get him into trouble, but before that, he had to go through the anguish of seeing good lawyers, his colleagues, take up Paramasivan’s cases. One such colleague had taken Veera and Kumar’s case as well, and he called Prabhakaran in, perhaps to justify his actions. Prabhakaran behaved nonchalantly, but he did not expect him to take up the case, and eventually, he asked if he had done so for the safety of his mother. The colleague had indeed taken a lot of favors from Paramasivan. He had not only gotten a new car but totally revamped his whole house. Clearly, he was getting paid extremely well, and the only reason he could give for taking on the case were his sheer responsibilities as a lawyer when one has to defend crooked fellows as well. As far as he saw it, this was a necessary evil; otherwise, lawyers would not be needed at all! Even his mother was worried, which is why she shared her concerns with Prabhakaran about the new house he was getting made, most probably from Paramasivan’s pay. Prabhakaran could only console the mother, telling her that her son was absolutely fine and no harm would befall him. This was partially true, as Paramasivan would do anything to protect those lawyers who were working his cases, as they were essentially part of the Label. But if somebody wanted to go their own way, that’s when trouble would begin.


How Did Prabhakaran Meet Bunk Suresh?

Prabhakaran was on his way back to his house, and as his bike had a flat tire, Mahitha had come to drop him off. But there was trouble all around. Senguttuvan was also irked by Prabhakaran’s efforts to save Veera and Kumar, the men who had finished off Pathaalam. There were killers on the prowl to kill Prabhakaran, as they did not know that he had completely severed his ties with Paramasivan and also refused to take on any further cases, even the ones involving Veera and Kumar. There was another Seguttuvan cohort of killers that was after Pathaalam’s vacant position. Senguttuvan himself had declared that the vacant spot would be occupied by the one who killed Ayya’s right-hand man, Bunk Suresh. Two men who were more industrious, it seemed, were courageous enough to go hunt Bunk Suresh. The results were disastrous.

Bunk Suresh was not a total idiot. He wasn’t traveling alone; he was just giving the impression that he was. Veera and Kumar were his protectors, and Senguttuvan’s men didn’t account for this fact. Meanwhile, Prabhakaran had to run off into the alleys of Vaali Nagar to protect himself from Seguttuvan’s other cohort of killers. In a dramatic, unbelievable moment, Prabhakaran ran into the lane where Veera and Kumar had slaughtered the men who had come to kill Bunk Suresh. Veera and Kumar saw that ‘Anna’ Prabhakaran was being attacked, and they resumed their slaughter. Prabhakaran was disappointed to see the gleam in Veera and Kumar’s eyes while they killed those men. Bunk Suresh seemed to have become their father figure, and Veera and Kumar were ecstatic to make Prabhakaran meet him.


What Did Prabhakaran Have Planned To Finish The Labels Once And For All?

Bunk Suresh seemed to be impressed by Prabhakaran, as he had helped Veera and Kumar get off the hook. The reason was that Bunk Suresh had not yet met Paramasivan, where he could be told about Prabhakaran’s audacity to go against the Label. Meanwhile, Veera seemed to have some emotional connection in his life, reemerging from his past. Kumar’s sister was looking out for Veera, and she went to seek him, but her mother chided her and told her to forget his son. She seemed desperate and found Veera, indicating to him that she was pregnant.

Veera was knee-deep in the criminal world, and he wanted to sink further into that hell. There was no way to back out now, nor did he seem to want to. Veera had to meet Kumar later and go on to meet Paramasivan. Bunk Suresh was going to be there, too, but he got an inkling of who Prabhakaran was even before meeting Paramasivan. He was in contact with a port factory owner, a powerful guy who knew about the ins and outs of both Labels. Bunk Suresh often called him from prison to divulge information about the rival Label. He told Bunk Suresh that Prabhakaran was not an ally but a staunch adversary.


Later in Label Episode 7, Paramasivan told Bunk Suresh, Veera, and Kumar that Prabhakaran had filed a whopping 167 cases with the help of witnesses who claimed that their family members had been killed by Ayya. Paramasivan was worried as all the members that Prabhakaran had managed to convince were the family members of Label members, which meant going after the witnesses was not a feasible option. Veera and Kumar were confused as they could not comprehend Prabhakaran’s action. Bunk Suresh would likely take on the responsibility of finishing off their ‘Anna,’ i.e., brother. As both seemed to have lost a sense of right and wrong, they might eventually kill the one person who believed they could tread the righteous path.

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